Albert Vinten Pettman

Male, (1869 - 1959)
FatherJames Pettman (circa 1834 - )
MotherDiana ...?... (circa 1832 - )
BirthAlbert Vinten Pettman was born 1869 in Kent, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Birth. 1869 JunQ Albert Vinten Pettman. Eastry, 2a,765. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102041.) 
INFO BAPTISM. Parish of Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent. #1422 Baptized 1869 Aug. 1. Albert Vinton, son of James & Diana Petman of Ash, James is a farmer. (CantBaptism.) 
INFO NZ ELECTORAL ROLLS. 1890 Wairu, Marlborough, New Zealand. #2392 Pettman, Albert Vinten residential Fairhall farm laborer. (Note: his brother is also on the list- #2393 Edgar James Pettman residential Springlands laborer). (NZElectAnc.) 
INFO MARISTRATE'S COURT REPORT. Marlborough Express, 4 May 1892, p.2. Case heard before E. Bythell and N.T. Prichard, Justices of the Peace. "A.V. Pettman charged G. Wyborn with pointing a loadad revolver at him on Wednesday last." The case involved an argument over possession of a piece of paper. The ruling was in favor of A.V.Pettman, described as a laborer, residing at Springlands. (MarExpressPP 4 May 1892, p.2.) 
INFO BANNS FOR MARRIAGE. Kent, Parish Church of Northbourne, St. Augustine. 1900, #121. Banns of Marriage between Albert Vinten Pettman (Bachelor) and Catherine Naomi Sutton (spinster) were published as follows:" 1st on Sunday Sept 30, 2d on Sunday Oct 7 and 3d on Sunday Oct. 14. [names of pastors not legible]. (CantMarrBann.) 
INFO MARRIAGE. Kent, Parish of Northbourne, St. Augustine. 17 October 1900. Catherine Naomi Sutton, 35, spiinster, residence Finglesham Farm. Father John Sutton, farmer. Albert Vinten Pettman, 31, bachelor, farmer, residence Church Farm. Father James Pettman, Farmer. (includes signatures). (CantMarriage.) 
INFO KENT COUNCIL BMD INDEX. Albert V. Pettman. 1900 marriage, entry 250, register D/40/1 Thanet and Dover; date 1900-10-17. (KenCounBMD.) 
MarriageHe married Catherine Naomi Sutton, daughter of John Sutton and Rachael Broadley, 17 October 1900 in Kent, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. 1900 DecQ Albert Vinten Pettman. Eastry 2a,2105. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102753.) 
INFO CENSUS 1901 (31 Mar 1901). Kent, Chislet. Burbridge Farm. Albert Vinten Pettman, head, mar, 31, farmer, employer, b. Kent Ash. Wife Catherine Naomi, 36, b. Kent Womenswould. (GBCens1901 RG13/797:21:16.) 
INFO SHIP PASSENGER LIST Index - unassisted immigration to Victoria. Pettman, Albert Mr, age 38. Arrival Mar 1907 ship: Miltiades. [original on fiche VPRS947 752:002]. (PROVPassInw.) 
INFO SHIP Miltiades in The Ships List database. 6793 gross tons, length 455 ft. length x beam 55.1 ft. "Completed in Oct.1903 by Alex Stephen & Sons, Glasgow for the Aberdeen Line, she started her maiden voyage from London for Cape Town - Melbourne and Sydney on 3rd Nov. 1903." Rebuilt 1912. Online database information from Merchant Fleets, vol. 17 by Duncan Haws. (ShipsList Ship descriptions.) 
INFO NOTE: Wife and 4 sons arrived in New Zealand on ship Marmari, 10 Aug 1908. 
INFO DIRECTORY. Stone's Auckland Directory. 1913 and 1916. Pettman A.V. farmer Wekaweka. 1916 also second entry: Pettman, A.V. Waimamaku. (StonAuckDir LDS447614-615) NOTE: Not listed in Stone's Auckland Dir 1896, 1905, 1906, 1907. 
