Fredrick George Vaughan

Male, (circa 1888 - circa 1964)
FatherThomas Vaughan
MotherMary Hodge
BirthFredrick George Vaughan was born circa 1888. 
MarriageHe married Ina May Wakenshaw, daughter of Alexander Wakenshaw and Edith Mary Wightman, 1919 in Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Australia Victoria Marriage. WAKENSHAW Ina May. Spouse: VAUGHAN Fredk Geo. Reg.Victoria 1919 #3602. (VicBDMGtW.) 
DeathFredrick George Vaughan died circa 5 September 1964 in Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CEMETERY RECORD. Springvale Botanical Cemetery [Springvale, Victoria, Australia]. Fredrick [sic] George Vaughan. Cremation 7 Sep 1964. Cremated remains: Boronia - Ground Niche Section E Niche 55. Tenure date 31 Dec 2016. (SpringNecr.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Australia Victoria Death VAUGHAN Frederick George Father: Thomas Mother: Mary HODGE. Death place: MORN, age 76. Reg. 1964 #18813. (VicDeaInd85.)