Samuel Percy Seymour

Male, (circa 1853 - 1931)
FatherSamuel Francis Seymour (1819 - 1902)
MotherSarah Jane Eaton (1828 - 1912)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthSamuel Percy Seymour was born circa 1853 in India. 
INFO SHIP PASSENGER LIST INDEX -- to Victoria on ship "Dilharree," Feb 1871. Edwd Leslie Seymour, 16. Saml Percy Seymour, 17. Index entry. Note: original lists are PROV michofiche VPRS947 301:02. (PROVPassInw.) 
INFO SHIP DESCRIPTION from 1874. "Arrival of the Barque Dilharre from London (The Press, Thursday March 12th 1874). Ship owned by Messrs Lidgett. length 237 ft, beam 33 ft, depth 23. "She was originally a full-rigged ship and was employed in the India trade: her rig has been altered, and she is now a full-rigged barque... the cleanest vessel that has come into our port ..." (Dilharee.) 
Exhibit PHOTO. Oval bust of a young man in a suit and tie, identified on back as S. Percy Seymour. Carte-de-viste format. Photographer: E.C. Waddington & Co. 109 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. [Date estimate 1880, based on photographer at this address before 1883]. (CorresANNTA Email 5Oct2000.)
INFO TEACHER QUALIFICATION. 1883. Samuel Percy Seymour of Otago, Scale D3,M (D3 is 6th rank from bottom containing 348 of the 1235 total teachers; M=Inspectors Marks [meaning??]). (NZGazette 2:916 1883.) 
INFO UNIVERSITY DEGREE. University of Otago B.A. 1886, Samuel Percy Seymour. (UOtagoGrad p.30.) 
INFO OTAGO UNIVERSITY GRADUATION. Otago Witness [Dunedin, NZ], 27 Aug 1886, p.16. BA Degree. Percy Samuel Seymour: matriculated 1880. Passed first section in 1883 and final in 1885. "Miss Steeland Mr. Seymour were the only two graduates upon this list not present." (OtagoWitPP.) 
INFO TEACHER QUALIFICATION. 1899. Seymour, Samuel Percy, BA, no district, rank B3. (NZGazette 1899 p.1244.) 
INFO TEACHER QUALIFICATION. 1901. Seymour, Samuel Percy, BA, no district, B3. (NZGazette 1901, p.1391.) 
Note NOTE: in NZ Directories for 1901-1903, there are listings for both Saml Percy Seymour in TeOneroa and Percival Seymour in Cromarty. Listings from 1895-1899 are for Percival, a miner in Cromarty. Listings from 1904 forward are for Saml Percy in TeOneroa and later Cromarty. Is Percival Seymour the same person as Samuel Percy Seymour? 
INFO NEWS STORY 1 Jun 1907. "New Zealand Exile of Erin." Reporter of Otago Daily Times visited Seymour at Preservation Inlet. S.P. Seymour is B.A. Otago Univ, "well cultivated and of good repute," has lived in solitude 25 years and has no intention of returning to society. 1887 was a teacher at a Dunedin govt school. Had plan to study natural history on the Amazon. Met Reischek, then of Dunedin, who had done collecting in sounds area of SW New Zealand. S.P. decided to go there. A planned assistant could not go, so S.P. went alone. Landed at junction of Doubtful Inlet & Thompson's Sound on government steamer Stella on 5 July 1887. "Recent maps identify him with the locality." Note Seymour Island where he lived for a time, and Pack Point where his supplies were landed. First month very difficult. Rain and sandflies were major problems, his boat wrecked, and his health very poor - lived on cold oatmeal. At 6 weeks, some penguin hunters helped him build a shelter and boat. After 13 months on Doubtful Sound, a party crossed through enroute to goldfields at Preservation Inlet. S.P. went along (by boat) and has remained there. The author spent 21 hours in Seymour's camp at Long Beach. Saw his "curiosity collection." [natural history specimens]. (OtagoDaTimes 1June1907, p.87.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY (Index entry) 1 June 1907 Otago Daily Times. NZ Exile of Erin, about S.P Seymour who gave up teaching to live at the Sounds, student of natural history. (DunNewsInd1860.) 
INFO NOTE Map showing "Seymore Id" [=island] near interesction of Thompson Sound and Doubtful Sound. This is possibly the island mentioned in the Otago Daily Times story Jun 1907. Book: Howard, George A. The Heart of Fiordland, 2d ed. Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd, 1969. (HeartFiord p.?) 
INFO SON Samuel Percy age 59 listed on mother's death registration, 20 Nov 1912. (VicDeaCert 1912:12949.) 
INFO TEACHER QUALIFICATION - 1917 3 listings for Samuel Percy Seymour: p.2561 Ex. F (=on active military service). p.2589 BA, Rank B, Reg no.66, Ex.F. p.2606, H (=headteacher), Southland. (NZGazette 1917.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Wise's Directory 1922. Samuel Percy Seymour, Wellsford. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 22Jan2004. ) 
INFO ELECTORAL ROLL. Marsden 1922. Seymour Samuel Percy, Wellsford, bee farmer, [no wife]. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 22Jan2004.) 
INFO ELECTORAL ROLL. Marsden 1925. Seymour Samuel Percy, Wellsford, pensioner, [no wife]. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 22Jan2004.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Wise's Directory 1928. Samuel Percy Seymour, Wellsford. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 22Jan2004. ) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Wise's NZ Directory 1929. Seymour S Percy, Wellsford. (WiseNZPODir 1929.) 
DeathHe died 6 October 1931 in Auckland, New Zealand. 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. Auckland Dist #1508. Died 6 Oct 1931 at Mental Hospital Avondale from Auckland Infirmary Epsom. Samuel Percy Seymour, occup not known, male, age 78. Cause: coroner's verdict, senile decay - heart failure. Parents - both given as "Seymour." Burial 9 Oct 1931 Waikumete, by E.O. Perry, Presbyterian. Born India, in NZ over 2 years. Informant A.W. Young, authorized in writing by coroner, Auckland. Reg. 7 Oct 1931. (NZDeaCert 1931 #3126.) 
INFO CEMETERY INFO. Seymour, Samuel Percy, age 77. Late residence: Mental Hospital. Death: 6 Oct 31. Burial: 9 Oct 1931. Denomination: Wesleyan, Block c, sec 15, plot 19A. Funeral Director T.J. McIvor. (WaikumCem LDS1363599.) 
INFO BURIAL at Waikumete Cemetery in the Wesleyan block. Undertaker: Wheeler. Single burial in plot with no headstone. (CorresVICHO e-mail 7Sep2005.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Death 1931 #3126. [DecQ Auckland] (CorresGEOCU e-mail 23Jan2004.)