Source abbreviation Author/Title/Publication
ObitJackson Obituaries from Newspapers, Jackson County, Oregon. Revised ed..   Phoenix, OR: Rogue Valley Genealogical Society, 2000.
OntarMarrAnc Ontario, Canada, Marriages,1801-1928. Database on
OntBirthAnc Ontario, Canada, Births, 1869-1913. Database on
OntDeathAnc Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths overseas, 1939-1947.   Database on
OreDeaIndAnc Oregon Death Index, 1903-98. database.
OreMarIndAnc Oregon Marriage Indexes, 1906-2009. Database on
OSulDonPhoto O'Sullivan Family Photo Collection. Family 88.ZIP
OtagoDaTimes Otago Daily Times [Dunedin, New Zealand].
OtagoDaTimPP Otago Daily Times [Dunedin, New Zealand]. Digital Publication. National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past. Website:
OtagoNom1876 Otago Nominal Index to 1876, a joint project between the Hocken Library, University of Otago, and the Dunedin branch of the NZ Society of Genealogists. address:
OtagoWitness Otago Witness [Dunedin, New Zealand].
OtagoWitPP Otago Witness [Dunedin, New Zealand]. National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past.
OurBond Our Bond. Baptist Missionary Record. [Australia]
OxfordIndex Oxford Index. Oxford DNB [Dictionalry of National Biography. Oxford University Press] internet:
OxStAntMEC Oxford University. St. Antony's College. Middle East Centre. Archive.   Website:
OZBurCapel Burial Information. Capel [Western Australia] Cemetery. Internet:
PalmNorCemDB Palmerston North [New Zealand] City Council. Cemetery & Cremation Database. Website:
PaloAltoDir Polk's Palo Alto City Directory
PapillonClub The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club. Internet website:
PassLeavUK Passenger lists leaving UK 1890-1960. Database on or (from 2012)
PCCCalen Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court. Probate Records, 1383-1857. Probate Act Books.
PCCProb Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court. Probate Records, 1383-1857.
PCCWillAdm Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court. Probate Records, 1526-1856. Wills and Administrations.
PeerageCom Lundy, Darryl, compiler. Website
PenDeaCerAnc Pennsylvania Death Certificates, 1906-1944. Database on
PennDeaInd Pennsylvania Department of Health. Public Records. Death Indices.   Internet:
PenTimesTrib Peninsula Times Tribune [Palo Alto, CA].
People192com People Search. Internet website:
PettPioneers Macgregor, Miriam Petticoat Pioneers: North Island Women of the Colonial Era. Wellington, A.H. & A. W. Reed, 1973.
PhilPassAnc Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945. Internet database on
PhoneAddrAnc U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002. Database on
Pigot1839 Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography..., November 1839.   London: J. Pigot & Co., 1839.
PigotLondDir Pigot and Co.'s London Directory ...August 1839, London: J. Pigot & Co., 1839.
PlaceCorres Farmar, Austin. Place-Name Correspondences. London: David Nutt, 1904. Digita edition on internet:
PlaceSynon Farmar, Austin. Place-Name Synonyms Classified. London: David Nutt, 1904. Digital edition on internet:
PlaceWorld Room, Adrian. Placenames of the World. McFarland, 2003. ISBN 078641841.
PlymBaptFMP Plymouth Baptism Register. Record set on
PoliceOrders Metropolitan Police Orders Database. Online
PolkOakland Polk's Oakland Berkeley Alameda City Directory. Digitized on
PolkPortland Polk's Portland City Directory.
PopSongs1890 Waud, J. Haydn, My Love and I, song; words by Mrs. E.S. Hill. New York: Wm. A. Pond & Co, 1890. Bound in collection Popular Songs of 1890s, v.4, at San Francisco [California] Public Library.
PovBayHerPP Poverty Bay Herald [Gisborne, New Zealand]. National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past.
PPiriCounCem Port Pirie [South Australia, Australia] Regional Council. Cemetery search.
PPRCalen Gt. Brit. Principal Probate Registry, Calendar of the Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration ...1858-1957.
PPRCalenAnc England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1861-1966. Database online at
PPRWills Gt. Brit. Principal Probate Registry. Record Copy Wills, 1858-1925
PPRWills1900 Gt. Brit Principal Probate Registry. Record Copy Wills from the District Probate Registries, 1900-1925.
PPRWillsDist Gt. Brit Principal Probate Registry. Record Copy Wills from the District Probate Registries, 1858-1899.
PractDent Broomell, Isaac Norman, ed. Practical Dentistry by Practical Dentists. Philadelphia, L.D. Caulk Co., 1908. Digitized by Google Books.
PressChch The Press [Christchurch, New Zealand].
