Source abbreviation Author/Title/Publication
TaranakiHePP Taranaki Herald [New Plymouh, New Zealand]. National Library of New Zealand Papers Past.
TaranakiHer Taranaki Herald [New Plymouth, New Zealand]
TaurCounCem Tauranga [New Zealand] City Council. Cemetery Search.
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TDCCemSearch Timaru District Council. Cemeteries Database.
TeachRegFMP Teacher's Registration Council Registers 1914-1948 Image. Database on
TeAwaCourier Te Awamutu Courier [Te Awamutu, N.Z.]
Teletronic Teletronic; the television history site. Sidney Bernstein, Granada's founding father. Internet:
TempleCemPho Templestowe Cemetery [Templestowe, Victoria, Australia].   Photos from Credit: Julie N.
ThackerBeng Thacker's Bengal Directory.   Calcutta: Tracker, Spink and Co.
ThackerIndia Thacker's Indian Directory.   Calcutta: Tracker, Spink and Co.
TheStrad The Strad. A monthly journal for ...instruments played with the bow.   London.
TimaruHerald Timaru Herald [New Zealand]
TimCounCem Timaru [New Zealand] District Council Online. Cemeteries Online. Internet:
TimesLondDig Times [London] Digital Archive 1785-1985. Internet://
TimesLondon Times [London]
TinghaAdvTro Tingha Advocate and North-Western Journal. National Library of Australia. Trove, digitised newspapers and more.
TinghaCemInd Tingha Cemetery Master Index [New South Wales, Australia]. Website:
TNADocOnline The National Archives [of the United Kingdom]. Documents Online.
TocumGuarTro Tocumwal Guardian and Riverina Stock Journal. National Library of Australia. Trove, Digitised Newspapers and More. 
ToowoomChron Toowoomba Chronicle [Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia]
ToxtethData Toxteth Park Cemetery [Liverpool, England]. Data Base.   Internet:
ToxtethInscr Anderson, Robert and Rose. Toxteth Park Cemetery Inscriptions [Liverpool, England]. Internet:
TraralCem Cemetery Records. Traralgon [Victoria, Australia], 1957-1981.
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TrinHAlmAp Trinity House (London). Almshouse Applications, c.1780-1880.
TrinMiscSoG Society of Genealogists. Index to Trinity House Calendar of Miscellaneous Papers. The Origins Network.…
TroyDir Troy Directory. Troy, New York: Wm. H. Young.
TuttiCatalog Tutti Co. Sheet Music database. Internet website:
UKApprNavAnc UK Apprentices Indentured in Merchant Navy, 1824-191-. Database on
UKInPassAnc UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1879-1960 [dates vary]. Database on
UKMasCertAnc UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927.   Database on
UKOutPassAnc UK Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960. Database on
UnivMusiklit Pazdirek, Franz. Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur aller Zeiten und Volker. Wien: Pazdirek & Co. [1910]
UnkNZNews Unknown New Zealand Newspaper (for death in Waikari). Saturday, 24 July 1937.
UOtagoGrad University of Otago List of Graduates for the Period ca 1870-1919. Transcribed from the 'Calendar for the Year 1920.' Online at
UPennCommenc University of Pennsylvania. Publications: Proceedings of Commencement June 18, 1902. Digitized by Google as "University of Pennsylvania Bulletin"
USArmyPass U.S. Army Transport Service. Passenger Lists 1910-1939. Database on
USAtlPassAnc U.S. Atlantic Ports Passenger Lists, 1820-1873 and 1893-1959.   Database on
USCen920Anc 1920 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1860Anc 1860 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1870Anc 1870 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1880Anc 1880 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1900Anc 1900 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1910Anc 1910 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1920Anc 1920 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1930Anc 1930 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCen1940Anc 1940 United States Federal Census. Database on
USCens1850 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Census of Population, 1850. National Archives Microfilm Publication M432.
USCens1870 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Census of Population, 1870. National Archives Microfilm Publication M593.
USCens1880 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Census of Population, 1880. National Archives Microfilm Publication T9.
USCens1880 1880 United States Federal Census. Database on
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USCens1900 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Census of Population, 1900. National Archives Pub. T623.
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USCityDirAnc U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (dates vary). Database on
USObitColAnc U.S. Obituary Collection, 1930-2015. Database on
USPassAppAnc U.S. Passport Applicatins, 1795-1925. Database on
USSocSecApp U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007.   Database on
VetGravesAnc U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006. Database on
VicBDMEdw Victoria [Australia] Birth Deaths & Marriages. Edwardian Index 1902-1913.
