Roger Rainey

Male, (1835 - )
FatherRobert Rainey (circa 1810 - )
MotherMary Neil
BirthRoger Rainey was born 12 March 1835 in Connor, Ballymana, Antrim, Northern Ireland. 
INFO KENT COUNCIL BMD INDEX. Roger Rainey. 1859 marriage, entry 101, register D/D/3 Thanet and Dover; date 1859-03-04. (KenCounBMD.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Marr in the Register Office in Dist of St. James, Kent. #101. 4 March 1859. Roger Rainey, 23, bachelor, gunner, 1st Battalion Royal Artillery; Residence Drop? Redoubt Dover; father Robert Rainey, gardener, domestic servant. Emma Atkins, 21, spinster; residence Alma Cottages Charlton; father Henry Holmes Atkins, carpenter (foreman). Married in the Register Office before Stephen Manser Pain, registrar and William Cross, superintendent registrar. In the presence of William Pearson and Ann Farmer Atkins. (GBCertMarONS.) 
MarriageHe married Emma Atkins, daughter of Henry Holmes Atkins and Hannah Tams, 4 March 1859 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO ARMY INDEX. 1861 Worldwide Army Index (National Archives UK record group WO10/2412.) Roger Rainey, service #631. Gunner, 2nd Brigade R.A.. Regiment stationed at Alderney, Jersey; Dover, year 1861. (WorArmIndFMP.) 
INFO WITNESS to marriage of William Goulding and Ann Farmar Atkins at Pent Side Baptist Chapel is Roger Rainey. Both Wm Goulding (1862) and Roger Rainey (1859) are in Royal Artillery on marriage cert info. (GBCertMarONS.) 
INFO BRITISH FORCES IN VICTORIA. "Melbourne was in the 1860s the headquarters of the Australia and New Zealand military command. ... A battery of Royal Artillery was stationed in Melbourne beween 1861-1866... Many of the British Regiments were sent to Australia before undertaking a tour of duty in India." (DefendVictor.) 
INFO AUSTRALIAN GARRISON. Surnames for the 7th Battery of 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery. "The Soldiers below represent the soldiers who were in Australia on Garrison Duty." - list incudes Rainey, Roger. (AusRedSett.) 
INFO ARRIVAL IN CEYLON. Army Medical Department report for 1868. Regarding troops in Ceylon: "The only change during the year in the composition of the European Force stationed on the Island was the addition of the 7th Battery 2nd Brigade R.A., which arrived from Melbourne on the 6th October." (ArmyMed1868 p.110.) 
INFO BRITISH ARMY. 1871 Worldwide British Army Index. Rodger Rainey, Service #631. Rank: Gunner, Unit: 6th Battery, 2nd Brigade, Royal Artillery. Location: Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Gt. Brit archives WO 102440, record dates: 1 Apr 1871-30 Apr 1871. (WorBrArmyFMP.) 
INFO COURT CASE. Reported in the newspaper, Whitstaple Times and Herne Bay Herald, Sat., 2 Nov 1872. " HYTHE. The Borough Quarter Sessions were held on Monday last. . .. Maria Austen, single woman, was indicted for stealing a black silk dress, three white petticoats, six white bodies, a night gown, and other articles, together of the value of £8, the property of Roger Rainey, a widower and a gunner in the Coast Brigade Royal Artillery, stationed at Fort Moncreiff, on 28th July, 1872. --Mr. Croft prosecuted, and called Roger Rainey, who said that the prisoner had been living with him as a servant for four or five weeks. She was to mind the children. He made no arrangement to give her any money for her services; she had her food. He had two boxes which he kept locked in his room, containing wearing apparel and other articles. On July 29, he missed the articles. He did not give any of them to the prisoner. --Mary Ann Rainey, a daughter of the previous witness, said that the prisoner lived with them as a servant, and had her meals with them, but went away to sleep. She had never seen her father give the prisoner any clothes, except the dress she was then wearing, and a petticoat and jacket. -Supt John Friend proved to going to the Prince of Wales public house, Dymchurch Road and finding the prisoner there. He charged her with stealing a gold ring and various other articles belonging to Roger Rainey. She said that Rainey had given them to her, and she had witnesses to prove it. He asked her where the ring was, and she took it off her finger and gave it to him. He asked her for the dress and other things. . .. Mrs. Stone, the landlady, went upstairs and brought the things. . . and gave them to the witness. --For the defence, Thomas Kemp Stone, father of the landlord of the Prince of Wales . . . stated that he heard Rainey say that he was going to make the prisoner his wife, and saw him take the ring and put it on prisoner's finger, telling her that the wearing apparel he had got she was welcome to. --Thomas Watson proved seeing Rainey put the ring on the finger of the prisoner, and Rainey called him (witness) as a witness to it. --The jury retired for a short deliberation, and . . . found the prisoner not guilty. --The Recorder said he quite concurred with the verdict, and requested Mr. W.S. Smith (the Clerk of the Peace) to take the necessary proceedings for indicting Rainey for perjury. (BritNewspFMP.) 
