Thomas F. Farmar

Male, (circa 1763 - 1832)
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BirthThomas F. Farmar was born circa 1763. 
INFO BANNS. Ringwould Parish Banns of Marriage between Thomas Farmer of the Parish of Eythorne and Grace Broadley of this Parish were published on the three Sundays underwritten .. .the 25th of Feb, the 4th of March, the 11th of March 1787 by me Geo. Gipps, Rector. (RingPR LDS1836280 #56, 1787). 
INFO BANNS for MARRIAGE between Thomas Farmer of this parish [Eythorn] and Grace Bradley of the Parish of Ringwould were published: 25 Feb 1787, 4 Mar, 11 Mar. #69, 1787. (EytPR LDS1866546 1787 p.14.) 
MarriageHe married Grace Broadley, daughter of William Broadley and Mary Austen, 14 April 1787 in Ringwould, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. Ringwould Parish Bishop's Tr. Marriages, 1787 April 17 Thomas Farmer of Eythorne & Grace Broadley of Ringwould. (RingPRAtBt LDS1736931#6, 1787). 
INFO MARRIAGE. Ringwould Parish Thomas Farmer of the parish of Eythorne, bachelor, and Grace Broadley of this parish, spinster, by Banns, 17 Apr 1787, by Geo. Gipps Rector. In the presence of Henry Prescott (X mark) and of Robert Atkins (witness for nearly all weddings). Actual signatures of both Thomas and Grace. (RingPR LDS1836280 1787 #65.) 
Exhibit MARRIAGE RECORD from Ringwould Parish register. 17 Apr 1787. Original signatures for Thomas and Grace. Photocopy from microfilm. (RingPR LDS1836280 1787 #65.)
INFO NOTE: BURIAL in Eythorn (Church of England) Parish Register 1788. "John Farmer was buried March 21st" (EythPR LDS1866545 1788) NOTE. The spelling of the name er/ar is ambiguous to me on this record. No info on residence or age at this period in the parish record. Cannot be a child of Thomas & Grace Farmar unless he was a twin to Broadley. COULD this John Farmer/ar be related to Thomas F. Farmar?? 
INFO ENROLLMENT AS FREEMAN of Dovor 13 May 1796 Thomas Farmer, residence Dovor, by right of purchase. (DovFree1760 LDS1656692#5 p.54.) 
INFO Possible BIGGIN STREET PROPERTY. Ad for sale of wheelwright quarters on Biggin Street. "To be sold by Private Contract until the last day of this month and no longer. All that freehold estate, situated in the center of the most public street in Dover, called Biggin street, and late in the occupation of Richard Tumber, wheelwright; this estate contains one Dwelling House and Shop and other buildings with 69 feet in front to the street, and 102 feet in depth, and from its situation well adapted for building upon, or for carrying on any branch of business which requires extensive premises . . . Possession may be had immediately, and further particulars may be known of Mr. Shipdern, attorney at law, Dover." (KentGazFMP.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF AN APPRENTICE 15 Sep 1797. John Sims son of Thos Sims of Dovor laborer. Indenture dated 1 Aug 1797. Apprenticed to Thomas Farmer of Dovor carpenter and wheelwright for seven yrs. Master to provide instruction and, from 5 April 1798, also food and lodging. Father to provide food and lodging until 5 Apr 1798 and also clothing and medical care for the whole term. (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 p.62.) 
INFO RUNAWAY APPRENTICE. Ad in Kentish Gazette, 31 Jul 1798. "On July the 29th, from his master, Thomas Farmer, wheelwright of Dover, Francis Heddy, an apprentice, about twenty years of age, and five feet six or seven inches high, brown straight short hair, and long face. Had on a blue coat, a blue striped waistcoat, and tight striped breeches, and made use of a canvas bag to carry his cloaths in. Whoever will give informaiton of the said Francis Heddy, or cause him to be returned to Thomas Farmer, of Dover, shall be satisfied for their trouble. Whoever harbours him after this public notice, sill be prosecuted." (KentGazFMP.) 
