Sandra Alexandra Malone

Female, (1923 - 1991)
MotherCharlotte ...?...
BirthSandra Alexandra Malone was born 29 March 1923 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
MarriageShe married Francis Joseph Tetreault
INFO BORDER CROSSING INTO U.S. Manifest, Port of Buffalo, N.Y. 5 May 1948. Mary (Sandra) Alexandra Tetreault. Accompanied by husb: Francis, USC [=US citizen]. C.I.V. no.4066, issued Toronto, Ont 4/21/48. ... Born Toronto Ont. 3/29/23, age 25, female, marr, housewife, can read and write English, Race: Irish. Canadian nationality; last residence: Newtonbrook, Ont; nearest relative: mo: Charlotte Malone, 38 Bratty Ave., Toronto, Ont; in U.S. var. short visits, passage paid by self. Destination: husb: Francis, 400 Avilla, San Francisco Calif. . . never deported; purpose: reside perm. .. . Height 5ft 4 in , fair, brown hair and eyes. Admitted, Arrived by AA530. remarks...: Accp. husband who was repatriated before US Consul, Toronto, Ont 3/30/48, Can. PP #3-81120 iss Ottawa, exp.4/12/53. . . . May 6 1948. Signature: Sandra Tetreault (BordCrossAnc.) 
INFO APPLICATION FOR BORDER CROSSING CARD. Applcation for Resident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card. Sandra Alexandra Tetreault, lawful permanent resident of the United States at 3324 Champion Ave. Oakland, Calif. . . . Born on Mar. 29, 1923 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. female, married, secretary, can read and write. Nationality: Canada, height 5 ft 4 in, 115 lb., fair complexion, lt. brown hair, brown eyes . . . lawfully entered the United States for permanent residence at Buffalo, N.Y. . . . May 5, 1948 by plane (Canadian passport 3-81170) . . . Signed Sandra A. Tetreault, Feb. 24, 1950 at Oakland, California. (DetBorderAnc.) 
INFO BORDER CROSSING INTO U.S. Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Michigan. 19 Mar1950. Border crossing recorded by U.S. Dept of Justice for Sandra Alexandra Tetreault under Border Crossing Card no. 528964 issued 24 Feb 1950, valid to 24 Aug 1950. (DetBorderAnc) Note: Application for card is part of the same form as the crossing record. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Book 3657 # 230. Los Angeles, CA. Groom: Stephen Gabriel Valensi, age 34, of 732 No Orlando Ave, Los Angeles, white, never married, born New York, father: Albert Valensi, b. Turkey; mother Pauline Fox, b. Conn. Bride: Sandra Mary Tetreault, age 30, 11303 Kingsland St., Los Angeles, white, divorced, married one time previously, b. Canada. Father: Charles S. Malone, b. Canada; mother: Charlotte Davidson, b. Scotland. Bride maiden name: Sandra Mary Malone. License #5354 issued 5 May 1953. Ceremony 10 May 1953 by James H Pope, Judge of Municipal Court, Los Angeles. Certificate filed 13 May 1953. (CACounMarrFS.) 
MarriageSandra Alexandra Malone married Stephen Gabriel Valensi 10 May 1953 in Los Angeles, California. 
INFO MARRIAGE to Sidney Bernstein on 11 Dec 1954 at a registry office in New York. (SidBernstBio p. 221.) 
MarriageSandra Alexandra Malone married Sidney Lewis Bernstein, son of Alexander Bernstein, 11 December 1954 in New York. 
INFO PASSENGER LIST. Arrival in Southampton from New York, 6 March 1958. R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth (owned by The Cunard Steam-ship Co.Ltd.) First class passengers from New York: Sandra Bernstein, f, b. 29 Mar 1923, married, U.K. address: Coppings Farm, Leigh, Kent, housewife, citizenship: Canada, resident of England, intended permanent residence England. Sidney Bernstein, male, b. 30 Jan 1899, married, address above, producer, citizenship U.K. England, resident of England, intended permanent residence England. (UKInPassAnc.) 
DeathSandra Alexandra Malone died November 1991 in England at age 68. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. Nov 1991. Sandra Alexander [sic] M. Bernstein. Birth: 29 Mar 1923. Death reg. Nov 1991. Westminster 15:1765. (EngDeaIndAnc.)