Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford

Male, (1809 - 1898)
FatherFlavius Josephus Kingsford ( - 1833)
MotherElizabeth Love
BirthFlavius Ebenezer Kingsford was born 5 April 1809 in Chartham, Kent, England. 
INFO BIRTH RECORD. Headcorn General Baptist. "Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford, the son of Flavius Josephus Kingsford and Elizabeth his wife of the Parish of Chartham was born April 5th in the year 1809." (HeadBapPR LDS 596912#2 RG4/932.) 
INFO MARRIAGE LICENSE. 1833 Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford of Buckland by Dover bach (24) & Hannah Farmer of St. Mary Dover sp (23), at B. 15 Apr. (CantMar1810, p.182.) 
MarriageHe married Hannah Farmar, daughter of Thomas F. Farmar and Grace Broadley, 2 May 1833 in Buckland, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE RECORD. Buckland. "Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford of this parish bachelor and Hannah Farmer of the parish of St. Mary Dover spinster were married in this church by license". 2 May 1833. NOTE: good signatures. Witnesses: F.J. Kingsford and Susanna Kingsford. (BuckPR LDS1886086 1833 p. 34 #101.) 
INFO MARRIAGE NEWSPAPER NOTICE. Kentish Gazette, 7 May 1833. MARRIAGES." May 2, at Buckland, Mr. Ebenezer Flavius [sic] Kingsford, fourth son of Mr. Flavius Josephus Kingsford, brewer, to Hannah, seventh daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Farmer, builder, Dover." (KentGazFMP 7May1833 p.3.) 
INFO FARMAR WHEELWRIGHT BUSINESS. Notice in Kentish Gazette, 16 Apr 1839. "MRS. GRACE FARMAR Being about to relinquish her Business of WHEELWRIGHT and CARPENTER, carried on in BIGGIN-street, DOVER, presents her thanks to her numerous Friends for the Countenance and support she has received since the death of her late husband, and requests that all accounts now due to her may be paid either to herself, or to Mr. F. Kingsford, Wine Merchant, Castle-street, Dover, on her account; no other Person having any authority to receive or give receipts and discharges for the moneys due to her. Biggin-street, Dover, 15th April, 1839." (KentGazetFMP.) 
INFO WINE BUSINESS. Ad in Dover Telegraph 20 Apr 1839 "F.E. Kingsford, Wine and Brandy Merchant. Respectfully announces to his Friends. . . that he has opened the premises . . . in Castle Street, (opposite the Mill.) Dover, where has on sale an extensive stock of superior foreign wines and spirits. Scotch . . .Porter. . .Soda Water." Note: directly below this ad is the notice that Grace Farmar is quitting business and that F. Kingsford, wine merchant of Castle Street will receive payments on her behalf. (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY. Reported in the Hull Packet [newspaper] from the London Gazette, Tues May 18, 1841. "John Kingsford, and Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford, Dover, wine and brandy-merchants." (HullPackFMP 21May1841 p.7.) 
INFO BANKRUPT AUCTION. Dover Telegraph, 16 Oct 1841, p.1. Property of John and Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford. The Auction is announced for 21 Oct 1841 for the sale of Kingsford property including a dwelling house, manufacturing facilities, wine cellars and vaults, etc., on Biggin-Street Dover, used for their business in wine and spirits. "Also a Carpenter's Yard, and Buildings in the rear of the above, late in the occupation of Mrs. Farmar, and communicating with Priory Street." (DovTelCPFMP.) 
INFO BURGESSES LIST.Dover 1844-46 Castle ward, Kingsford, Flavious, 2 houses in succession Buckland Street. (same entry for 3 years). (DovBurg LDS1656693#1.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Sussex, Salehurst. Parish of St. Mary Salehurst, Silver Hill, Brewhouse. Flavius E. Kingsford, head, mar, 41 brewer, b.Kent Chartham. Hannah wife, mar, 40, b.Dover. Son Flavius J. unm, 16, b.Tonbridge. Dtr. Augusta, unm, 15, b.Tonbridge. Son Ebenezer, 9, scholar, b.Buckland. Dtr Jane 7, scholar, b.Buckland. Dtr Selina, 2, b.Sussex Salehurst. (GBCens1851 LDS193542 Sussex Salehurst, #3.) 
