Edward Leslie Seymour

Male, (1877 - 1959)
FatherEdward Leslie Seymour (circa 1854 - 1927)
MotherHenrietta Bertha Develling (circa 1856 - 1927)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthEdward Leslie Seymour was born 1877 in Axe Creek, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Birth Edwin Leslie Seymour. Father Edwin [sic] Leslie. Mother Henrietta Devling. b. at Strathfiel. Reg 1877 #25371. (VicBDMPio.) 
INFO RESIDENCE. Death certificate (1959) states he lived in Victoria 26 years (approx 1877-1903) and then in the state of Western Australia for 55 years (approx 1904-1959). (WAProbRecs LDS1668355.) 
MarriageHe married Catherine Louise Fraser 1909 in East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia. 
INFO MARRIAGE INDEX. Western Australia. Seymour, Edward L. Spouse: Catherine L. Fraser. District: Fremantle #145, 1909 . (WARevMarInd.) 
DeathEdward Leslie Seymour died 9 January 1959 in Albany, Western Australia, Australia. 
INFO CEMETERY RECORD. Edward Leslie (Snr) Seymour. #KC00014195. Age 81, d.9 Jan 1959 at Albany. Grave Location: Karrakatta, Crematorium Rose Gardens K:0027. (WAMetCemBd Karrakatta #KC00014195.) 
INFO-5gen PROBATE FILE. Supreme Court of Western Australia. #147/1959. Edward Leslie Seymour, formerly of Beach Road, Waterman's Bay, W.A., late of 32 Albany Highway, Albany, W.A., retired bank manager, deceased. Motion Paper to grant probate to Edward Leslie Seymour of 32 Albany Highway, Albany, solicitor, son of deceased and executor named in will. Contents: Will (1 page) -not legible on microfilm or copy. Motion for probate (2 pages) of Edward Leslie Seymour's will dated 10 Aug 1946. The deceased was a widower at that time and at the date of his death. Property exceeds £5000 in value. Death Certificate (1 page). #5/59 in the Plantagenet Registry Dist. Edward Leslie Seymour, retired bank officer of 32 Albany Highway, Albany, W.A., male, age 81. Death 9 Jan 1959 at his residence 32 Albany Highway, Albany. Cause: cardiac syncope, chronic myocardites [sic]. Born Axe Creek, Bendigo, Victoria. Lived in Victoria 26 yr, Western Australia 55 yr. Father Edward Leslie Seymour, school teacher. Mother Henrietta deVelling. Widowed, married 1909 in East Fremantle, W.A. to Catherine Louise Frazer. Children: . . .[names deleted] . . .. Cremation 12 Jan 1959 at Karrakatta. Funeral directos: Donald J. Chipper & son and H.C. Prior & son. Minister D.B. Ewart, Liberal Roman Catholic. Reg. 15 Jan 1959. (WAProbRecs LDS1668355.)