Mamie Lett

Female, (1889 - 1961)
BirthMamie Lett was born 10 May 1889 in Lee County, North Carolina. 
INFO MARRIAGE INDEX. Groom: E.E. Atkins, born 1886, age 22. Bride: Mamie Lett, born 1889, age 19. Married 17 May 1908, East Sanford, Lee Co., North Carolina. Groom father Dike Atkins; groom mother Mary. Bride father: Andrew Lett; bride mother Sarah. Bride and groom white race. LDS source film 847667. (NCarMarrFS.) 
MarriageShe married Eugene E. Atkins, son of Edward Eaton Atkins and Mary Smith Brown, 17 May 1908 in East Sanford, North Carolina. 
DeathMamie Lett died 5 May 1961 in Sanford, North Carolina, at age 71. 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. Death at 607 Courtland Drive, Sanford, Lee County, North Carolina (also her usual residence). Mrs. Mamie Lett Atkins, died 5 May 1961, female, white, married, born 10 May 1889, age 71, housewife, b. Lee County, N.C., US citizen, father: Andrew Jackson Lett, mother maiden - don't know, husband Edward Eugene Atkins. Informant Ernest Sloan, Sanford N.C. Cause of death -auricular fibrillation due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease . . .doctor's signature. Burial 7 May 1961 at Poplar Springs Cem., Lee County, N.C. Funeral director Miller Funeral Home, Sanford, N.C. Death registered 22 May 1961. (NCDeaCertAnc.)