VicBDMFed Victoria [Australia] Births Deaths & Marriages. Federation Index, 1889-1901.
VicBDMGtW Victoria [Australia] Births Deaths & Marriages. Great War Index, 1914-1920.
VicBDMHist Victoria, Australia. Department of Justice. Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Historical Index.   Website:
VicBDMPio Victoria [Australia] Births Deaths & Marriages. Pioneer Index, 1836-1888.
VicBirthCert Victoria [Australia], Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Birth Certificate.
VicBirTrFMP Victoria Births, 1836-1913. Transcription. Database on
VicCemIndex Index cards to Victorian Cemeteries, 1819-1988.
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VicDeaCert Victoria [Australia], Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Death Certificate.
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VicDeathsFMP Victoria Deaths, 1836-1985, Transcription. Database on
VicDivorceIn Victoria [Australia] Public Record Office. Supreme Court of Victoria, 1861-1924. Index to Divorce Cause Books (VA25490)
VicGovGazFMP Victoria Government Gazettes. Database on
VicHeritReg Heritage Council of Victoria. Heritage Register Online. Internet website:
VicImmig79 Immigration to Victoria 1852-1879, on CD. Melbourne, Victoria: Public Record Office of Victoria, 1999.
VicImmIndex Victoria, Australia. Public Record Office. Internet site-Victoria's Archives. Immigration to Victoria 1852-1879. Index to Inward Passenger Lists.
VicInPassFMP Victoria Inward passenger Lists, 1839-1923. Database on
VicInquesInd Knight, Marjory, comp. Inquest Index Victoria, 1840-1985. CD-ROM diskette.   Hampton, Victoria: Macbeth Genealogical Services, 2000.
VicLandPlan Victoria [Australia] Public Record Office. Parish and Township Plans.
VicMarInd42 Victoria [Australia], Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Marriage Index, Victoria 1921-1942, on CD. Melbourne, Victoria: Macbeth Genealogical Services, c2003.
VicMarrCert Victoria [Australia], Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Marriage Certificate.
VicMarrTrFMP Victoria Marriages 1836-1942 Transcription. Database on
VicMetropol Victoria and its Metropolis Past and Present; The Colony and its People in 1888. Melbourne: McCarron, Bird & co., 1888. Reprint Melbourne: Today's Heritage, n.d.
VicPassBrit Passenger Lists of Immigrants to Victoria from the British Isles, 1839-1923.
VicProbAdSys Supreme Court of Victoria [Australia]. Probate Online Advertising System. 
VicProbAppl Victoria [Australia] Probate Office. Index to Probate Applications, 1853-1959.
VicProbInd Macbeth, Sue, ed. Probate Index, Victoria, 1841-1992. Melbourne, Victoria, [Australia]: Macbeth Genealogical Books, 1992.
VicRegBMDWeb Victoria [Australia] Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. Historical Index. Internet address:
VictMarrFMP Victoria Marriages, 1836-1942. Database on
VictorMusPub Parkinson, John A. Victorian Music Publishers, an Annotated List.   Warren, Michigan: Harmonie Park Press, 1990.
VicUnPassIn Public Record Office, Victoria [Australia]. Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria, 1852-1923.
VicVoters78 Victoria [Australia] Department of Public Works. Voters' roll, 1878-1897.   
ViolinTimGBk The Violin Times. Digitized by Google Books.
WaikumCem Waikumete Cemetery [Auckland, New Zealand]. Cemetery Records, 1886-1943.
WaikumCemWeb Waitakere [New Zealand] City Council. Waikumete Cemetery. Cemetery Search. Website:
WairaDaTim Wairarapa Daily Times [Masterton, New Zealand].
WairaTimAge Wairarapa Times-Age [Masterton, New Zealand]
WAMetCemBd Western Australia Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Online database. Internet website:
WanHeraldDig Wanganui [New Zealand] Herald. Digital publication by National Library of New Zealand.   Papers Past. Http://
WAProbInd39 State Archives of Western Australia. Index to Grants of Probate and Grants of Letters of Administration, 1832-1939.
WAProbInd92 Western Australia. Supreme Court. Alphabetized index cards of probates, wills, grants, etc. 1948-1992.