PressChchBev The Press [Christchurch, New Zealand]. Digitized articles received from Beverley [surname unknown], August 2009
PressChchPP The Press [Christchurch, New Zealand]. Digitized version. National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past.
PRODeaDut Gt. Brit. Public Record Office. Death Duty Registers.
PropShark   Region: San Mateo County CA
PROVPassInw Public Record Office Victoria. Unassisted Immigration to Victoria. Index of inward passenger lists for British,Foreign and New Zealand Ports 1852-1923. Internet address:
PROVPassOutw Public Record Office Victoria. Outward Passengers to Interstate, UK, NZ and Foreign Ports 1852-1876. Internet address:
PROVUnInPass Public Record Office Victoria [Australia]. Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923.
PROVWillInd Public Record Office Victoria [Australia]. Online Index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records, 1841-2009.
Pt5dome California Bound, 1848-1873. Website
PubHistory Pub History of London, Kent, Essex . .[and others]. Internet:
PublicLedFMP Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser. British Newspapers, 1710-1953. Database on
PubsHistory Pub History of London, Kent, Essex . .[and others]. Internet:
PubsLondon Pubs in London website.
PubStatWk Publishers' and Stationers' Weekly Trade Circular. Online source:
PubWk Publishers' Weekly. Online source:
PurewaCem Purewa Cemetery and Crematorium. Auckland, New Zealand. Online database:
QldBDMIndex Queensland [Australia] Department of Justice and Attorney-General. Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Historical Indexes Online.
QldElectFMP Queensland Electoral Rolls. Database on
QldImmigr Queensand State Archives. Index to Registers of Immigrants landed at the Immigration Depot Brisbane 1885-1017.
QuarOrphHom Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Sciences. The Golden Bridge. Nattatives of Facts (Annual Reports of Orphan Homes of Scotland by William Quarrier)   Internet:
RainOverland Ranier's Overland Mail Baghdad Haifa Pages.   Internet website:
RapauraHist Matthews, Nevila Prue. Rapaura - a District History. Cape Catley Ltd, 1995.
RecPtPirTro Recorder [Port Pirie, South Australia]. National Library of Australia. Trove. Digitised Newspapers and More.
RegisterTro The Register [Adelaide, South Australia].   National Library of Australia. Trove, digitised newspapers and more
Revolvy Expand your mind. Discover the world. Organize your knowledge.
RhoDea1904 Rhodesia Registrar General. Death Notices, 1904-1963.
RhoDea1964 Rhodesia Registrar General. Death Notices, 1964-1976.
RhoDeaEstate Rhodesia Registrar General. Death Registers (per Estates Act) 1890-1977.
RhoVoters Rhodesia Registrar General. Voter Registry 1899-1948.
RichmBurReg London Burough of Richmond upon Thomas. Richmond Cemetery Services. Burial registers search. Internet:
RingCemDF Ringwould Parish Church Cemetery. Donna Farmar notes of visit on 25 April 1999.
RingCensInd Nicol, Ruth. Census Indexes 1841 to 1881, Ringwould. KFHS RP 845. Canterbury, Kent: Kent Family History Society, c1986.
RingMap1841 Extract from the 1841 Tithe Map of Ringwould and Extracts from 1841 Census and 1839 Tithe Map Award. From **JEAWI**, , September 2000.
RingPR Church of England. Parish Chruch of Ringwould (Kent) Parish registers, 1569-1934.
RingPRAtBt Church of England. Parish Chruch of Ringwould (Kent) Archbishop's transcripts, 1580-1812; Bishop's transcripts 1603-1899.
RingSmVill Winn, Jean, ed. Ringwould: a Small Village in Kent. [Ringwould]: Ringwould History Society, [2000].
RiverHerTro Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic.) National Library of Australia. Trove, Digitised Newspapers and More.
RivPRAtBt Church of England. Parish Church of River (Kent). Archdeacon's transcripts, 1566-1812; Bishop's transcripts, 1603-1907
RobertDescen Descendants of Thomas Robertson. Received from **IANRO**. 8 September 2000.
RobNL2000 Robertson News Letter 2000. Publisher: Ian Robertson
RochestPRBap Diocese of Rochester Parish Registers of Baptisms c1538-1910.   Database on
RookCemFMP Rookwood Cemetery Transcription. Database on
RookwoodMI Society of Australian Genealogists Bicentenial Project. Rookwood Necropolis N.S.W. Monumental Inscriptions.
RootsWebMess Message Boards.
RotoLakesCem Rotorua [New Zealand] Lakes Council. Online Cemetery Search.
RotoruaCem Rotorua [New Zealand] District Council. Cemetery Record Search. Internet:
RoyalAeroAnc Great Britian, Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificates, 1910-1950.   Database on Index Cards and Album Pages.
