Broadley Farmar

Male, (1787 - 1839)
FatherThomas F. Farmar (circa 1763 - 1832)
MotherGrace Broadley (1767 - 1847)
RelationshipSon of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
INFO BIRTH. Eythorne Baptist Chapel. Broadley Farmar was born July 8 1787 the son of Thomas and Grace Farmar of the parish of Eythorn. (EytBapPRBir LDS 596907#6 1787.)) 
BirthBroadley Farmar was born 8 July 1787 in Eythorne, Kent, England. 
INFO BANNS Dover St. Mary. 1814. Banns of Marriage between Broadley Farmer of this parish & Hannah Bishop of this parish were pub...4 Dec, 11 Dec, 18 Dec. (DovSMarPR LDS1836194 1814 Banns #150.) 
MarriageHe married Hannah Bishop, daughter of John Bishop and Elizabeth Weston, 19 March 1815 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. 19 March 1815 Broadley Farmar, batchelor and Hannah Bishop, spinster born in parish of St. Mary Dover. Good signatures. Witnesses:John Bishop and Elizabeth Bishop. (DovSMarPR LDS1836145, 1815 #175.) 
Exhibit MARRIAGE RECORD from St. Mary the Virgin Dover for the marriage of Broadley Farmar and Hannah Bishop on 19 Mar 1815. Digital copy from microfilm. (DovSMarPR LDS1836145, 1815 #175.)
Note NOTE. IMPORTANT. The name of the mother for Elizabeth Weston Farmer is Elizth and for Edward is Elizabeth. The father Broadley is a wheelwright or wheeler. Does this represent another marriage for Broadley or a mistake by the pastor?? 
INFO FATHER'S WILL (written 1821, proved 1832) gives Broadley the right to buy the wheelwright business to Broadley if his brother Thomas does not want it (all presumably after the death of mother Grace). (EpCCCantWill LDS188891, liber 70, p.33.) 
Note NOTE: The family moved between the birth of Miriam 4 Mar 1824 in the Parish of St. James and the birth of Ruth 27 Feb 1826 in the parish of St. Mary. 
Note RESIDENCE probably changed between the birth of Frederick Thomas in June 1833 in St. Mary the Virgin Parish Dover and the birth of Hannah in the Parish of St. James Dover on 21 August 1836. 
INFO SHIP PRINCE COBURG. Lloyd's Register 1836 1837 (have 1838) Prince Coburg. @SLC LDS6024933 for 1838. 
INFO BURGESSES LIST. Castle ward, Dover. Broadley Farmar, type of property: house, location of property: Castle Street. Appears in lists for Oct 1836, 1837 and 1839. (DovBurg LDS1656693#1.) 
INFO BIRTH RECORD. Three children of Broadley and Hannah Farmar recorded at Pent Side Chapel Dover - William Wiles, b. 15 July 1831, Frederic Thomas, b. 25 June 1833, both in parish of St. Mary; Hannah, b. 21 Aug 1836, parish of St. James, (DovPentPR, RG8/15. p.16.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1837 Lady Clinton. #L6 Bg=Brig (note, not the same as brigantine). Master T. Day, 129 tons. built Bidfrd=Bideford. in 1825 11mo.(meaning??). Owner: Day&Co.. Port belonging to: Bideford. Destined Voyage. Lon. Naples. Classification. No. of years first assigned: 11 (means originally classed as A=First description of the first class for 11 years). Character for Hull & Stores: AE1 35 (means "second description of the first class". 1="vessel is well and sufficiently found," surveyed in 1835. (LloydsReg LDS 6024929.) 
