David Charles Brechin Vaughan

Male, (1907 - 1997)
FatherJulian Evelyn Vaughan (1871 - 1956)
MotherEthel May Parfrement (circa 1882 - )
BirthDavid Charles Brechin Vaughan was born 15 August 1907. 
INFO BAPTISM. Parish of S. Augustine, Croydon, Surrey. Born 15 Aug 1907. Baptized Dec 1, 1907. David Charles Brechen Vaughan, parents Julian Evelyn and Ethel May Vaughan. Abode: Gonda, United Provinces, India. Father's profession: government officer. (SurreyBapANC.) 
MarriageHe married Agnes Mary Atkins, daughter of Frederick Peter Atkins and Helen Mary Ann Adams, 1931 in Kent, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. JunQ 1931. Vaughan, David C B. Spouse: Atkins. Thanet 2a:2930. (FreeBMD.) 
DeathDavid Charles Brechin Vaughan died 2 January 1997 in England at age 89. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. Death of David Charles B Vaughan, b.15 Aug 1907, registered Jan 1997. Barnet: B51D, 2191B:240. (EngWDeaAnc.) 
INFO PROBATE INDEX. 1997 David Charles Brechin Vaughan. death: 2 Jan 1997. Probate #975113814. Porbate date 5 Mar 1997, London registry, grant and will. (FindAWillUK.)