James Townshend

Male, (circa 1827 - 1904)
FatherJames Townshend
BirthJames Townshend was born circa 1827 in Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CENSUS 1841 (6 June 1841). Middlesex Finsbury St.James Clerkenwell. Ann Townshend, 49, Ind, not born in county. James, 14, watch jeweler apr, born in county. (GBCens1841 HO107/662/4 34:19.) 
MarriageHe married Miriam Maria Farmar, daughter of Broadley Farmar and Hannah Bishop, 21 October 1847 in St. Luke, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. James Townshend, DecQ, 1847. St. Lukes II,296. (FreeBMD.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Islington 14 Sidney St. James Townsend, Head [no occup] marr 24, b. Newington. Wife Maria, age 27 b. Dover Kent. Mother Hannah Townsend, widow, age 60 b. Dover Kent [NOTE: must be Hannah Farmar]. Son Frederick 18, b. Dover Kent [NOTE: must be Frederick Farmar]. Son Broadly, 4, b. St.Lukes. Dau Marian Townsend, 2, b. St. Lukes. Son Richard 1, b. St. Lukes. (GBCens1851 LDS87835 H.O.107/1501, p.22.) 
Note NOTE: death of daughter Hannah Townshend, age 4, on 21 Jun 1859, and birth of twins Edward and Edwin registered in the same quarter. 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Islington, Mdx. Penryn Cottage, Reform Street. James Townshend, head, marr, 34, Lever? chronometer pallet maker. b. Mdx. Stoke Newington. Wife Miriam M. 37, b. Kent Dover. Son Broadley 14 scholar, b. Mdx, Islington. Dtr Miriam, 12, scholar b. Mdx St Lukes. Dtr Harriet, 10, scholar, b. Mdx St Lukes. Son James 8, scholar, b.Mdx St Lukes. Son Robert 5, b. Mdx St. Lukes. Daur Florence 3, b. Mdx St Lukes. Sons Edward and Edwin, 2 [twins], b. Mdx Islington. House servant Jane White, unmar, 18. b. Mdx Islington. (GBCens1861 RG9/150 66?:45.) 
INFO INSOLVENCY NOTICE. London Gazette, 9 Apr 1861. Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. "On Wednesday the 24th April, 1861, at half past Ten o'Clock precisely, before Mr. Commissioner Nichols. . . . James Townshend, formerly of No. 14, Sydney-road, City-road, then of No. 59, Rahere-street, Goswell-road, then of No. 70, Charles-street, then of No. 19, Essex-street, Islington, and now of Penryn-cottage, Reform-street, Andover-road, Hornsey-road, having a workshop at No. 39, Sekforde-street, Clerkenwell, all in Middlesex, Watch Pallet Maker." (LonGazetteAr 9Apr1861: 1526-27.) 
INFO ADDRESS at death of son Robert Frederick on 9 Apr 1867 is 35 Citizen road Islington. (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO ADDRESS at death of daughter Harriet 2 Dec 1869 is 34 Shadwell Road Islington. (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). St. Pancras. Kentish Town. Malden Road, 188 (3 families at this address). James Townshend, head, 44, watch pallet maker, b. Middx S. Newington. Wife Miriam M, 44, b. Kent Dover. Daur Miriam M. 22, b. Mdx St. Lukes. Children born Middx Islington: James, 14, groom. Edward, 12, scholar. Edwin 12, scholar. Florence 13, Ruth 9, Ellen 8, Sophia 7, William 5, Rose 3, Fredk T, 1. (GBCens1871 RG10/240 92:25-26.) 
INFO ADDRESS at death of son Frederick Thomas 8 May 1880 is 38 Carroll Road, Highgate Road (death reg in sub-dist of Kentish Town). (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). London St. Pancras. 119 Fortess Road. James Townsend, head, marr, 54, Watch Pallet Maker, b. Middlesex, Stoke Newington. Wife Marian, marr, 57, b. Kent, Dover. Children all born Middlesex Islington: Daur Florence, unm, 22, Dressmaker; daur Ruth, unm, 19, nil [occupation]; daur Ellen, unm, 18, Dental Employment; daur Mabel, unm, 17, nil [occupation]; son William, 15, Errand boy; daur Rose, 13, Scholar. (GBCens1881 RG 11/224 24:42.) 
Note NOTE wife Miriam died MarQ 1891 Barnet district (incl East Barnet area.) 
INFO CENSUS 1891 (5 Apr 1891). Herts, East Barnet. In household with James Hibbard [sic] and Rose: James Townshend, father-in-law, widower, 62, watch trade, b. Stoke Newington, Mdx. Ellen Townshend, sister-in-law, single, 27?, dentist's assistant, b. Islington, Mdx. Sophia M. Townshend, sister-in-law, sing. 26, housekeeper, b. Islington, Mdx. Plus two boarders with occup. dentist's asst. (GBCens1891 RG12/1054:86:15.) 
INFO CENSUS 1901 (31 Mar 1901). Herts. South Mimms urban, 19 Salisbury Rd. James Townsend, head, widr, 74, watch trade pallet maker, on own a/c, works at home, b. Stoke Newington. Dtr Sophia M. 28, sing, b. Hornsey Parish. Boarder, Margaret A.T. Cooper, 23, living on own means, b. Hornsey Parish. (GBCens1901 RG13/1230 72:34.) 
DeathJames Townshend died 3 April 1904 in South Mimms Urban, Barnet, England. 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. Distr Barnet. 1904 #50. d. 3 April 1904 at 45 Salisbury Road, South Mims Urban, Barnet, UK, James Townshend, male, age 76, watchmaker journeyman. Cause: Carcinoma of stomach, 10 months, exhaustion certified... Informant: Florence Townshend, daughter-in-law. present at the death, residence: 56 Milton Road, Hendon. Reg. 4 Apr 1904 by S.M. Baldock, reg. (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death 1904 JunQ Townshend, James, 76. Barnet 3a,147. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103353.) 


Miriam Maria Farmar (1824 - 1891)