Note NOTE: The Ship Lady Clinton has undergone repairs and a change in ownership and captain from 1837-1838. See listings through 1843 when the ship was LOST. 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. Voyages - Lady Clinton of Dover from 1 Jan 1837 to 31 Jun 1837. Ship 33/141. 1-"from London 31 of March arived at Newcastle 14 of April from Newcastle 22 April arived at Dover 4 May." 2-"From Dover 17 May arived at Newcastle 27 May From Newcastle 3 June arived at Dover 8 June." 3-From Dover 17 June arived at Newcastle 20 June from Newcastle 26 June arived at Dover 1 July." Crew: Broadley Farmar (#910) age 50 b. Eythorn, Master, Ship in which he last served: Prince Coburg. Date of joining the ship 25 March. Place where Dover. One mate, four seamen and a boy (age 10) are listed. NOTE Broadley Farmar's signature on the form-schedule D. (AgrCrewList LDS885492. ) 
INFO RESIDENCE at death of dtr Hannah 18 Sep 1837 is Castle St., St. James, Dover. (GBCertDeaDov.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1838. Lady Clinton #L13. Master is T. Farmer. Build column has repairs Srprs37=some repairs in 1837. No owner. Port belonging to=Dover. Destined Voyage: Lly=Llanelly. "Continued 1836 (meaning??). Classification 11 A1 4 37. A=First description of the first class. Continued for 4 years, surveyed in 1837. (LloydsReg LDS6024935 1838.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1838. Prince Coburg. #P412 Bg. Master Smith, 219 tons... etc ... Port belonging to: London. Destined voyage: London to Trinidad. (LloydsReg LDS6024936 1938.) 
INFO LADY CLINTON reported in London Times. 5 Feb 1838. Vessesl Spoken with. Lady Clinton. 20 Jan off Cape St. Mary's by the Rebel. (TimesLondDig 5 Feb 1838 p.7F.) 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. An account of the Crew. Ship Lady Clinton of the Port of Dover ... Sailing from the port of Dover to Malta & Gergente and return to the port of Liverpool. Crew: Broadley Farmer (#910), age 50, b.Eythorne, Master, last served on the Lady Clinton, joined the ship 27 Oct 1837 at Dover. Left ship18 June 1838 at Liverpool. Remainder of crew: one mate, 4 seamen, & two apprentices, including Allen Bowley age 30 seaman b. Ringwould. Schedule C Filed at Liverpool 18 June 1838. Signed Broadley Farmar (handwriting different from the main body of the report.) Ship #4354 port 62 Liverpool (AgrCrewList LDS885492.) 
INFO SEAMEN'S REG. Register of Seamen, Series II, 1835-1844. #910 (33 =Dover) Farmer, Broadley 50 Eythorne. C=Captain for 4 voyages: 1) 62/4354 18/6/38 Lady Clinton (returned to Liverpool ship #4354 18 Jun 1838. 2) June 37 33/141 (in Jun 1837 returned to Dover ship #141). 3) 64/7011 22/4/39 Lady Clinton 33 (returned to London ship #7011 22 Apr 1839). 4) 64/1793 14/8/39 Lady Clinton 33 (returned to London, ship #1793, 14 Aug 1839 ship Lady Clinton of Dover). (SeaRegSer2 LDS1502097 #910 BT112.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1839 Lady Clinton #L14. Master T. Farmer. Owner Hmiltn&. Home Port Dover. Destined voyage. London to Riga. (LloydsReg LDS6024941.) 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. A list of the Crew -.Lady Clinton of Dover, Broadley Farmar master.. sailing from the port of Liverpool to the Mediterranean ...and return to the port of London. Crew: Broadley Farmer (#910), age 51, b.Dover, Master, last served on the Lady Clinton, joined the ship 8 Nov 1838 at Liverpol. Left ship 22 Apr 1839 at London. Remainder of crew: one mate, 5 seamen, & one apprentice. Schedule C Signed Broadley Farmar (handwriting different from the main body of the report.) Ship #7011 port 64 London (LloydsReg LDS885492.) 
INFO SHIP DEPARTURE. Notice in Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 20 May 1839, page 3. Shipping Intelligence, From Custom House, Cleared out in Ballast, May 18. The Lady Clinton, Farmar (129), and Euphemia, Field (120), for Riga . (PublicLedFMP.) 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. Ship Lady Clinton of Dover whereof Broadley Farmar was master. A list of the crew...from Riga...return to the port of London. Broadley Farmar (910) age 52, b. Eythorne, Master, last served on the Lady Clinton, joined ship 20 May 1839 in London. Left ship 14 Aug 1839 in London. One Seaman left the ship 3 July 1839 in Riga. Schedule C filed in London #64/1793. signed by Broadley Farmar also by N. Griffith Broker of 2 White Hurt? Court Lombard Street. (AgrCrewList LDS 885492.) 