INFO DIRECTORY OF SHEEP FARMERS. A.V. Pettman of Waimamaku, Hokianga County, Bay of Islands, Auckland, New Zealand. Owned 259 sheep in 1917, 300 in 1918. New Zelanad: Sheep-Farmers 1881-1918. (NZSheepTrFMP.) 
INFO PATENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Newspaper: Marlborough Express, 8 Feb 1919, p.6. Patents. Auckland: A.V. Pettman, rotary cultivator. (MarExpressPP 8 Feb 1919, p.6) (Note: same information in Fielding Star, 12 Feb 1919, p.1 and Poverty Bay Herald 13 Mar 1919, p.5). 
INFO PATENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Newspaper: Marlborough Express, 17 July 1919, p.3. Patents: Auckland: A.V. Pettman, rotary muldboard. (MarExpressPP 17 Jul 1919 p.3) (Note: same information in Fielding Star, 22 July 1919, p.4.) 
INFO PATENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Newspaper: Poverty Bay Herald, 21 Nov 1919, p.8. Henry Hughes, Ltd., Patent and Trade Mark Agents list applications for patents in New Zeland fromthe Government Journal 13 Nov 1919. Auckland: A.V. Pettman, rotary mouldboard. (PovBayHerPP 21 Nov 1919, p.8) (Note: same information in Marlborough Express 26 Nov 1919, p.7.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE: Auckland Star, 10 May 1920, p.1. Advertisement. "Land Agents -- Take notice, my farm at Wekaweka is withdrawn from jsale. A.V. Pettman." (AucklandStPP 10 May 1920, p.1.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 18 Apr 1821, p.2 "The Wool Glut." Asking the government to take steps to stimulate consumption of wool. Signed A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP 18 Apr 1921, p.8.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER CORRESPONDENCE. Auckland Star, 14 May 1921, p.5. "Condensed correspondence." A.V. Pettman wrote in favor of establishment of a State bank for New Zealand. (AucklandStPP 14 May 1921, p.5.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. New Zealand Herald, 7 Feb 1922, p.3. Regarding rural mail delivery costs that are much greater than mail delivery costs for townspeople. Letter from A.V. Pettman of Waimamaku. (NZHeraldPP 7 Feb 1922, p.3.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. Auckland Star 24 Aug 1926, p.5. A.V. Pettman is quoted in an article regarding the route for construction of a new road in the Waimamaku area. (AucklandStPP 24 Aug 1926, p.5.) 
INFO COMPANY SHARES. New Zealand Herald, 30 Oct 1926. Newspaper announcement of registration of a new private company: British Imperial Paint Ltd. Investors include A.V. Pettman,100 shares. (NZHeraldPP 30 Oct 1926.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 12 Nov 1926, p.11 and 15 Feb 1926, p.15. Letter and reply regarding competition in the diary industry in New Zealand, from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO NEW ZEALAND ELECTORAL ROLLS. Southland. Wallace District 1928. Supplementary roll. #9944 Pettman, Albert Vinten. Waikaia, Farmer. #9945 Pettman, Catherine Naomi. Waikaia. Married. (NZElectAnc.) 
INFO P.O. DIRECTORY 1929. Pettman A.V. settler, Waimamaku. (WiseNZPODir 1929). NOTE also Pettman, Albt Victor, frmr, Wekaweka. Is he related? 
INFO WEDDING OF SON. New Zealand Herald, 20 Mar 1929, p.9. Raymond Pettman, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Pettman of Southland, was married to Verna Sinclair, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Sinclair of Papatoetoe, at Holy Trinity Church, Otahuhu by Rev. C.B.W. Seton. Best man was Maurice Pettman. (NZHeraldPP 20 Mar 1929, p.9.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. New Zealand Herald, 11 Aug 1930, p.14. Letter regarding the high cost of living and the lack of goverment help. Signed A.V. Pettman. (NZHeraldPP 11 Aug 1930, p.14.) 
