George Thomas Farmar

Male, (1828 - 1903)
FatherThomas Farmar (1790 - 1872)
MotherCatharine Hambrook (circa 1789 - )
RelationshipGrandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthGeorge Thomas Farmar was born 13 February 1828 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO BAPTISM. St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. 16 Mar 1828. Farmer, George Thomas, son of Thomas and Catherine, of this parish, father a carpenter. Child born 13 Feb 1828. (DovSMPRtr LDS355633 p.718.) 
MarriageHe married Eliza Owen, daughter of Robert Owen and Mary ...?..., 1851. 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Kent Crayford. North End. George Farmar, lodger, mar, 23, carpenter, b. Kent Dover. Lodger Eliza Farmar, mar, 21, b. Kent Erith. In household of Sarah Burton, widow, 68, Rev[?] House Keeper. Also in household: 1 grandson of Sarah, 1 visitor, 4 other lodgers. (GBCens1851 HO107/1607 312:9.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. Farmar, George Thomas. MarQ,1851, Lewisham, V,335. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102554.) 
Note NOTE The April 1854 record at Erith for the baptism of Eliza shows the George Farmar family living in Deptford. 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Erith. Family #57, at 5 Avenue Cotts. George Tho. Farmer, head, mar. age 33 Carpenter, b. Kent Dover. Wife Eliza marr, age 31, b. Kent Erith. Children: George O.,son, age 9 scholar, b. Kent, Erith. Eliza, dtr age 7, scholar, b. Kent Deptford. Emily R, dtr age 5, scholar, b. Kent Erith. Clara, dtr, age 1, b. Kent Erith. Family #58 same house: Andrew Alford, lodger, wdr, age 72, shipwright, b. Devon, Dartmuth. (GBCens1861 LDS542643, p.12.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). Erith. Parish of St. John the Baptist. Family #82. Crayford Road, 5 Avenue Cottages. George Thomas Farmer, head, marr, age 43, carpenter, b. Kent Dover. Wife Eliza mar, age 41, b. Kent Erith. Children, all born Kent Erith. Clara, dtr age 11, scholar. Harry, son age 8, scholar. Annie, dtr age 6 scholar. Caroline, dtr age 4. Minnie, dtr age 2. (GBCens1871 LDS 0823477, p.13.) 
INFO WITNESS on 16 Mar 1873 for marriage of daughter Eliza to George Clarke at Crayford. (GBCertMarONS.) 
MarriageGeorge Thomas Farmar married Maria Louisa Stone 1881. 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). Kent Erith. 34 Pier Road. George Farmar head, widower, 53, carpenter b.Kent Dover. Son Harry, unm[arried], 18, carpenter, b. Kent Erith. Daughr Clara, unm, 21, housekeeper, b.Kent Erith. Daughr Caroline, unm, 14, Pupil Teacher -Board School, b. Kent Erith. Daughr Mennie [sic] unm, 12, Scholar, b. Kent Erith. (GBCens1881 RG11/862 104:24.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. George Thomas Farmar. Marr JunQ 1881. Dartford, 2a,687. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102675.) 
INFO WITNESS 10 Sep 1889 for marriage of dtr Minnie Helena to Frederick John Mitchell. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO WITNESS on 4 Aug 1890 in Erith for marriage of daughter Annie Mary to Ernest William Yeend. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO CENSUS 1891 (5 Apr 1891). Erith, St. John Baptist Parish. #44, 38 Pier Rd. George T. Farmer, head. mar, age 63 carpenter under foreman, not an employer, b. Kent Dover. Wife Maria L., marr, age 52, dressmaker, employer, b. Kent Erith. Children: Harry T. son, sing, age 28 carpenter journeyman, employed, b. Kent Erith. Clara, dtr. sing, age 31, living on own means, b.Kent Erith. Caroline, dtr, sing, age 24, Assistant mistress boardschool, employed, b. Kent Erith. Lodger James Crossbie, single, age 22, steam engine maker and turner, employed, b. Hants Holme. Servant, Harriett G. Clark, sing, age 16, general dom. servant, employed, b. Kent Erith. (GBCens1891 LDS 6095747 Dartford Erith #2/4.) 
INFO WITNESS on 24 Sep 1894 for the marriage of dtr Clara to Charles Bernard Hallett at the Congregational Church in Dartford. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO WITNESS on 7 May 1896 for marriage of dtr. Caroline to Edward Harper Titchmarsh at the Congregational Church, Erith. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO CENSUS 1901 (31 Mar 1901) Kent, Erith, 6 Thanet Rd. George Farmar, head, mar 73, builders carpenter, worker, b. Kent Dover. wife Maria, 61, dressmaker, employer, b. Kent Erith., with 1 female servant. (GBCens1901 RG13/698:20:32.) 
DeathGeorge Thomas Farmar died 4 May 1903 in Erith, Kent, England, at age 75. 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. Dartford Reg. Dist., 1903. Sub-district Erith, county of Kent. #181. Died 4 May 1903, The Cottage, Lesney Fram, Erith U.D. George Thomas Farmar, make, age 75, carpernter (journeyman). Cause: Cardiac disease (valvular) 20 years. Cardiac asthma,2 months. Certified by John Hardie, M.D. Informant: Minnie H. Mitchell, dauther, present at the death, The Cottage, Lesney Farm, Erith. Reg 5 May 1903. E.R.Barnacle, Registrar. (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. 2Q 1903. Farmar, George Thomas 75, Dartford 2a,285. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103349.) 


Eliza Owen (circa 1830 - 1878)