INFO INDEX REF Dover electors 1802. Thomas Farmer, Carpenter and Thomas Farmer, Dover, wheelwright. [EKPI explanation--each freeman had two votes, thus two listings.] (EKPI ref.379 27Jun2001.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF SON AS APPRENTICE. 12 Oct 1804. Son Thomas Farmer "being of the age of 14 years and upwards", apprenticed by indenture dated 27 Sep 1804 to his father Thomas Farmar of Dover carpenter for term of 7 years. Father responsible for his total care during the entire term. (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 pp.132-33.) 
INFO CHURCH CONTRIBUTION.1805 Subscriber Thos Farmer donated £2 in the First Collection and zero in the second collection for a total of £2. Header: "The account of cash received and paid by messrs John Lade & Stephen Bradley for building the Baptist Meeting House at Eythorne in the year of our Lord 1805. Note: major contributors gave about £30. (EytBapMn1792 LDS6342308.) 
Note NOTE: INDENTURE for Wm Bourner as apprentice made 6 Jul 1810 -- not enrolled officially until Sept 1812. 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF AN APPRENTICE. 14 Sep 1812 by order of Common Assembly. William Bourner with consent of father Thomas Bourner of Hougham yeoman. Indenture dated 6 Jul 1810. Apprenticed to Thomas Farmer carpenter and wheelwright to serve from 24 June 1810 for 7 years. Father provides food, lodging, clothing, and all other necessaries. Master to pay lst year weekly 5 shillings, 2nd yr. 6 shillings, 3rd yr 7 shillings, 4th year 8 shillings, 5th yr 9 shillings, and for last two years apprentice is to receive what he should "earn by his workmanship." (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 pp.200-201.) 
INFO CHILDREN'S BIRTH REG. Births for Ann, Elizabeth and John were entered into the register at Eythorne Baptist Church, 6 Jan 1818. (Ann was 24 years old and married at the time.) (EytBapPRBir LDS596907#7, p.36 #308.) 
Note NOTE: Witness to will in 1821 is William Grant. Note William Grant is among the first members at Pentside and also father of apprentice in 1824. 
INFO WILL signed by Thomas 21 May 1821. (EpCCCantWill LDS188891, liber 70, p.33). 
INFO NEWSPAPER REPORT. Kentish Chronicle, 22 June 1821. Thomas Farmar and Thomas Farmar, jun. are among the signers of a petition to claim for the Free Barons of Dover their traditional rights for service at the impending Coronation [of George IV to be held 19 July 1821]. "We, the undersigned Free Barons of the Town and Port of Dover, therefore most respectfully request you will be pleased forthwith to convene a general Meeting of the Free Barons of this town, in order that two of their numbermay be duly elected to serve the office of Canopy bearers, according to ancient custom and tenor of our Charter." (KentChronFMP.) 
INFO DISMISSAL TO DOVER CHURCH. 30 Dec 1821. Thomas Farmer is one of 15 persons applying for dismission by letter from Eythorne Baptist Chapel to a new Dover congregation. (EytBapMn1792 LDS6342210 fiche 2/4.) 
INFO PENTSIDE CHURCH founding 1822. List of 16 members of Eythorne Baptist church who were first members of Pentside Dover -- included Wm. Belsey; Thos Farmar; Wm and Margaret Grant; Thomas, Jane, William, & Mary Hayward; Ann King; Thomas & Hannah Knott, Richart & Hannah Moat; George, Susannah & Geo jr. Pearce. (DovBapHist, p.44.) 
INFO CHURCH DEACON. After 1823. Thos. Farmar and Wm Farmar are on list of deacons for Pentside and Queen Street Baptist churches. (DovBapHist, p.44) [Note: Pentside was founded in 1823, and possibly moved to Queen Street Chapel in early 1900's. No reliable dates found for Queen Street.] -- NOTE: could be Thomas Farmar junior or senior. 
