James Thomas Waud

Male, (circa 1794 - 1883)
BirthJames Thomas Waud was born circa 1794 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England. 
INFO IGI MARRIAGE. James Waud, Ann Carter. m.16 Feb 1817 Saint James, Westminster, London, England. Source film LDS 1042319. (IGI.) 
MarriageHe married Ann Carter 16 February 1817 in London, England. 
INFO DIRECTORY. Pigot & Co London Dir 1839 (information date 1 Aug 1839). Waud, Jas Thos music professor & seller. 17 Adam's pl, Chelsea. (PigotLondDir LDS1656474 #1.) 
INFO CENSUS 1841 (6 June 1841).Middlesex St. Luke Chelsea (South District). Lawrence Street. James Waud, 45, Professor of music. All in household are born in the county. Ann 45. William 20, Professor of music. James 13, Joseph 7, Edwin 5, Eleanor 20, Virginia 16, Priscilla 10. (GBCens1841 HO107/688/10 30:10 31:11. ) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Chelsea St.Luke. 6 Charles St. Jas.Tho. Waud, head, mar, 56, professor music, b. Mdx Marylebone. Wife Ann 55, b. Devon Riverton. Dtr Priscilla, 19, teacher music, b.Mdx Chelsea. Son Joseph Waud, 18, student & prof music, b.Mdx Chelsea. Son/law Alfred Peile, 30, anything, b.Mdx Marylebone. Dtr Maria Louisa Peile, mar 30, teacher music, b. Westminster. Dtr. Ellen Victoria Spence, widow, 24, b. Mdx Westminster. Brother-in-law Josh Carter, unmar, 60, gentleman, b. Somerset Bristol. Son-in-law Robert Parry, married, 24, cordwainer, b. Middx Chelsea. Daughter Virginia Parry, marr, 24, dressmaker, b. Middx, Westminster. Robert Parry, grandson, 3, b. Middx Chelsea. Daughter Agnes Spence, 6, b. Middx, Chelsea. Daughter Elizabeth Spence, 5, b. Middx Chelsea. Daughter Lydia Spence, 3, b. Surrey Lambeth. (GBCens1851 LDS87796 H.O.107/1473 f.130v p.11-12.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1861 Post Office Directory London. James Waud, music seller, 6 Charles St., Trafalgar Square, Chelsea. (CorresJOHWA e-mail 19Apr2005.) 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Chelsea St Lukes. 6 Charles St. James T. Waud, head, mar, 66, professor of music, b. Mdx. Wife Ann, 65, b. Devonshire. Br-in-law Joseph Carter, unmar, 71, fundholder, b.Devonshire. Alfred Paile, son-in-law, mar, 40, "Cl" [sic for occupation], b. Mdx. Daur M.L. Paile, 42, teacher of music, b. Mdx. Agnes Spence, grd daur, 17, scholar, b. Mdx. Elizabeth Spence, grd daur, 16, scholar, b. Mdx. Francis Joucke?? visitor, unmar, 33, dressmaker. Robert Parry grd son 14, scholar, b. Mdx [whose grandson?]. (GBCens1871 RG9:33 StLukes p.61.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1871 Post Office Directory London. James Waud, musician, 6 Charles St., Trafalgar Square, Chelsea. (CorresJOHWA e-mail 19Apr2005.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). St.Luke Chelsea. no 6 Charles St. J.T. Waud, head, 77, professor & teacher of music, b.Mdx London. Wife Ann, 77, b. Gloustershire Bristol. Maria Peile, daur, widow, 51, teacher of music, b. Mdx London. Agnes Spence, grand-daur, unmar 26, teacher of music, b. Mdx London. Frances Spence grand-daur, 24, teacher of music, b. Mdx London. (GBCens1871 RG10/81 8:8.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). London, Chelsea. 14 Shalcomb St. James T. Waud, head, widr, 87, professor of music, b. Middx London. Dau Maria L. Peile, u[nmarried], 62, teacher of music, b. Middx London, and female servant. (GBCens1881 RG11/80 79:40.) 
DeathJames Thomas Waud died 1883 in Chelsea, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death James Thomas Waud, 89 1883 JunQ, Chelsea 1a,203. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103269.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES "James T. Waud was a teacher of the flute, and had premises at 68 Berwick St. Soho and later in 1861 at 6 Charles Street Chelsea. He married Ann Carter on 16th Feb 1817 at St. James Westminster ..." (CorresJOHWA e-mail 11Apr2005.) 


Ann Carter (circa 1796 - )