Ella May Toyne

Female, (1890 - 1928)
FatherGeorge Toyne (1867 - )
MotherMary Ann Morrison (circa 1857 - 1907)
BirthElla May Toyne was born 4 May 1890 in East Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
INFO BIRTH REGISTRATION. County of York. Village of East Toronto. #039083. Ella May Toyne, b. 4 May 1890, female, father: George Toyne; mother: Mary Ann Toyne, maiden name Morrison; father's profession: fireman E.T.R., registered by Geo Toyne, father, in person of East Toronto. Registered 4 July 1890, by C.H. Britton M.D., signature of registrar. (OntBirthAnc.) 
INFO MARRIAGE LICENSE. #022702 License issued 20 Nov 1911 Clergyman's certification: I married Frederick William Waite and Ella May Toyne on 21 day of September 1911 at the city of Toronto, county of York, by license. Husband: F.W. Waite, merchant, bachelor, age 23, religion Ch of England, residence Toronto; father: George-? Waite, traveller; mother: Elizabeth Wharton. Wife: E.M. Toyne, clerk, spinster, age 21, Methodist, residence Toronto, father: George Toyne, steam fitter; mother Mary Ann Morrison. Witnesses E. Frank Waite, 161 [street not legible] Toronto. May E Bashen-?, 62 Brooklyn Dr, Toronto. Person performing marriage John Bushen 62 Brooklyn Dr Toronto. (OntarMarrAnc) NOTE: Was it November or September?? 
MarriageShe married Frederick William Waite 21 November 1911 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
DeathElla May Toyne died 17 November 1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at age 38. 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. Ontario, County of York, York Township. #40583.17 Nov 1928 Ella May Waite, died at Toronto Hosp. for Cons., female, English racial origin, married, age 38-6-13. born Toronto, Ont. 4 May 1890, housewife. Residence at place of death since Dec.27/28, life in Ontario Canada. Father: George Toryne [sic], b. Lincolnshire, Eng. Mother: Mary Ann Morrison, b. Toronto, Ont. Physician: Dr. V.L. Taft, Toronto Hosp for Cons. Informant: Maude E. Powell, Reg. N. Toronto Hosp. for Cons. Burial Norway Cem 20 Nov 1928. Undertaker Trull Burial Co., 1100 Danforth Ave. Medical card from Dec 2727 to Nov 17/28 for Phthisis Pulmonalis, Dr. V.L. Taft, Toronto Hosp for Cons. Registered 24 Nov 1928. (OntDeathAnc.)