INFO DIRECTORY. Pigot's Directory of Kent 1824 lists 3 Wheelwrights in Dover, including Farmar, Thomas of Biggin st. (HistDir Pigot Kent 1824.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF AN APPRENTICE 23 Apr 1824. John Grant with consent of father William Grant. Indenture dated 15 April 1824. Apprenticed to Thomas Farmar carpenter and wheelwright for seven years. Pay 1st yr-2 shillings weekly, 2nd yr - 3 shillings, 3rd yr - 4 shillings, 4th yr - 5 shillings, 5th yr - 6 shillings, 6th yr - 7 shillings. 7th yr - 8 shillings. Payments suspended during periods of illness or accident. Father provides food, lodging, clothing and "all other necessaries." (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 p.313.) 
INFO POLL BOOK Dover 1826 includes Thomas Farmer, Wheelwright, Dover. (DovPoll1826, p.10.) 
INFO POLL BOOK Dover, 1830. includes as voters: Thos Farmar, sen., Carpenter; Thos. Farmar jun., Carpenter, John Farmar, Cordwainer, and William Farmar, Schoolmaster, all of Dover. (DovPoll1830, pp.13-14.) 
DeathThomas F. Farmar died 31 May 1832 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO PROBATE. Thomas Farmar of Dover in Kent, Wheelwright, gives to wife Grace all household effects, the rents from "all my Freehold Estate", and his present business. After Grace's death all is to be shared equally among all children as soon as youngest is age 21. Heirs can sell both business and real estate. Executors Grace Farmar and friend Thomas Bass of Dover. If son Thomas wants the business, he can pay the other heirs for it. If he declines, the business is to be offered to son Broadley. Thomas Bass to receive ten pounds sterling for executor duties. Will signed 26 May 1821. Witnesses: Wm Brockman, Jno Tucker, Wm Grant. Proved 3 Nov 1832 before Sir Herbert Jenner Knight, of the Diocese of Canterbury. (EpCCCantWill LDS188891, liber 70, p.33). 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR. "Farmar, Will, Comon, under £1500. The will of Thomas Farmar late of Dovor in the Diocese of Canterbury Wheelwright deced was proved and Admon of the deceaseds Goods so far as concerned the said deceased and his will was granted to Grace Farmar widow the Relict of the deceased and Thomas Bass the Executors named in the said Will. They being first sworn well and truly to perform the same. Novr 8th 1832 before the Rev. J.L. Francis clk Surr .??" (EpCCCantCal LDS189236.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REGISTER. Thomas Farmar. Date 28 Dec 1832. Thomas Farmar of Dover, Kent, wheelwright. decd. Date of will: 26 May 1821. Executors Grace Farmer of Dover, relict, dead surv: ...1.1847 w 159. Thomas Bass dead. Rel.?. Wm Farmer 50 York St. Dover Schoolmaster. Con C Canterbury, 3 Nov 1832, Abbott, £1500. (DeaDutWi1812 LDS1484147 1832. folio 782.) 
INFO GRAVEYARD MONUMENT. Farmar monument in the graveyard of the Eythorne Baptist Chapel, Eythorne, Kent. Side 1. (facing road in front of church) In memory of Thomas Farmar (many years a member of the Baptist Church here. Afterwards deacon of the church meeting at Pent-side Dover who departed this life May 31st 1832, aged 69 years; and of Grace Farmar, his wife March 17th 1847, aged 79 years; also of their oldest son and daughter, Broadley Farmar, who died Nove. 6th 1839, aged 55 years and Sarah Farmar Aug 11th 1858, aged 70 years. Side 2. (facing the side of the church) In memory of William Broadley Home Farm Ringwould who departed this life July 18th 1866, aged 72 years; and of his wife Esther Broadley (daughter of Thos and Grace Farmar) Octr 14th 1843, aged 45 years; also two children of the above, who died at an early age, Elizabeth and William; also in memory of John Broadley born December 12, 1839, fell asleep October 20th 1912; only son of the late William Broadley of Home Farm Ringwould; also of Ann Broadley the oldest daughter of William Broadley died December 30th 1918 aged 89 years. Side 3. (facing the back of the churchyard) In memory of Charlotte Farmar of Dover who died Sept 13th 1875 aged 72 years; also of John Farmar who died May 7th 1884 in the 87th year of his age, for 57 years a member of Pentside Baptist Chapel Dover; also in loving remembrance of William Farmar who fell asleep Aug. 20, 1889 In the 84th year of his age, full of years and full of grace, for nearly 60 years a member and 38 years of that time a deacon of Pentside Baptist Chapel Dover, precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of his saints, mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace, so he giveth his beloved sleep. Side 4. (facing fence at the side of the property) [no inscription visible]. (EytBapCemDF.) 
