Ann Farmar

Female, (1794 - 1875)
FatherThomas F. Farmar (circa 1763 - 1832)
MotherGrace Broadley (1767 - 1847)
RelationshipDaughter of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthAnn Farmar was born 19 May 1794 in Eythorne, Kent, England. 
INFO WITNESS for marriage of sister Elizabeth to John Atkins at St. Mary's Dover on 30 Nov 1816. (DovSMPRtr LDS355634, p.1175.) 
INFO BIRTH Record at Eythorne Baptist Church. Ann Farmer, dtr. of Thomas Farmer and Grace his wife of the parish of Eythorn, born 19 May 1794, registered 6 Jan 1818 by John Giles, Protestant Dissenting Minister. NOTE: 3 Farmer children registered the same day. The reference to Eythorn probably means they lived in Eythorn when Ann was born. (EytBapPRBir LDS596907#7, p.36 #307.) 
INFO ADULT BAPTISM. Dover. Zion Chapel. Ann Farmer daughter of Thomas Farmer and Grace his wife was born on the 19th May 1794 in the parish of Eythorn and baptized the 28th May 1821 by me Wm. Mather. (DovZionPR LDS596906 #15, Bap 1821.) 
INFO MARRIAGE LICENSE. 1826 Geo Pearce of Stepney Middx bach & Ann Farmer of St. Mary Dover, sp, at St Mary D. 26 May. (CantMarr1810. p.138.) 
MarriageShe married George Pearce, son of George Pearce and Susannah ...?..., 27 May 1826 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. 27 May 1826. Pearce George, of Stepney, Middlesex, batchelor, (by License) and Ann, spinster, of this parish Farmar. Witnesses: Thos. Farmar Junr, and Hannah Farmar. (DovSMPRtr LDS355634, p.1151.) 
INFO BOND. #5528. Authority of Court -7 Jun 1826. Mrs. Ann Pearce, passenger to Bengal. Date of bond 13 Jun 1826. Security £200. Sureties: John Dyer, Battersea, dissenting minister. William Beddome, Fenchurch Street, warehouseman. Index entry from: India Office Records: Z/O/1/9. Miscellaneous Bonds, # 2946-5738, 1821-1826. (FIBISSearch.) 
INFO DIRECTORY of Calcutta.1831. List of Baptist organizations has several listings for the Pearces, including the Calcutta Baptist Female School Society. Rev. G. Pearce is President, and Mrs. G. Pearce is one of the three Superintendents of Schools for the Chitpore school. Also noted Mrs. W.H. Pearce but not Mr.W.H. (CalcDir1831, p.312.) 
INFO FIBIS INDEX. Arrivals in Bengal. Mrs. Pearce from Bristol to Calcutta. Arrival Nov 1834 on ship St. George, Captain J. Thompson. Published in Bengal & Agra Directory, 1835. (FIBISSearch.) 
INFO FIBIS INDEX. Arrivals in Bengal. Mrs. Pearce from England to Calcutta. Arrival Sep 1841 on ship Owen Glendower, Capt. W. Toller. Published in Scotts Directory, 1842. (FIBISSearch.) 
INFO LETTER from Geo Pearce in Salisbury England to J. Wenger in India 15 Nov 1853 says wife Ann is still too sick to return to India. Also mentions Ann's close association with the deceased Mrs. Wenger. (BMSMissCorr IN/29 p.125.) 
INFO FIBIS INDEX. Arrivals in Bengal. Mrs. Pearce from London to Calcutta. Arrival 27 Nov 1854 on ship Sutlej, Captain H.N.A. James. Published in Bengal Directory, 1855. (FIBISSearch.) 
INFO DIRECTORY of Calcutta, 1862. List of 37 members of the Baptist Mission in Bengal and NW Provinces of India, includes Rev. G. Pearce at Calcutta & Intally. List of locations of 7 Baptist Mission Chapels for whom the missionary is Rev. George Pearce. The family residence is 4 Ent ally, South Road Calcutta. (CalcDir1862, p.17,286.) 
INFO DIRECTORY for Calcutta, 1869. List of 35 members of the Calcutta Auxiliary Baptist Missionary Society, estab 1818, includes G. Pearce of Alipore. Residential directory for Kidderpore suburb: Pearce, G. Rev. baptist missionary, Kidderpore. Ekbalpres Lane #64 Rev. G. Pearce. (Thacker1869, p. 154,192.) 
DeathAnn Farmar died 9 May 1875 in Ootacamund, Madras, India, at age 80. 
INFO DEATH REG. Ann Farmar Pearce, age 75, wife of Rev. George Pearce, Baptist Minister, died 9 May 1875 of diarrhea in old age, buried 10 May 1875 by G. R. Drury, Chaplain. Burials at Mercara, Nellore, Ootacamund. (INMadrasBur, N/2/56:195 1875.) 
INFO CEMETERY DETAILS. Anna [sic] Farmer Pearce, d. 9 May 1875. Cemetery attached to St Stephen's Church, Ootacamund, Taluk. Inscription: "In memory of Anna Farmer Pearce, the beloved wife of George Pearce of the Baptist Mission, Calcutta, who agter [sic] a long life earnestly devoted to native female education, fell asleep in Jesus at Ootacamund, 9th May 1875. "This woman was full of good works , and alms deeds which she did. The memory of the just is blessed." Transcribed for the FIBIS database from Eurpoean Tombs in the Nilgiri District 1825-1904. (FibisDatBase.) 
INFO CEMETERY MARKER. Inscription database by Martin Krieger. Ootacamund -- St. Stephen cemetery. Anne Farmar Pearce 9 - May 1875. (FIBISSearch.) 
Exhibit CEMETERY MARKER. Photo "Ootacamund Cemeteries A:: Gravestone of Anne Farmer Pearce." available on FIBIS internet website. (FIBISSearch.)
INFO MEMORIAL BOOK for Eythorne Baptist Chapel. #107 Rev. George Pearce 1799-1887, "Added to the Eythorne Chruch by letter, 60 years missionary in India;" #108 Ann Pearce, 1794-1875, Wife of Revd George Pearce. Entered into the roll by Mr & Mrs. John Harvey of Sandwich, Kent. (EytBapPRDea.)