William Farmar

Male, (1806 - 1889)
FatherThomas F. Farmar (circa 1763 - 1832)
MotherGrace Broadley (1767 - 1847)
RelationshipSon of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthWilliam Farmar was born 14 July 1806 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO BIRTH Record at Eythorne Baptist Church.William Farmer, son of Thomas Farmer and Grace his wife of the parish of St. Mary the Virgin .. Dover, born 14 Jul 1806, registered 14 Aug 1806 by John Giles, Protestant Dissenting Minister. (EytBapPRBir LDS596907#7, p.18 #128.) 
INFO CHURCH DEACON. After 1823. Thos. Farmar and Wm Farmar are on list of deacons for Pentside and Queen Street Baptist churches. (DovBapHist, p.44) [Note: Pentside was founded in 1823, and possibly moved to Queen Street Chapel in early 1900's. No reliable dates found for Queen Street.]. 
INFO ENROLLMENT AS FREEMAN of Dovor 8 Feb 1828 William Farmar, residence Dovor, by right of birth. (DovFree1760 LDS1656692#5 p.56.) 
INFO POLL BOOK Dover, 1830. includes as voters: Thos Farmar, sen., Carpenter; Thos. Farmar jun., Carpenter, John Farmar, Cordwainer, and William Farmar, Schoolmaster, all of Dover. (DovPoll1830, pp.13-14.) 
INFO POLL BOOK 1832 includes Thomas Farmar, carpenter; John Farmar cordwainer, and William, schoolmaster, all of Biggin-street in the listing of Freemen. (DovPoll1832, p.11.) 
INFO MARRIAGE LICENSE. 1833 21 Jun. Wm Farmer of St Mary Dover bach (26) & Charlotte Cook of the s sp (27). (CantMar1810 p.184.) 
MarriageHe married Charlotte Cook, daughter of Thomas Cook and Charlotte ...?..., 27 June 1833 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. 27 June 1833. William Farmar, bachelor and Charlotte Cook, spinster born in parish of St. Mary Dover, Witnesses: Thomas Cook and Jane Cook. Married by license. (DovSMPRtr LDS355634, p.1175.) 
INFO MARRIAGE NOTICE. Kentish Gazette [Canterbury, Kent, England]. 16 July 1833, p.3. "MARRIAGES. . . .At Dover. . . Mr. W. Farmar, schoolmaster, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Cook, carpenter." (KentGazetFMP) Note: no actual wedding date given in the notice. 
INFO POLL BOOK 1835 for Dover includes Thomas Farmar carpenter, John Farmar cordwainer of Biggin-street, and William Farmar schoolmaster of Black-ditch. (DovPoll1835, p.16.) 
INFO BURGESSES LISTS. Dover St. Mary's Town ward. 1836-1853 Farmar, William house, York st. (note 1837 2 houses in succession York st). ( DovBurg LDS1656693#1.) 
INFO POLL BOOK 1837. includes freemen Thomas Farmar, carpenter of Queen's gardens, John, porter of Military road, and William, schoolmaster of York-street. (DovPoll1837, p.9.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. William Farmar of 50 York St. is listed under Academies & Schools, day schools. (Pigot1839, p.282.) 
INFO CENSUS 1841 (6 June 1841). York St. Dover. William Farmer 30 schoolmaster; Charlotte 30; Flavius 5 -- all born in county. (GBCens1841 LDS306885 Kent Dover St. Mary's Ed1 p.5) NOTE: Where is daughter Charlotte, b.1836? 
INFO POLL BOOK. 1841 includes freemen Thomas Farmar of Townwall-street, John of Prince's street and William of York-street. (DovPoll1841, p.21.) 
INFO DEATH reg for mother on 20 Mar 1847. Informant William Farmar present at death at 50 York St. (GBCertDeaDov, sub-distr of St Mary's 1847 #271.) 
INFO EXECUTOR of mother's estate under will proved 26 Mar 1847. (PCCWillAdm LDS156645 folio 222 #8.) 
INFO POLL BOOK, 1847 includes freemen John Farmar of Princes"-street and William of York-street. (DovPoll1847, p. 25.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REGISTER for mother's estate (1848): Executor William Farmar of 50 York Street Dovor, Schoolmaster. (PRO IR26/1769 CP/2630 #159.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). 3 York St. Dover. William Farmer head mar 44 teacher of mathematics; Charlotte 45; Flavius son 15 compositor; Austin son 5 scholar. All born Kent Dover. (GBCens1851 LDS193534 Kent Dover-St. Mary's p. 13, #49.) 
