Match these Farmar descendants with the statements below.
Catherine Naomi SuttonPeter John Atkins Mary Broadley Sibson
Marjorie Augusta Lade Frederick Thomas Farmar Percy John Atkins
Richard Broadley FarmarViva Waud FarmarEdward Farmer Eaton
Elizabeth Weston FarmarPeter John Atkins
  • a female descendant who was a pilot in the 1930s
  • whose aunt's will provided that she could inherit all the aunt's furniture and household effects if she would return from New Zealand to reside again in England
  • whose husband owned a lumber yard in what is now the central business district of Melbourne, Australia
  • whose husband died in the jungles of New Guinea in the Second World War
  • who lived the longest -- to age 100
  • two descendants, father and son, both of whom died at sea
  • who lost the vision in one eye in a brewery accident
  • a mariner who was left behind in jail in Calcutta when his ship returned to England
  • a mariner who settled in San Francisco during the California Gold Rush
  • who moved to the South Island of New Zealand to join the gold rush of the 1870s