INFO LADY CLINTON reported in London Times 14 Aug 1839. Gravesend, Aug 11 and 12. "arrived ... the Lady Clinton ... from Riga." (TimesLondDig 14 Aug 1839 p.7D.) 
INFO SHIP ARRIVAL. Notice in newspaper Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser [London], 15 Aug 1839. St. Katherine Docks, Hauled in -- The Lady Clinton, from Riga. Custom House. Ships Entered Inwards, August 14. Lady, Clinton, Farmar, Riga, K.D. [=St. Katherine Docks]. Broker: Griffiths. (PublicLedFMP.) 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. An account of the voyages .. Lady Clinton of Dover, 129 Tons Register .. for the Half Year ... 1 Jul 1839 to 31 Dec 1839. Voyages: Arrived in London from Riga 14 Aug 1839. Sailed from London to Blythe 8 Sep 1839. Arrived at Dover from Blythe Sept 1839. Sailed from Dover for Newcastle 3 Nov 1839. Arrived at Dover from Newcastle 23 Nov 1839. Sailed from Dover for Newcastle 9 Dec 1839. Crew: Broadley Farmar age 52 b. Eythorn, Master, date of joining this ship 20 May 1839 at London. Left 4 Nov 1839 at Dover. "How disposed of..." -Dover Natural Death. 17 crew members listed for the various voyages. (NOTE Broadley left the ship 4 Nov 1839. The ship had sailed from Dover for Newcastle 3 Nov 1839.) Schedule D filed 9 January 1840 at Dover signed by Stephen Huggett Hull in Owner or Master section. Ship #33/141. (AgrCrewList LDS885492.) 
DeathBroadley Farmar died 6 November 1839 in Dover, Kent, England, at age 52. 
INFO DEATH REG CERT. Broadley Farmar died 6 Nov 1839 in St. Mary's Parish, age 52, Mariner. Cause: Apoplexy. Informant John Farmar present at the death Princes Street. Reg 7 Nov 1839. (GBCertDeaDov, Sub-distr Saint Mary's #463, 1839). 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR. "Farmar. Admon. Comon. under £300. December 6th 1839 before the Reverend John Maule Clerk Commissioner Admon of the Goods & c of Broadley Farmar late of Dovor in the Diocese of Canterbury Mariner deceased was committed to Hannah Farmar widow the Relict of the deceased. She being first sworn by Comon well and duly to adm &c bound with her Edward Older, Gentm. and Thomas Robinson Auctioneer both of Dovor in £600. (EpCCCantCal LDS189236.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REGISTER. 1839 re:Broadley Farmar. Court: Con. Canterbury, Admin date: 23 Nov ??. Extracted by: B.D-??- Sum under: 300. Name of intestate: Broadley Farmar No. 2529-41. Admin name: Hannah Farmer Admin residence: Dover. (DeaDutAd1812 LDS1502186 IR26/497. Folio 233.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. Broadley Farmar DecQ,1839. Dover, V, 69. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103095.) 
INFO GRAVEYARD MONUMENT. Eythorne Baptist Chapel. with father and eleven other family members. Broadley d. Nov 6, 1839 age 55 [sic]. (EytBapCemDF.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1841 Lady Clinton. #L21. (same info as 1839 listing) (LloydsReg LDS6025272 1841.) 
INFO SHIP LADY CLINTON. Reported in London Times. 13 Dec 1842. Ship Lady Clinton arr. Dover Dec11 having been run into off Hasborough on Dec 9 by the Ann and Mary. 4 Nov 1843. Admiralty Court decision in favor of the Lady Clinton (the Ann and Mary was in the wrong). 9 Dec 1843. The Lady Clinton had "got on Filey bridge" on 21st Oct. Came off yesterday (Dec 5) and "sank in deep water, and will become a wreck.". (TimesLondDig 13 Dec 1842 p.7A, 4 Nov 1843 p.6D, 9 Dec 1843 p.7A.) 
INFO LLOYD'S REGISTER. 1843 Lady Clinton #L23. Note under name: LOST. Master T. Farmer (Other information same except date of survey 1839). (LloydsReg LDS6024961 1843.) 


Hannah Bishop (1794 - 1860)