INFO EXECUTOR DESIGNATE 21 Apr 1852 for estate of brother-in-law John Atkins in codicil. Friend William Farmar is to replace deceased wife Eliz. (EpCCCantWill LDS 188893 pp.192-194.) 
INFO TESTIMONIAL FOR CHIROPODIST. Dover Telegraph, 9 Oct 1852. The schedule of Mr. Rendall, a visiting chiropodist, for seeing patients in Dover is announced. Mr. W. Farmar's testimonial for the skillfull work done by Mr. Rendall in removing corns from his feet and those of his wife and 7-year old son is one of many printed in the newspaper. (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO EXECUTOR DESIGNATE 11 Apr 1857 for will of brother-in-law William Broadley. (with Edw Parker) (PPRWillsDist LDS1471046, Oct 1866 Canterbury 24.) 
INFO PENTSIDE BAPTIST Church. 1858. William Farmar appointed Trustee. Also in list of Deacons of Pentside Churches are Thos. Farmar and Wm. Farmar. (DovBapHist, pp.45, 21.) 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Dover 51 York St., William Farmer head 54 schoolmaster; Charlotte wife 55; Flavius son unm. 25 printer; Austin son unm. 15 scholar. All born Kent-Dover. (GBCens1861 LDS642659 Kent Dover St.Mary's Ed1, #52.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTE. Dover Express, 15 Jun 1861, p.4 Local Intelligence. "In the recent official announcement of the sucessful candidates for direct commissions in the army, we perceive that Mr. Frank Rutley, only son of he late G. Rutley, Esq., surgeon of this town, has passed the competitive examination. This is one amony many instances due to the instruction of our townsman, Mr. W. Farmar, who has for many years devoted his time in assisting gentlemen preparing for the Military, Naval, and Civil examinations." (DovExpresFMP.) 
INFO STUDENTS' GIFT. Dover Express, 22 June 1861, p.4. Before his pupils left school for the summer holidays, they presented William with a silver-headed Malacca walking stick in appreciation for his efforts as their teacher. (DoverExprFMP.) 
Exhibit Possible PHOTOS of William and wife Charlotte. Carte-de-visite photos of a standing man holding a large top hat and a woman in a broad three-tiered skirt. They are adjoining album photos. The woman is identified as "Aunt W. Farmar." VERY FAINT writing under the man's photo may say "Uncle W. Farmar." The back of the man's photo shows it is a copy made by the London & Provincial Photographic Company 443 West Strand, London W.C. from the original photo by J.R. Williams. The photo of Aunt W. was from J. Wilkinson of 121 Snargate Street, Dover. (CorresANNTA email 30Sep2000) [The date is estimated by be in the 1860s.].
INFO ADVERTISING FOR ACADEMY. Dover Express, Sat, 4 Jul 1863. "Academy, 50, York Street. Established 1830. Principal, W. Farmar. Latin, Navigation, Nautical Astronomy, Land Surveying, Mechanical Drawing, &c. French and Drawing by competent Masters.". (DoverExprFMP) Note several similar ads appeared in the Dover newspapers throughout the time William ran his school.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER AD. Dover Express, 16 Jan 1864, page 1, top of column one. "Academy, 50, York Street. Established 1830. Principal, W. Farmar. English generally, Latin, Navigation, Nautical Astronomy, Land Surveying, Mechanical Drawing, &c. French and Drawing by Competent Masters. Studies resumed on Monday, the 18th Instant." (DovExpresFMP.) 
INFO PROBATE 6 Oct 1866 of estate of William Broadley was proved at Canterbury by the oath of William Farmar of Dovor ...schoolmaster one of the executors. (PPRCalen LDS 251182 1866.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). Dover. St. Marys. 5 Townwall St. William Farmer, head, mar. 64, schoolmaster, mathematics, b. Kent Dover. Charlotte, wife, mar, 65, b. Kent Dover. Willie, grandson, unm., 6, scholar, b. Middlesex, London; Fanny Wilson, serv, unm. 18, domestic serv, b. Kent Folkestone. (GBCens1871, LDS0827260, E.D. 6, p.33 (124.)) 
INFO INDEX REF. 1878 directory. Wm Farmar academy 5 Townwall St. Dover. in Dover P.O.Dir 1878. (EKPI ref.379 27Jun2001.) 
INFO VOTER LISTS. 1879-1890. William Farmar at 3 addresses, as freeman and occupier. 1880-84 in St.Mary's Town ward at 3 Townwall St. 1885-1890 Castle ward on London road. 1883-1886 in Castle Ward (St.James) at 4, Clarance lawn. (NOTE DUPLICATION in years). (DovParlVot LDS1656693-94 1879-1890.) 
