Match these Farmar descendants with the statements below.
Mary Elizabeth FarmarGerald NairnJane Kingsford
Thomas FarmarSarah Jane EatonKathleen Minnie Mitchell
Clarice Adelaide WaudIris SeymourAnn Farmar
George Clifford MitchellNorman D. Nairn
  • two brothers who, according to a Beirut newspaper in 1923, did "more to unite Syria and Iraq in a year than all the politicians in Arabia and Europe had ever achieved."
  • who lived on four continents during her lifetime
  • whose husband owned and operated a dairy farm that produced a ton of butter each month
  • who was apprenticed at age 14 to his father to be a carpenter
  • who wrote several books on papillon dogs and served as a judge for the Crufts Dog Show
  • whose husband wrote a popular weekly newspaper column on inspirational and philosophical topics for more than forty years
  • for whom an elementary school is named in honor of her long service and dedication as a teacher
  • who was a missionary in India
  • whose husband was a missionary in India
  • a missionary who was killed in Africa by natives in a uprising associated with the Italian invasion of Ethiopia