MarriageRoger Rainey married Mary Sloss, daughter of Joseph Sloss and Mary Davidson, 28 January 1873 in Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton, Scotland. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. 1873 Marriages in the Parish of Old Kilpatrick in the County of Dumbarton, Scotland. Married 28 January at Old Kilpatrick in the parish of Old Kilpatrick, after Banns, according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland. (signed) Roger Rainey, 40, gunner, Royal Artillery, widower. (signed) Mary X Sloss. (signed) Robert Henderson, Witness. Roger: age 40, usual residence Dumbarton Castle. Father Robert Rainey labourer. Mother Mary Rainey, M[aiden] S[urname] Neil. Signed Robert Henderson, Minister of Old Kilpatrick, widow. Mary: age 37, usual residence Milton, Parish of Old Kilpatrick. Father Joseph Sloss, labourer. Mother Mary Sloss M[aiden] S[urname] Davidson deceased. (Signed) Witnesses John Brown, Matilda Brown. Registered 29 Jan 1873 Old Kilpatrick, M. Findley, registrar. 1873 Statutory Marriages 501/00 0001. (ScotPeople.) 
INFO DISCHARGE FROM ROYAL ARTILLERY. Page 1 of 4: 20 March 1874. No. 5 Division Coast Brigade. Royal Artillery. Proceedings of a Regimental Board held at Leith Ford, 23 Feb 1874, regarding discharge of No. 4779 Gunner Roger Rainey. Service of 20 years, 340 days, during which he served abroad 7 7/12 years: 4 years at Melbourne and 3 7/12 years at Ceylon. He is asking for the discharge at the end of "his second period of limited engagement." Conduct: "has been good -- He is in possession of Four Good Conduct badges, also the Crimean Medal, Clasp for Sebastopol and Turkish War Medal." Defaulter's Book: "He has been once convicted by Court Martial and in addition his name has been seven times recorded in the Regimental Defaulter's Book." Page 2 of 4: Gunner Roger Rainey [his signature] acknowledges he has been paid in full to 23 Feb 1874. Detailed statement of services of No. 4779 Gunner Roger Rainey: Rl. Artillery. Attested, Gunner Driver from 12 Nov '52 to 11 Mar '53. underage. Gunner Driver from 12 Mar '53 to 31 May '59, 6 years 81 days. Gunner 1 June '59 to 31 Dec '63, 4 years 214 days. Gunner 1 Jany '64 to 20 Feby '70, 6 years, 51 days. Awaiting Trial, Gunner, 21 Feby '70 to 1 Mar '70, 9 days. Juror sentences remitted, gunner, 21 Mar '70 to 31 Dec '71, 1 year 305 days. Gunner from 1 Jany '72 to 31 May '72, 152 days. Gunner 1 June '72 to 23 Feb '74, 1 year 268 days. Total 20 years 340 days. plus 25 days for "further services from the 24 Feby '74 to the 20 March '74 when finally discharged" for a final total of 21 years. Note from the middle of page 2: "Re-engaged at Dover on the 3 Feby '64 for a further term of 10 37/365 years." Page 3 of 4, medical page, no information. Page 4 of 4: "No. 4779 Gunner Roger Rainey referred to in the preceding pages by Trade a weaver was born in the Parish of Connor near the Town of Ballymana in the County of Antrim and attested for the Royal Artillery at Lisburn in the County of Antrim on the 12 November 1852 at the age of 17 8/12 years. His final description, &c., when discharged from the Service at Dumbarton Castle North Britain this 20th day of March 1874. Age years 38 11/12. Height 5 feet, 8 inches. Complexion- Fresh. Eyes- Hazel. Hair- Dark. Trade- Weaver. Marks or scars -- none. Intended place of residence - Milton by Dumbarton N.B. [North Britain]." (BritArmyServ.) 
INFO SCOTLAND CENSUS 1881. (3 Apr 1881). 63 Milton Terrace, Bonhilll, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. [Transcription on]. Head Roger Rennie, male, married, 49, general labourer, b. Ireland. Wife Mary, married, age 48, b. Ireland. Daughter Emma Jane, unmarried, 20, yarn worker, b. Channel Islands. Daughter Jessie, 12, b. Ceylon, India, scholar. Step-daughter Elizabeth Mary Moore, 24, printfield worker, b. Ireland. Stepdaughter Martha Moore, 18, printfield worker, b. Ireland. (ScotCens81Anc.) 


Emma Atkins (1837 - circa 1869)