INFO KENT COUNCIL BMD INDEX. William Farmar. 1879 marriage, entry 131, register D/D/8 Thanet and Dover; date 1879-09-06. (KenCounBMD.) 
MarriageWilliam Farmar married Elizabeth Cullen Brown, daughter of George Minter Brown, 6 September 1879 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. 6 Sep 1879 at the Pentside Baptist Chapel in the District of Dover, Kent. No. 431. William Farmar, age 73, widower, schoolmaster. Residence 5 Townwall Street, Dover. Father Thomas Farmar, builder & contractor. Elizabeth Lipscomb, age 37, widow. Residence 2 Tower Hamlets Road, Dover. Father George Minter Brown, mariner. Marr acc. to the rites of the Particular Baptists by License by John Austin, Baptist Minister.. Witnesses William Carpenter and Ann Carpenter. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. Farmar, William, Dover #2a, 1366. SepQ 1879. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102668.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). Kent St.Mary Dover. 5 Townwall St. William Farmer, head, mar, 74, Schoolmaster, b. Kent Dover. Wife Elizabeth Farmer, mar, 38, b. Kent Dover. (GBCens1881 RG11/1003 120:10.) 
INFO VOTER LIST. 1882 Dover, Parish of St. Mary. #3623 Farmar, William; abode: Townwall street; nature of qualification: house at Townwall street. (DovParlReg82, p.102.) 
INFO DIRECTORY 1882. Dover commercial section: Farmar, William. academy, 5 Townwall Street. (KellyKen1882, p.177.) 
INFO VOTER REG 1882. Includes Austin, John and Wm. Farmar. (DovParlReg82, p.50, 102.) 
INFO WILL signed by William 13 Aug 1887. (PPRWillsDist LDS1471584-10 Canterbury Oct 1889.) 
DeathWilliam Farmar died 20 August 1889 in Dover, Kent, England, at age 83. 
INFO GRAVEYARD MONUMENT, Eythorne Baptist Church. for Thomas Farmar family, includes William Farmar, d. 20 Aug 1889, in his 84th year, nearly 60 years a member and 38 years deacon at Pentside Baptist Chapel, Dover. - Note long Biblical inscription. (EytBapCemDF.) 
INFO BURIAL info verified with Rector of Eythorne Chapel: burial of William Farmar of Dover 27.8.1889, age 83. (CorresADABR Letter15 Aug 1988.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. Dover Telegraph and Continental Traveller, 28 Aug 1889, page 1. Deaths. Farmar.--August 20, at his residence, 819 London road, Dover, Mr. William Farmar, late schoolmaster and teacher of mathematics, in his 84th year. (DovTelegraph). Also in Dover Express, Aug 30, 1889, p.8. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. Dover Express, 30 Aug 1889, p.8. "DEATHS. FARMAR - August 20th, at his residence, 319, London-road, Dover, Mr. William Farmar, late schoolmaster and Teacher of Mathematics, in his 84th year. (DoverExprFMP.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. William Farmar, 83. 1889, SepQ Dover 2a,525. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103294.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REGISTER INDEX. Farmar, William of Dover, d. 20 Aug 89. Executor Elizabeth Farmar. Registry: Canterbury. # of affidavit: 10082. Will. Folio 3561. (DeaDutInd LDS1937743 1889, p.45.) 
INFO PROPERTY SALE. Dover Express, 11 Oct 1889, p.5. A property sale at the Royal Oak Hotel in Dover included " No. 50, York-street, and the large room in the rear known as Mr. Farmar's school, [which] was sold at £450. Mr. Elwin was the solicitor." (DoverExprFMP.) 
INFO WILL PROVED. Will gives property at 50 York Street and insurance policy to son Austin, £20 pounds to son Flavius, property at No.5 Townwall Street and all other effects of the estate to wife Elizabeth. Wife is executrix. Will signed 13 Aug 1887. Witnesses Edward Elwin, Solicitor Dover & __ ____. Proved at Canterbury 30 Oct 1889 on oath of widow Elizabeth. Testator was of No.319 London Road Dover, died 20 August 1889 at that address. Value £177.4.9. (PPRWillsDist LDS1471584-10 Canterbury Oct 1889.) 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR. 1889 Farmar William Personal Estate £177,4s.9d. "30 October. The Will of William Farmar late of 319 London-road Dover in the County of Kent Gentleman who died 20 August 1889 at 319 London-road was proved at Canterbury by Elizabeth Farmar of 319 London-road Widow the Relict the sole Executrix." (PPRCalen LDS251334.) 


Charlotte Cook (circa 1805 - 1877)