Hannah Grace Atkins

Female, (1835 - 1905)
FatherHenry Holmes Atkins (1813 - 1890)
MotherHannah Tams (1815 - 1858)
RelationshipGreat-granddaughter of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthHannah Grace Atkins was born 1 November 1835 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO CENSUS 1841. Kent Barham. Anna Atkins, 5, born in Kent with William and Hester [sic] Broadley family: 3 children, 1 female servant, 3 male servants, and Stephen Broadley, 40. William is a farmer, Stephen is Independent. (GBCens1841 HO 107/465/4 7:5). NOTE: William Broadley was an uncle to Hannah's father Henry Holmes Atkins. 
INFO LDS MEMBERSHIP summary. Hannah Grace Atkins, residence Herbert St. Buckland. Born 1 Nov 1835 in Dover. LDS Baptism 10 Jul 1849 by T.Caffall. Confirmed by Thos Caffall. Removed to Buckland Br. 15 Feb 1852. Returned to Dover Br 21 Aug 1853. Cut off 9 Oct 1855 "by her own request." (DovLDSMem LDS086995#7-10. Also HistorOffRec.) 
INFO Possible -- CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Kent St. Mary Dover. Hannah Atkins, serv, unmar, 15, house servant, b. Kent Dover. -with family of Richard Hasmer, 34, Cinque Ports Pilot, wife Eliz and daur Eliz. (GBCens1851 H.O.107/1632 523:25.) 
INFO KENT COUNCIL BMD INDEX. Hannah G. Atkins. 1856 marriage, entry 47, register D/D/3 Thanet and Dover; date 1856-10-22. (KenCounBMD.) 
MarriageShe married James Gibbens 22 October 1856 in Kent, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage. 1856 DecQ Atkins Hannah Grace Dover, 2a, 130? [last digit not legible for either entry]. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102577.) 
INFO WITNESS FOR WEDDING OF SISTER: 26 Jul 1862. Hannah Grace Gibbons is witness to the marriage of Ann Farmar Atkins to William Goulding. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 for Hannah's employer William Bowes -- CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). William Bowes at Fenderland Lane, Worth, Kent, unmar, 52, b. Eastry, Kent. Farmer of 70 acres employing 3 men & 4 boys. (GBCens1881 RG11/994 111:8) NOTE: son Edward Gibbens is a servant, an ag lab in the Bowes household. (see also the CENSUS 1881 entry for the James Gibbens family.) 
DeathHannah Grace Atkins died 1905 in Kent, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death 1905 JunQ Gibbens, Hannah Grace, 69. Eastry 2a,575. (FreeBMD.) 


James Gibbens (circa 1832 - 1908)