Washington William Waud

Male, (1821 - 1900)
FatherJames Thomas Waud (circa 1794 - 1883)
MotherAnn Carter (circa 1796 - )
BirthWashington William Waud was born 25 December 1821 in Soho, Middlesex, England. 
INFO BAPTISM. at St. Anne Westminster. 20 Jan 1822. Washington William born 25 Dec 1821 to James Thomas & Ann Waud of St James, carver & gilder. (SohoStAPR LDS918607 p.274.) 
INFO BAPTISM INDEX. 1822, Washington Wm. Waud, St. Anne, Soho, son of Jas Thos and Ann. (PallotBap.) 
MarriageHe married Anne Wedd 13 February 1843 in Chelsea, London, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage 1843 MarQ William Washington Waud Chelsea 3,38. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102522.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Victorian Music Publishers. Waud (William Washington) & Co. Music publisher and pianoforte manufacturer. 9 Strong's Place, Brompton ca.1850-55. York Place, Fulham Rd. ca1855-61. 5 Rose Terrace, Brompton 1862-67. 88 Fulham Rd. 1867-90. "Sacred music by V. D'Honore and others, including The Pilgrims of the Night (1867). Copyrights sold March 1900." (VictorMusPub p.282.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Kensington, 9 Strong Place. William W. Waud, head, 27, b. London. Wife Ann ? [ink blot], 24, b. Essex Chelmsford. Daur Caroline Anne Waud, 6, b. Mdx Chelsea. Daur Ellen H. 4, b. Mdx Chelsea. (GBCens1851 LDS87792 HO107/1469.) 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Mdx Kensington. 5 Rose Ter. Washington W. Waud, head, mar, 38, professor of music, b. Mdx Soho. Wife Anne, 34, b. Essex Cotham. Daur Caroline A., 15, teacher of music, b. Mdx Brompton; daur Ellen H., 14, scholar, b. Mdx Chelsea; daur Eugenia R.,7,scholar, b. Mdx Chelsea; son William V.,1, b. Mdx Chelsea. (GBCens1861 RG9/21 --?:28.) 
INFO Son - CIV REG INDEX birth 1862 JunQ Currelli [sic] Benedict Waud Kensington 1a, __05. (FreeBMD.) 
INFO NOTE: CIV REG INDEX Death 1919 MarQ Corelli Waud 55 Hitchin 3a,1050 ?. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103412) DEATH OF SON CORELLI. 
INFO BIRTH/DEATH OF POSSIBLE SON. Alfred Handel Waud. Birth 1865 SepQ Kensington 1a,161. Poss death on Free BMD 1866 JunQ Alfred H. Waud, age 0, Pancras 1b,123. 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871) St Mary Abbotts Kensington. 88 Fulham Rd. Washington W. Waud, head, mar, 49, musician and music seller, b. Mdx Soho. Wife Anne, 44, b. Essex Cockington. Daur Ellen H. unmar 24 b. Mdx Chelsea. Daur Eugine R., 18, b. Mdx Chelsea. Son William V, 10, scholar, b.Mdx Chelsea. Son Corelli B. 9, scholar, b. Mdx Kensington. Daur Adeline J. Waud, 4, b. Mdx Kensington. (GBCens1871 RG10/52 46:29.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). Mdx Kensington. 88 Fulham rd. Ward [sic], Washing [sic] W., head, m, 58, professor of music, b. Soho. Wife Anne, 54, b. Essex. Son William Verdi, unm, 20, student of music, b. Chelsea. Daug Georgie [sic] Roseli, unm, 26, b. Chelsea. Daug Adeline J., unm, 14, student, b. S. Kensington. Grand [sic] Ellen C. Jackson, 7, b. Kentish Town. (GBCens1881 RG11/45 47:31.) 
INFO CENSUS 1891 (5 Apr 1891) Kensington. 27 Hollywood Road. Washington W. Waud, 68, professor of music, employed, b. London, Soho. Wife Anne, 64, b. Essex Codlow? Hall. Dtr Eugenie R. Dawson, marr, 36, b. London Brompton. Son William T? Waud, 30, professor of music, employed, b. London, Brompton. Grandson Albert L. Dawson, 5, b. Lond, W.? Brompton. (GBCens1891 RG12/31 ???:50.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Birth Probable grandchild: 1895 JunQ Waud, William Washington C Christchurch 2b,651. (FreeBMD.) 
DeathWashington William Waud died 7 October 1900 in Brompton, Middlesex, England, at age 78. 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR. 1900 Washington William Waud of 27 Hollywood-road Brompton Mdx, d. 7 Oct 1900. Probate London 5 Nov to Corelli Waud musician and Eugenie Dawson (wife of Arthur Dawson). Effects £1283 0s 8d. (PPRCalen LDS21380.) 
INFO PROBATE OF WILL 5 Nov 1900. Will- Washington William Waud of 27 Hollywood Road, Kensington Mdx, musician. Executors & trustees: son Corelli Waud and dtr Eugenie Dawson (wife of Arthur Dawson). All estate to wife Anne until her decease or remarriage whichever is first. Then estate to be divided equally among his four children: Ellen Jackson (widow), Adeline Wiggin (wife of John Wiggin), Eugenie Dawson, and Corelli Waud. Signed 1 Aug 1894. Probate 5 Nov 1900 to son & dtr. (PPRWills LDS1885459.) 
INFO SON - PROBATE CALENDAR. William Verdi Waud of 27 Hollywood-road South Kensington Mdx d. 29 Dec 1893. Adm London 26 Nov 1900 to Corelli Waud musician. Effects £76. Former grant Feb 1894. (PPRCalen LDS251380.) 
INFO BIOG NOTES - Washington William Waud ... married Ann Wedt 13 Feb 1843, they lived at 27 Hollywood Road Kensington. He ...performs on the viola and violin also the piano forte and was engaged at the Royal Italian Opera, covent Garden Theatre Haymarket, also New Philharmonic Concerts, Mr Hullahs Concerts and obtained his living by the profession for 15 years. (CorresJOHWA e-mail 11Apr2005.) 
INFO MUSIC BIBLIOGRAPHY pub abt 1910 lists 4 pieces by W.W. Waud. (UnivMusiklit 8:174.)