Herbert Cassidy Fraser

Male, (1891 - 1939)
MotherClara Fiddick Swinbourn (1854 - 1899)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthHerbert Cassidy Fraser was born 25 March 1891 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Herbert Cassidy Fraser. Births in the District of Ballarat in the Colony of Victoria.1891. #40904 Herbert Cassidy, born 25 March 1891 at Lying in Hospital, City of Ballarat, County Grenville. Male child, not present for registration. Illegitimate [written across columns for father’s name and occupation.]. Mother: Clara Fiddick Fraser, age 36, born Melbourne. Record #8708. Informant: Clara Fid[dick] Fraser, mother, residence Ballarat. [Note: This photocopy is of the left side of the certificate. There may be additional columns of information on the full certificate] (CorresMAGCO encl.10, 1 May2011.) 
Note NOTE: Herbert's military records have the Foulsum surname (the name of his step-father). Records from later in his life have the surname Fraser. 
Exhibit PHOTO of Herbert Fraser (Foulsum) as a youth. (CorresMAGCO email 6Jun2011.)
INFO WORLD WAR 1 MILITARY SERVICE FILE. The entire file can be viewed on the internet website for the National Archives of Australia. Series B2455: SERN 231. Barcode4023656. 45 pages. Attestation Paper: Herbert Foulsum, Unit: 2nd Field Engineers A.I.E.F.1st Reinforcement. Joined on 7 Sep1914. Residence Parish of Invermay, Ballarat; natural born British subject; age 23 years,6 months; calling- Clerk; never an apprentice, not married; next-of-kin half-sister Miss E.Fraser, Gardner St., Mt. Lawley, W.A., Australia; never before in His Majesty's Forces. Signed at Melbourne, state of Victoria. Description: age 23 years,5 months. Height 5' 7"; Weight 9st-6 lbs; Chest 33/35 inches; clear complexion, dark eyes, brown hair, religion- Presbyt. Marks: vac 1 left infancy, 1 recent. Signed by medical officer. Promoted to 2/ Corporal 19 Mar1916; promoted to Sergeant on 20 Oct 1916. [The service record is difficult to understand.] In 1915 hospital stays for influenza and gastric problems are listed. Legible place names include Alexandria and Gallipoli. Locations for 1917 and 1918 are France and at the end, England. Return to Australia 12 Dec 1918. Received Croix de Guerre 13 Mar 1918. (WW1ServAustr #4023656.) 
INFO LETTER from Herbert Fraser to request a copy of his military discharge papers in the name of Herbert Fraser, rather than with the surname of his stepfather Foulsum. (CorresMAGCO email 6Jun2011.)
DeathHe died 1939 in New South Wales, Australia. 
INFO Probable -- CIV REG INDEX Australia NSW Death 1939 Herbert Fraser. of The Oaks. District: Camden #15328/1939. (NSWBDMIndex.)