Kathleen Josephine Barter

Female, (circa 1910 - 1970)
BirthKathleen Josephine Barter was born circa 1910. 
MarriageShe married Edward Dudley Wightman, son of William Montgomery Wightman and Louisa Hodson
DeathKathleen Josephine Barter died 24 May 1970 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CEMETERY INFO. Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park [Fawkner, Victoria, Australia]. Kathleen J. Wightman. d. Age 60. Cremated remains at 4th Ave Wall Niches (North Side) Section 1 Compartment X Niche 199. (FawknerMem.) 
INFO PROBATE INDEX. Kathleen Josephine Wightman of Brunswick, d. 24 May 1970. Probate granted 21 Aug 1970 #707814 28/P 05/000815 (VicProbInd LDS6344799-400.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Australia Victoria Death. Wightman Kathleen Josephi. Father: Barter Thomas. Mother Annie Isobel ADDIS. d. FITZ age 60. Reg 1970 #11265. (VicDeaInd85.)