WAProbRecs Western Australia. Supreme Court. Probate records of Western Australia, 1832-1989.
WARevMarInd Reverse WA Marriage lookup; a Perth DPS project. Internet website:
WarGravPolyg War Graves of the British Empire: The Register of the names of those who fill in the Great War and are buried in Polygon Wood Cemetery, Zoonnebeke, … London: Imperial War Graves Commission, 1930.
WashbournCat R. Washbourne's Catalogue. Catalogue published in books from R. Washbourne of 18 Paternoster Row, London. Digital version on
WashClarkMar Washington State Digital Archives. Clark County. Clark Marriage Records. Internet website:
WashMarrAnc Washington Marriage Records, 1854-2013. Database on
WashPassAnc Washington, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1888-1961. Database on
WaudBibDogs Waud, Clarice and Mark Hutchings. A Bibliography of Toy Dogs Haslemere, Surrey, U.K.: Waud and Hutchings, 1994.
WAusBDMOnInd Western Australia. Department of the Attorney General. Births, Deaths, & Marriages Online Indexes. Internet website:
WCoastTimePP West Coast Times [Hokitika New Zealand] National Library of New Zealand. Papers Past.
WellingCCCem Wellington [New Zealand] City Council. Cemeteries. Website:
WellPolice Wellington New Zealand Police Department. File J.1934/38/23 re: Death of Viva Waud Farmar.
WerrFHGCem Werribee Family History Group. Wyndham District Cemeteries Names Search. Internet website:
WestAustrTro The West Australian [Perth, Western Australia]. National Library of Australia. Trove, digitised newspapers and more.
WestCovSoc Western Cover Society. Notes by H.B. Phillips, vol.1, Adams-Burn. Internet:
WestmBaptism Westminster Baptisms. Database on
WestmBurial Westminster Burials. Database on
WhanDistCoun Whangarei District Council [Whangarei, New Zealand]. Cemetery Database Search. Website:
WhatsinaName Whats in a Name.Net. Website copyright by Ray Hennessy, 2004-2007.
WhiteNewsAnn Whitehaven News [Cumbria, U.K.]. Announcements .Internet:
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Wikipedia Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Internet:
WiseNelsDir Wise's Nelson, Westland and Marlborough Directory.
WiseNZPODir Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory.
WomenwPR Church of England. Parish Church of Womenswould (Kent). Parish Registers, 1574-1989.
WomenwPRtr Wilkie, Christopher Hales, tr. Parish Registers of Wymyngeweld, Kent, 1574-1812. Canterbury: Cross and Jackman, 1898.
WorArmyInFMP Worldwide Army Index 1861. Transcription. Database on
WorBrArmyFMP Worldwide British Army Index 1871 - British Army Other Ranks & locations. Transcription. Database on
WorcDaSpyDig Worcester [Massachusetts] Daily Spy. Digital edition published by www.
WorldCat OCLC World Cat. Internet:
WW1DraftAnc U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.   Database on
WW1ServAustr National Archives of Australia. World War I Service Personnel Records. Internet access.
WW2NomAus World War Two Nominal Roll [Australia]. Website:
WW2NomNZ New Zealand Army jWWII Nominal Roll. Database on
WW2ServAustr National Archives of Australia. World War 2 Service Personnel Records. Internet access.
WWIIArmEnlAn United States World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946.   Database on
WWIIDr1947Anc U.S. World War II Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947. Database on
WWIIDr1947Anc U.S. WorldWar II Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947. Database on
WWIIDraftAnc U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942. Database on
WWyalongAdvo West Wyalong Advocate [New South Wales, Australia]. Newspaper 
WWyalongHer West Wyalong Herald [New South Wales, Australia].
YaldLandTax Gt. Brit. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Kent). Land Tax Assessments for the Borough of Yalding, 1780-1831.
YaldPRBT Church of England. Parish Church of Yalding [Kent]. Bishop's Transcripts, 1716-1880.
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YeaChronTro Yea Chronicle. National Library of Australia. Trove:   Digitised Newspapers and More.
YenowNewsDig Yenowine's Illustrated News [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]. Digital edition published by InfoTrac. 19th Century U.S. Newspapers.
YrBkRhodesia Year Book and Guide of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland with Biographies.   Salisbury: Rhodesian Publications, Ltd.
ZackSearch ZACK Search. Inernet website: Copyright by Wolfram Schneider.
Zipcodezoo Botanical information database online.