Match these Farmar descendants with the statements below.
Charles Baetens WaudArthur James FarmarMary Farmar
Richard William FarmarHenry Holmes AtkinsJane Farmar
Miriam Maria FarmarWilliam Broadley SwinbournWilliam Farmar
Frank FarmarGaverick Allen Austin Farmar
  • two descendants, mother and son, both of whom married three times
  • the descendant who gave birth to the most children  (15 children)
  • who was married on Christmas Day
  • who married a woman of 37 when he was 73 years old
  • whose wife was a vocalist and comedienne
  • who raised tobacco in Southern Rhodesia
  • whose wife and daughter drowned in a tragic accident in a New Zealand river
  • who died after being run over by a cart
  • a mariner who died at age 21 in a storm at sea
  • a master mariner whose career at sea spanned more than forty-five years, starting with an apprenticeship at age 15