John Farmar

Male, (1798 - 1884)
FatherThomas F. Farmar (circa 1763 - 1832)
MotherGrace Broadley (1767 - 1847)
RelationshipSon of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthJohn Farmar was born 13 March 1798 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO BIRTH Record at Eythorne Baptist Church. John Farmer, son of Thomas Farmer and Grace his wife of the parish of St. Marys Dover, born 13 Mar 1798 registered 6 Jan 1818 by John Giles, Protestant Dissenting Minister. (EytBapPRBir LDS596907#7, p.36 #309.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT AS FREEMAN of Dovor 10 aug 1821 John Farmar, residence Dovor, by right of birth. (DovFree1760 LDS1656692#5 p.56.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF APPRENTICE. 21 Sep 1821. John Baker Saunders with consent of mother Phoebe Saunders of Dovor widow. Indenture 17 Sep 1821. Apprenticed to John Farmar and William Boyce of Dovor bricklayers [?? -- should be cordwainers] for 7 years. Masters were paid £10. Master to pay the apprentice weekly in 2nd & 3rd yrs 1 shilling, in first half of 4th yr 1 shilling 6p, and thence half of all earnings. Masters to teach the apprentice the business of a cordwainer. [note not bricklayer]. Mother to provide food, lodging, and clothing. (DovAppren LDS1656692#3 p.281.) 
INFO END OF PARTNERSHIP. Notice in the newspaper Morning Chronicle, 5 Jan 1824, page 1. "From the London Gazette of Saturday, Jan. 3. Partnerships Dissolved. . . . Wm. Boyce and John Farmar, of Dover, boot and shoemakers." (MornChronFMP; also KentWPostFMP Kentish Weekly Post 6Jan1824.) 
INFO POLL BOOK. Dover 1826 includes John Farmer, cordwainer, Dover. (DovPoll1826, p.8.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF AN APPRENTICE. 11 Jul 1828. Edward Grant, of age 14 and upwards son of William Grant of Dovor carpenter. Indenture dated 30 Jun 1828. Apprenticed to John Farmar cordwainer to serve for 7 years. Master was paid £5. Pay to apprentice: 2nd yr. 1 shilling per week, 3rd yr 2 shillings, first half of 4th yr 2 shillings 6 p per week; then pay to end of 6th yr half of money earned in trade and in 7th yr 1 shilling per week plus half of money earned in the trade. Father to provide food, lodging, clothing. (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 pp.387-88.) 
INFO BANNS of Marriage between John Farmar and Jane Spearpoint, both of this parish were published on: 31 Aug, 7 Sep, 14 Sep. 1828 #1193. (DovSMPR LDS1836194#2.) 
MarriageHe married Jane Spearpoint, daughter of Austin Spearpoint and Frances Buddle, 17 September 1828 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. 17 Sep 1828. John Farmar, batchelor and Jane Sparepoint, spinster born in parish of St. Mary Dover, Witnesses: George Purdon and Amy Sparepoint. (DovSMPRtr LDS355634, p.1159.) 
INFO TRANSFER OF INDENTURE for apprentice Edward Grant. Registered 19 Sep 1828, indenture of 12 Sep 1828. Apprentice has served John Farmar and "John Farmar not having any further occasion for the services of the said Apprentice"... agreed to assign the apprentice to William Boyce of Dovor cordwainer. John Farmar to pay Wm Boyce the £5. Wm Boyce to take the apprentice for the remainder of the 7 year term. (DovAppren LDS1656692#3 pp.391-92.) 
INFO POLL BOOK Dover, 1830. includes voters: Thos Farmar, sen., carpenter; Thos. Farmar jun., carpenter, John Farmar, cordwainer, and William Farmar, schoolmaster, all of Dover. (DovPoll1830, pp.13-14.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT OF APPRENTICE. 31 Dec 1830. John Palmer of the age of 15 yrs & upwards. Consent of father-in-law [=stepfather?] James Jackson of River, gardener and Elizabeth his wife, the mother of said John Palmer. Indenture 29 Dec 1830, apprenticed to John Farmar cordwainer for 7 yrs. The master was paid £25 by James Jackson & Eliz. Master to provide food and lodging. James Jackson & Eliz to provide clothing. (DovAppren LDS1656692#3 p.433.) 
INFO POLL BOOK 1832 includes Thomas Farmar, carpenter; John Farmar cordwainer, and William, schoolmaster, all of Biggin-street in the listing of Freemen. (DovPoll1832, p.11.) 