RoyNavSeaFMP Royal Navy Seamen, 1899-1919. Database on
RoyNavSerAnc UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services, 1900-1928. Database on
RwcTribune Redwood City [California] Tribune.
RWebAusRec RootsWeb Australian Records Database.
RyersonIndex Ryerson Index of Contemporary Death Notices and Obituaries in Australian Newspapers. Internet website:
RyersonVol Ryerson Index. Obituaries transcribed by volunteers. Received via e-mail.
SpringNecr Necropolis, Springvale [Victoria, Australia]. Deceased Enquiries. Internet:
SacUnionCDN Sacramento Union [Sacramento California]. California Digital Newspaper Collection. Internet:
SanbornMapSF Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps San Francisco. NY: Sanborn-Perris Map Co. Ltd. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Stanford U.
SandElectors Borough of Sandwich. Register of Electors for the Borough of Sandwich, including Deal and Walmer, 1832-1885.
SandsMelbDir Sands and McDougall's Melbourne and Suburban Directory. 
SandsNSWDir Sand's New South Wales Directory. Sydney, NSW: John Sands Ltd., Printers.
SanfordExpr Sanford Express [newspaper, Sanford, North Carolina]
SanJoseDir Polk's San Jose City Diectory.
SantaRosaDir R.L. Polk & Co's Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sonoma County Directory. 
SaudAramWor Saudi Armco World [magazine]. From internet website:
SAusBir02 South Australia Genealogical and Historical Society. South Australian Births 1842-1906 [on CD].
SAusElectFMP South Australia Electoral Rolls. Database on
ScoresbyRate Shire of Berwick (Scoresby Riding), Victoria, Australia. Rate Book 1875.
ScotBirBaAnc Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950. Database on
ScotBMDReg Scotland. General Register Office. Births, marriages and deaths, 1855-75, 1881, 1891 and general index 1855-1956.
ScotCen01Anc Scotland Census 1901. Transcription. Database on
ScotCen41Anc Scotland Census 1841. Transcription. Database on
ScotCen51Anc Scotland Census 1851. Transcription. Database on
ScotCen61Anc Scotland Census 1861. Transcripion. Database on
ScotCen71Anc Scotland Census 1871. Transcripion. Database on
ScotCen81Anc Scotland Census 1881. Transcripion. Database on
ScotCen91Anc Scotland Census 1891. Transcripion. Database on
ScotCens1841 Scotland. Census Office. Census Returns of Scotland, 1841.
ScotCens1851 Scotland. Census Office. Census Returns of Scotland, 1851.
ScotMarrCert Scotland. Statutory Marriages. Website:
ScotPeopInd ScotlandsPeople. Statutory Marriages, 1855-2013. Website:
ScotPeople Scotland's People, Official Government Source of Genealogical Data for Scotland. Internet:
ScottFamRec Scott Family Records. Personal visit with **ROBSC** in Redwood City, California, September 1995.
ScreenOnline British Film Institute. Screenonline: the definitive guide to Britain's film and TV history.
SeaCertComp Great Britain Board of Trade. Certificates of Competency, Master or Mate, April 1881-   . BT123/2
SeaReg1845 Great Britain. Board of Trade. Mercantile Marine Department. Register of seamen's tickets, 1845-1854 (BT113) and Alphabetical Register of Seamen's Tickets, 1845-1854 (BT114)
SeaRegSer1 Gt. Brit. Board of Trade. Mercantile Marine Department. Register of Seamen Series I (1835-36) Class BT 120.
SeaRegSer2 Great Britain. Board of Trade. Mercantile Marine Department. Register of seamen, series II, 1835-1844 - Class BT112
SEastGazFMP South Eastern Gazette. British Newspapers. Database on
SeaSpecReg Great Britain Board of Trade. Special Index Register. BT350. CR10 1918-1921
SeatPassAnc Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1997. Database on
SFBlock1894 San Francisco Block Book 1894. Internet Archive.
SFBlock1901 San Francisco Block Book 1901. Internet Archive.
SFCallCDN San Francisco [California] Call. California Digital Newspaper Collection. Internet:
SFCemInd San Francisco Cemetery Index, 1848-1863. SF
SFChronicle San Francisco Chronicle [newspaper]
SFCityDirArc San Francisco City Directory. Digitized. Online at
SFCityDirect San Francisco City Directories. Various publishers including Le Count, Langley, Bishop, Crocker-Langley, from 1850s to 1920s.
SFCoronerFS San Francisco [California] County Records, 1824-1997. Database on
SFDeathRec San Francisco Death Records, v.1-2, Nov 1865-Apr 1873.
SFExaminer San Francisco Examiner [newspaper].
SFFarmarColl Records of the San Francisco Farmar family. Family photos and memorabilia collected by Libera Teresa Farmar.