INFO ARCHIVE RECORD OF CIVIL CASE. 1931-1932. Archives New Zealand. Auckland actions/civil proceedings files. Action File - Arthur Hume Mackrell of Invercargill Sharebroker v Albert Vinten Pettman of 4 Clovernook Road Epsom Auckland Retired Farmer. BBAE 5051/66 Record A128/1931. File at Auckland. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO COMPANY SHARES. Auckland Star, 27 Apr 1932, p.4. Announcement of a new company, New Zealand Sardine Packing Co. One share of stock owned by A V Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 2 Mar 1933, p.20. Advocating a New Zealand State bank to help in the current economic crisis. from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 7 Mar 1934, p.10. Proposed solution for ending the high unemployment in New Zealand. From A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 14 March 1934, p.6. Concerning increased prices in the diary industry. from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO COMPANY SHARES. New Zealand Herald, 2 Aug 1934, p.5. Announcement of new company, Eldorado Ltd. A.V. Pettman is a subscriber for 10 shares. (NZHeraldPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 8 Dec 1934, p.17. Change of fiscal policy needed for rading in the British Empire. from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO BOARD MEETING. New Zealand Herald, 29 Jun 1935, p.21. Announcement of New Zealand Edlin Stewart Engine Co. Board of Directors Meeting. A.V. Pettman is chairman. Additional announcements in the New Zealand Herald 1 July 1935 p.18 and 8 July 1934 p.18. (NZHeraldPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 6 May 1936, p.6. The milk supply system needs reform. from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Auckland Star, 20 Oct 1936, p.6. Concern that dairy farming does not pay well enough to encourage people to remain in the industry. from A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO COMPANY SHARES. Auckland Star, 11 Dec 1936, p.12. New company registered: Tablets Ltd. Shareholders include J.V. Pettman, M.A. Pettman, A.V. Pettman. (AucklandStPP.) 
INFO NEW COMPANY. Auckland Star, 14 Sep 1938, p. 12. New private company registered: Health Products Ltd. Subscribers include J.V. Pettman, 300 shares. M.A. Pettman, 75 shares. A.V. Pettman, 75 shares. (AucklandStPP.) 
DeathAlbert Vinten Pettman died 7 March 1959 in Epsom (Auckland), New Zealand. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE N.Z. Herald: Mar 9, 1959. Pettman, Albert Vinten. On March 7, 1959, at a private hospital, Auckland, of 4 Clovernook Road, Epsom, dearly loved husband of the late Naomi and loved father of Jack, Maurice and Ray, of Wekaweka, and Will of Auckland, and loved brother of Mrs H.J. Pearce. A service will be held at Watney Sibun's tomorrow (Tuesday), the funeral then leaving for Purewa Crematorium. (NZHerBMD1945 LDS1419736.) 
INFO CREMATION RECORD. 1959. Albert Vinten Pettman, cremated 10 March 1959 at Purewa Cemetery, age 89 yrs, Ref #1952, last residence 4 Clovernook Rd, Epsom, Auckland. Ashes buried at Purewa cemetery, Block K / Row 009/ Plot 006. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 16Jun2004.) 
INFO BURIAL. Purewa Cemetery, Auckland N.Z. Pettman, Albert Vinten. Bur #20504B. Date 20 [sic] Mar 1959. Age 89. Residence 4 Clovernook Rd, Epsom. b. England. Retired farmer. d. 7 Mar 1959. Undertaker Watney Sibum, Next of kin: son. Owner of plot K009006: Estate of Albert V Pettman. Lawn section of cemetery. (NZCemRec LDS6200291 #K009006) [NOTE: Burial probably the 10th, not 20th --see newspaper]. 
INFO PROBATE RECORD. 1959 Albert Vinten Pettman of Auckland, retired. Auckland Court No. BBAE 1570 0602/59, filed 25 Mar 1959, held at Archives NZ-Auckland. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 16Jun2004.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Auckland Probates. Pettman, Albert Vinten - Auckland - retired, 1959-1959. Agency BBAE; series 1570; box/item Box 1457; record 602/1959. Held at Auckland. (ArchNZArchwy.) 


Catherine Naomi Sutton (circa 1865 - 1929)