INFO INDEX REF Newspaper notice 16 Aug 1834 John Farmar of Biggin St Dover is occupier of premises which are to be auctioned. Dover Telegraph 1(4). (EKPI 379 27 Jun 2001.) 
INFO POLL BOOK 1835 includes Thomas Farmar, carpenter and John, cordwainer, of Biggin-street and William Farmar, Schoolmaster of Black-ditch. (DovPoll1835, p.16.) 
INFO POLL BOOK 1837. includes freemen Thomas Farmar, carpenter of Queen's gardens, John, porter of Military road, and William, schoolmaster of York-street. (DovPoll1837, p.9.) 
INFO BURGESSES LIST. Dover, St.Mary's Town ward. 1838 Farmer, John house Military Road. 1840 2 houses in succession Prince's St. 1841-53 house Prince's St. (DovBurg LDS1656693#1.) 
INFO DEATH of brother Broadley registered 7 Nov 1839 by John Farmar of Princes Street, present at the death. (GBCertDeaDov, Sub-distr Saint Mary's #463, 1839.) 
INFO CENSUS 1841 (6 June 1841). Dover Princes Street. John Farmer 40, lab, county; Jane Farmer 40, county. (GBCens1841 LDS306885 Kent, Dover St. Mary, Ed1, p.8). 
INFO POLL BOOK. 1841 includes freemen Thomas Farmar of Townwall-street, John of Prince's street and William of York-street. (DovPoll1841, p.21.) 
INFO POLL BOOK, 1847 includes freemen John Farmar of Princes'-street and William of York-street. (DovPoll1847, p. 25.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Dover 6 Princess Street. John Farmar mar 53 Ticket porter (rail) b. Kent-Dover; Jane Farmar 54 b. Kent-Dover. (GBCens1851 LDS193534 Kent Dover -St. Mary's p.25 #106.) 
INFO KENT COUNCIL BMD INDEX. John Farmar. 1853 marriage, entry 9, register D/D/3 Thanet and Dover; date 1853-09-19. (KenCounBMD.) 
MarriageJohn Farmar married Esther Golder, daughter of James Golder and Ann ...?..., 19 September 1853. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. John Farmar, SepQ 1853. Dover, 2a, 991. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102564.) 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Dover, St. James. 48 St. James St. Ann Golder, head, widw, 83, Owner of home property, b. Kent Dover. John Farmar, son-in-law, mar, 63, Ticket Porter (for ferry). b. Kent Dover. Esther Farmar, wife, mar, 63, b. Kent Dover. Esther G. Farmar, dau, 4, b. Kent Dover. (GBCens1861 LDS0542659 Dover St.James, Ed5, #110.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). Dover, St. James, #81, 46 St. James St. John Farmer, head, mar, 72, Ticket Porter, b. Dover, St. Mary. Esther, wife, mar, 58, b. Dover, St. James. Ann Golder Farmer, daur, 14, b. Dover, St. James. (GBCens1871 LDS0827259 Ed6 p.14, f39.) 
INFO INDEX REF to 1878 dir listing: John Farmer, shoemaker, 46 St James's Street, Dover. PO dir,1878. (EKPI 379 27 Jun 2001.) 
INFO VOTER LISTS. Castle Ward. Dover. St. James. Farmar, John, freeman and occupier. house. St.James' st. (DovParlVot LDS1656693.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). St. James Dover. 46 St. James St. John Farmar, head, mar, 83, Formerly Shoemaker, b. Kent Dover. Wife Esther, 69, mar, Shoemaker's Wife, b. Kent Dover. Daur Ann G., unm, 24, Shoemakers Daughter, b. Kent Dover (GBCens1881 RG11/1001 62:9.) 
INFO VOTER LIST. 1882 Dover, Parish of St. James. #1888 Farmar, John; abode: St. James's street; nature of qualification: house at St. James's street. (DovParlReg82, p.50.) 
DeathJohn Farmar died 7 May 1884 in Dover, Kent, England, at age 86. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. Dover Express, 9 May 1884, p.5. "Farmar - March [sic - should be May] 7th, at his residence, 46, St. James' st, Dover, John Farmar, for 57 years a member of the Pentside Baptist Chapel." (DovExpress, 9 May 1884, p.5) NOTE date problem March-May; probably a typographic error in the newspaper. 
INFO GRAVEYARD MONUMENT. Eythorne Baptist Chapel. With father and 11 others in Farmar family. John Farmar, d. May 7 1884 in 87th year, for 57 years member of Pent Side Baptist Chapel, Dover. (EytBapCemDF.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. Jun Q 1884. Farmar, John, 86 Dover 2a, 552. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103273.) 

Family 1

Jane Spearpoint (1796 - 1852)

Family 2

Esther Golder (1812 - 1893)