Gaston Ernest Theophilus D'O

Male, (circa 1853 - between 1905 and 1908)
FatherJoseph D'O
MotherBonaventure Kinta
BirthGaston Ernest Theophilus D'O was born circa 1853 in Ceret, Pyrenees Orientales, France. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Dunedin 1880 #9. 25 Dec at the house of Edward Farmar Eaton. Gaston Ernest Theophilus D'O, 27, draper, bachelor, b. France, resident of Dunedin, son of Joseph D'O, collector, and Bonaventure D'O, nee Kinta. Mary Ann Eaton, 21, spinster. b. NZ, resident of Mornington, Dunedin, dtr of Edward Farmar Eaton, clerk and Emily Gates Eaton, nee Deadman. Witnesses- 1- J.M.? Bromhall (Charge de pourvoir de Secretaire du Consulat --?-- pour le legalisation du marriage de Gaston Ernest Theophile D'O negocent--?--, ne a Ceret Pyrenees Orientales demeurant a Dunedin --?----- et Mary Ann Eaton de Dunedin). 2-Francis Emma Kerr, Roslyn. (NZMarCert.) 
MarriageHe married Mary Ann Eaton, daughter of Edward Farmer Eaton and Emily Gates Deadman, 25 December 1880 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage. 1880 #2950 Mary Ann Eaton and Gaston Ernest Theophilus D'O. (CorresGLODE 12Fe01.) 
INFO Probable PASSENGER SHIP INDEX. Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria, 1852-1923. DO, GE E, age 30, Nov 1884, ship Wairarapa, port: N (=departure from New Zealand), Fiche198:002 (for the passenger list at the PROV). (PROVPassInw.) 
INFO Probable PASSENGER SHIP INDEX. Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria, 1852-1923. DO, Mr, age 29, Mar 1885, ship Wairarapa, port: N (=departure from New Zealand), Fiche 201:002 (for the passenger list at the PROV). ALSO in index for same date and ship Miss DO, age 4. (PROVPassInw.) 
INFO NOTICE TO CREDITORS. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 16 Feb 1892. "Notice is hereby given that Gaston Ernest D'O, carrying on business at 247 Chapel-street, Prahran, and Burwood-road, Auburn, in the colony of Victoria, draper, has by deed dated the 15h day of February, 1892, conveyed and assigned all his estate, property, and effects, whatsoever and wheresoever, to trustees, upon trust for realization and otherwise for the benefit of the creditors of the said Gaston Ernest D'O, as in the said deed mentioned. All persons having any claims against the estate are hereby required to send in the same ... by 29th February 1892. ... Danby, Son, and Co., agents for the trustees." (ArgusTro.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Sand's NSW Dir. 1899 Gaston D'O, draper, Burwood rd, Burwood, and Boulevarde, Strathfield [two business locations]. 1900-1904 D'O, G.E. draper, Boulevarde, Strathfield. D'O, Madame, Boulevarde, Strathfield. Note in street section addl info Madame D'O is a costumiere. Location is betw Clarendon St. and Redmyre Rd. (SandsNSWDir.) 
Note NOTE: The family lived in NZ from 1880 marriage to 1883 birth of son. In Prahran, Victoria, Australia, for birth of children in 1886, 1888, and 1891. In NZ for birth of Nella 1893. In NSW Australia 1899-1904. 
DeathGaston Ernest Theophilus D'O died between 1905 and 1908. 
Note NOTE: He is the "late Gaston Ernest D'O, of Dunedin" in newspaper announcement of his son's wedding 12 April 1909 . 
INFO DEATH DATE. Marriage certificate for 2nd marriage of Mary Ann D'O gives 30 Sep 1909 as date of decease of previous husband Gaston D'O. (She remarried 3 Oct 1911 in Auckland.) The actual death date may be 1908 or earlier if Gaston actually was deceased at the time of his son's wedding April 1909. (NZMarCert.) 


Mary Ann Eaton (1859 - 1924)