INFO NOTE: Flavius is listed as a "Storeman" on wife's death certif. Apr 1855, residence King St. Melbourne. (VicDeaCert 1855 #2542). NOTE actual signature of Flavius on her death certif. 
INFO BANKRUPTCY. Reported in The Argus, 23 Aug 1859 Law Report section. New Insolvents. Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford and Flavias Josephus Kingsford of the firm of F.E. Kingsford and Son, of Brunswick, carriers. Causes of insolvency : Pressure of execution creditors and illness of F.E. Kingsford. Liabilities 89£ 5s 11d; assets 1£; deficiency, 88£ 5s 11d. Official Assignee, Mr. Shaw." (ArgusTro 23 Aug 1859, p.6.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE. The Argus [Melbourne, Vic] Sat, 18 Feb 1860. " In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria: in Insolvency. --In the Estate of Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford and Flavius Josephus Kingsford, Trading under the Style or Firm of F.E. Kingsford and Son, of Brunswick. .. carriers . . . [they] intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Insolvent Estates . . . on Monday the 19th day of March . . . that a Certificate of Discharge . . .be granted to them. . . ." (ArgusTro.) 
Exhibit PHOTO. Portrait of Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford. Carte-de-visite. Handwritten across back "Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford born 5th April 1809." Printed on back of card: Metropolitan and Parliamentary Portrait Rooms. Thomas Wright Artist 52 & 236 Bourke Strret East Melbourne Copies always to be had on application. [df date estimate 1867-72 based on address of photographer] (CorresANNTA Email 5Oct2000.)
INFO LAND SURVEY. Legal advertising in the Alexandra Times 24 Sep 1869. "I hereby give notice that I am applying to the Hon the President of the Board of Land and Works, under the 42nd section of the Amending Land Act, 1865, for a license to reside on or cultivate 20 acres of land, situated in Parish of Acheron, County Anglesea, being portion of block 48. Flavios Ebenezer Kingsford. Mr. Downey, surveyor, September 23, 1869." (AlexTimesTRO.) 
INFO LAND GRANT. Crown Land Grantee index: F.E. Kingsford, Acheron Parish, 15 Aug 1876. Source A [extracted by Austr Inst Gen Studies member], Map A [county of Anglesey]. (VicCrGrant1 LDS6394109 p.602.) 
INFO VOTER ROLL. Shire of Alexandra for year ending 31 Jul 1883. #305 Flavius Kingsford. House and land Acheron, 2 votes, property in Kilmore and Anglesey electoral district, Yea division. (VicVoters78 LDS209273.) 
DeathFlavius Ebenezer Kingsford died 7 May 1898 in Alexandra, Victoria, Australia, at age 89. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. The Argus [Melbourne, Vic], Sat 14 May 1898. " KINGSFORD --On the7th May at his residence, Crystal Creek, Alexandra, Flavius E. Kingsford, late of Dover, Kent, England, in his 90th year."(ArgusTro.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE in the Otago Witness. On 7 May at Alexandra Victoria, F.E. Kingsford father of E. Kingsford, Parkside, Caversham, age 89. (OtagoWitness 2 Jun1898.) 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. 1898 #783 District of Alexandra. Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford, farmer, d. 7 May 1898 in Alexandra, Shire of Alexandra, County of Anglesey. Male 89 yr, 4 weeks. Cause: Senile changes. Father Flavius Josephus Kingsford, a miller. Mother Elizabeth Kingsford formerly Love. Informant: Arthur Kidd, Undertaker. Registered 11 July 1898 in Alexandra. Burial 9 May 1898 in Alexandra Cemetery. Witnesses to burial: Richard E. Edwards, A. Wakenshaw. Born Kent, England. In colony of Victoria 45 years. Married in Buckland England at age 24 to Hannah Farmer. Children: Flavius Josephus deceased, Augusta 61, Ebenezer 56, Jane 54, Selina 49, Harrietta 47 years. (VictDeaCert 1898 #10370.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Death. Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford. d. 1898 in Adra [Alexandra] Victoria, age 89. Father Flavius Josephus Kingsford; Mother Elizabeth Love. Reg. # 10370. (VicBDMFedJer.) 
INFO NOTE Occupation for Flavius Ebenezer Kingsford is brewer -- given on son Ebenezer's death cert in NZ in 1914. 


Hannah Farmar (1811 - 1855)