INFO ESTATE NOTICE. Kentish Gazette, 24 Dec 1833, p.2. NOTICE. "All persons who were indebted to Thomas Farmar, late of Dover, in the county of Kent, wheelwright, carpenter, and ironmonger, deceased, at the time of his death, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. Thomas Bass, of Dover aforesaid, his Executor, on or before the Sixth day of January next, . . . And all persons who have now any claims or demands against the estate of the said deceased, are requested forthwith to furnish a particular thereof . . . unto the said Thomas Bass . . .. Thomas B. Bass, Solicior to the said Executor. (KentGazetFMP.) 
INFO ESTATE NOTICE. Dover Telegraph, 4 Jan 1834, placed by Thomas B. Bass, solicitor for the estate of Thomas Farmar, late of Dover, wheelwright, carpenter, and ironmonger. Claims on the estate and payments due the estate are to be settled with Thomas B. Bass before 6 Jan 1834. Notice dated 23 Dec 1833. 
INFO BUSINESS FOR SALE. Dover Telegraph, 6 Jul 1839, p.1. "To Carpenters, Wheelwrights, & others requiring extensive premises: To be disposed of, the long-established business of a Carpenter and Wheelwright, carried on for about 50 years past, in Biggin-Street, Dover, by the late Thomas Farmar, and since his decease by Mrs. Grace Farmar, his widow, together with the Stock in Trade. Also, to be let, the extensive Yards, Workshops, and Premises, where the Trade has been and still is carried on." Applicatons to Mr. Kingsford, Wine Merchant, Castle Street, Dover. (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO BUSINESS FOR SALE. Dover Telegraph, 8 May 1841. Newspaper notice with same initial wording as the notice from July 1839, except "Applications are to be made to Mr. William Farmar, no.50 York Street, Dover." (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO NOTICE OF SALE. Dover Telegraph, 5 June 1841. (This notice appears above the auction notice) Mrs Grace Farmar thanks friends for their support and announces that Mr. T. Goldfinch, wheelwright and carpenter "has taken the Premises." She urges her friends and customers to support Mr. Goldfinch in the future. (DovTelCP.) 
INFO AUCTION OF STOCK. Advertised in the Dover Telegraph, 5 June 1841. Auction 9 and10 June 1841 by Mr. T. Birch at the "Premises of Mrs. Grace Farmar, of Priory Street, Dover. . . . all the Stock and Utensils of Trade, comprising a quantity of well-seasoned Oak, Ash, and Beech Timber, a number of black rind Reds, upwards of 1300 Sapling and Heart Spokes; a large quantity of larage and small Naves; Iron Arms, with Boxes, Wagon Boxes; a quantity of Ironmongery, in valuable Locks, Hinges, and Bolts; a great number of Screws and Nails, Chains, &c; several Carpenters' Benches, Samsons, Jacks, Cramps, Vices, Ladders, an excellent cast-iron Platform, Grindstone, Smiths' Bellows, Anvil, and other Tools; and a great variety of other useful Articles." Viewing day before the sale, to be sold without reserve, catalogues available. (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO THOMAS BASS in 1841 CENSUS. Probable executor for the will of Thomas Farmar. Thomas Bass age 65 Ind. with family in Buckland Place in old borough of Dover. (GBCens1841 LDS306860 Kent Buckland p.34L.) 
Exhibit GRAVEYARD MONUMENT closeup showing correction in stone of "FARMER" to resemble "FARMAR' for inscription for Esther Broadley, daughter of Thos and Grace Farmar, died Octr 14 1843. (JDFarmarColl photos 25 April 1999.)
Exhibit GRAVEYARD MONUMENT. Photographs from April 1999 of the Farmar monument in the graveyard of Eythorne Baptist Church. (JDFarmarColl photos 25 Apr 1999.)


Grace Broadley (1767 - 1847)