SFFuneRecAnc Calfornia, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1895-1985.   Database on
SFFunerRecFS California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1835-1979.   Database on 
SFGenCom San Francsico Genealogy. Internet website:
SFGenealogy San Francisco Genealogy. Internet website:
SFSchSFGen San Francisco Schools. database on
SFVoterCard San Francisco Voter Registration, 1888-1904. Card file at the California State Llibrary, Sacramento, California.
ShipArrVic Syme, Marten A. Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Victorian Ports, volume 2, 1846-1855. Melbourne, Victoria: Roebuck, 1984-87. (Roebuck Series no.39)
ShippingTim Shipping Times Clydebuilt Database. Internet website:
ShipsList Ships List. Internet website:
SidBernstBio Moorehead, Caroline. Sidney Bernstein, a Biography. London:   Jonathan Cape, 1984.
SIndiaObserv South of India Observer [Ootacamund, India]
SJMarrLicAp San Joaquin County [California] Recorder. Marriage License Applications and Certificates of Marriage 1850-1966.
SlatMancDir General and Classified Directory and Street Register of Manchester and Salford.... Manchester, England: Isaac Slater.
SMCoMarrInd San Mateo County Genealogical Society. San Mateo County Marriage Index, 1853-1948.
SMelChEngPR Church of England in Australia. St. Luke's Church [South Melbourne, Victoria]. Parish Registers, 1858-1916.
SMHNewsStore The Sydney Morning Herald News Store. Internet:
SMProbMamie San Mateo County. Probate file, Mary E. Farmar, 3 Jan 1940.
SmugglersAB Hollingsbee, Kathleen Smugglers - Customs Men - Names A-B. E-mail message to Kent Family History Society KFHS maillist, 3 Mar 2001.
SocCalPion Society of California Pioneers. [San Francisco, California] Membership Archives.
SoGIndiaInd Society of Genealogists, London. India Card Index, 1785-1926.
SoGTrinMisc Society of Genealogists, London. Trinity House Miscellaneous Papers. Online index at
SohoStAPR Church of England. St. Anne's Church (Soho, Westminster). Parish Retisters, 1686-1931.
SoMetroCemTr Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust [Clayton, Victoria, Australia].   Deceased Search.
SouthTimeDea NewZealand Society of Genealogists. Southland Branch. Southland Times Death Notices.
SoutSSavPRBt Chruch of England. St. Savior's Church, Southwark. Bishop's Transcripts, 1759-1835.
SpringBotCem Springvale Botanical Cemetery [Springvale, Victoria, Australia].   Deceased Search.
SRhodPhone Southern Rhodesia Department of Posts and Telegraphs. Official Telephone Directory.
SSAppClaimAn U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007.   Database on
SSDIAnc U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-current. Database on
SSDIWeb U.S. Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index on Rootsweb. Internet:
StamfordDir Stamford Directory. Stamford, Connecticut: Gillespie Bros.
StAndMathBio University of St. Andrews, Scotland. School of Mathematics and Statistics. Biographies. Internet:
StarChchPP Star [Christchurch, New Zealand]. Digital version: National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past. Internet website:
StBrigPRExt Saint Brigid's Roman Catholic Church, San Francisco California.   Parish Record extract of marriage.
StBrigPRMar Saint Brigid's Roman Catholic Church, San Francisco California.   Microfilm of Parish Record at St. Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park, California.
StJohnCity St. Johns in the City [Wellington New Zealand]. Marriages Solemnized at St Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis St, Wellington.
StonAuckDir Stone's Auckland Directory.
StonCantDir Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marborough and Westland Directory.
StonNelsDir Stone's Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory
StonWellDir Stone's Wellington, Hawke's Bay and Taranaki Directory.
StoryDanden Coulson, Helen. Story of the Dandenongs. Longman Cheshire, 1959.
SudanWittnDig Sudan Witness. Digital edition on S.I.M. [Serving in Mission] website.
SunBaltimDig Sun [Baltimore, Maryland]. Digital edition published by www.
SurreyBapAnc Surrey, England, Baptisms, 1813-1912. Database on
SutroBkDead State Library of California. Sutro Library Book of the Dead, Records compiled by H.B. Phillips and B.M. Newcomb.
SwinbFHSite Swinburn(e) Family History Site. Internet:
SydMonitTro Sydney Monitor. National Library of Australia. Trove, digitised newspapers and more.
SydMornHeGo Sydney Morning Herald [Sydney, New South Wales, Australia]. Google News Archive.
SydMornHer Sydney Morning Herald [Sydney, New South Wales, Australia]
SydMornHer Sydney Morning Herald [Sydney, New South Wales, Australia]
SydMornHeTro Sydney Morning Herald [Sydney, New South Wales, Australia] National Library of Australia. Trove, digitised newspapers and more.