James Haydn Waud

Male, (1828 - 1900)
FatherJames Thomas Waud (circa 1794 - 1883)
MotherAnn Carter (circa 1796 - )
BirthJames Haydn Waud was born 28 February 1828 in London, England. 
INFO CHRISTENING 20 Nov 1831 St. Luke, Chelsea, London, England. b.28 Feb 1828 James Haydn Waud. Parents James Thomas and Ann Waud. from LDS0585473 (IGI.) 
INFO BAPTISM. St. Luke Chelsea, Mdx. 20 Nov 1831. James Haydn b. Feb 28 1828, son of James Thomas & Ann Waud, of Leades Place, musician. NOTE: sister Priscilla Ann b. 6 Aug 1830 bapt same day. (ChelStLPR LDS585473 1831 #204.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. 1847 #486 Marriage in the parish church of the parish of Islington, county of Middlesex. Marr. May 16,1847 James Haydn Waud, minor, bachelor, musician, residence 14 Sidney St., Father James Waud, profession of father: the same. Ruth Farmer, of full age, spinster. same residence. Father Broadley Farmer Mariner. Married acc to the rites.. of the estab church after Banns. James Sutherland, curate. Wit: Robert William Parry, Virginia Parry. (GBCertMarONS.) 
MarriageHe married Ruth Farmar, daughter of Broadley Farmar and Hannah Bishop, 16 May 1847 in Islington, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage 1847 JunQ Waud, James Haydn. Islington 3, 207. (FreeBMD.) 
INFO BIRTH OF SON registered 17 Apr 1848 by J.H. Waud, father, of 27 Draycott Place, Chelsea. (GBCertBirONS JunQ 1848 Chelsea III:36.) 
INFO PERFORMANCE at Manchester Classical chamber concerts series organized by Charles Halle, December? 1849. Mons. Baetens on viola. Mr. Waud contrabassist. Both also played in 6th series of concerts beginning November 1852. (HalleCareer p.2-3.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Manchester, Hulme Township. Great Jackson St. No. 144. James Waud, head, mar, 23, Professor of music, b. London. Wife Ruth 26, b. Dover Kent. Son William 3, b. Chelsea, Mdx. Son Charles 5 months, b. Manchester, Lanc. Servant, Ellen Magie[?], mar 19, mariner's wife, b. Scotland. (GBCens1851 LDS87230 p.11 #43.) 
INFO DIRECTORY 1852/53 Waud, James, professor of music, 18 Longsight crescent. (SlatMancDir LDS599513 1852/53.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1852 Manchester. Ward [sic] James musician, 144 Gt. Jackson st, H[ulme]. (ManchestDir LDS918607 p.331.) 
INFO ADVERTISING. Blackburn Standard, 2 Jan 1856. MUSIC Mr. J. Haydn Waud. "Principal contra Basso at the Philharmoic Society and Gentlemen's Concerts, Manchester, Organist at the Parish Church, Longsight, Professor and teacher of the Organ, Piano-Forte, Violin, Violoncello and Singing -- will be happy to give Lessons on the above Instruments. Terms forwarded on application to Mornington Street, Longsight, near Manchester." (BritNewsFMP.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING. Blackburn [Lancashire] Standard. 2 Jan 1856, p.1. "MUSIC. Mr. J. Haydn Waud. Principal Contra Basso at the Philharmonic Society and Gentlemen's Concerts, Manchester; Organist at the Parish Church, Longsight; Professor and Teacher of the Organ, Piano-Forte, Violin, Violos-cello and Singing -- will,be happy to give Lesons on the above Instruments. Terms forwarded upon application to Mornington Street, Longsight, near Manchester." (BritNewsFMP.) 
INFO CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENTS. Guardian [Manchester England], 13 Dec 1856, p.1. Advertising for the Charles Halle concerts includes a long list of musicians who will perform Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec 16-17. Mr. H. Waud is principal of the contrabasses. Another ad in the same newspaper for a Dec 19 performance at the 2nd annual Soiree and Ball of the members and friends of the Manchester Warehousemen and Clerks' Provident Association features a full quadrille band of musical performers conducted by Mr. J. Haydn Waud. (GuardObsArch.) 
INFO TAXES POOR RATE ASSESSMENTS. 1857. Manchester Rate Books, Chorlton upon Medlock Township, St. Luke's Ward. #1643 James Haydon Waud, occupier; Owner Wm Garride, house, 24 Mornington Street. Amount due: £5,2s,8d. Amount collected: £1,6s,3d. (reason for the non-payment is illegible). (ManchRateFMP 1857.) 
Note NOTE: Numerous newspaper articles regarding the performances and musical compositions of J.H.Waud can be found in databases that index historical British and American newspapers Only a few of those articles are noted in this listing. 
INFO AD FOR QUADRILLE PARTIES. Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, 17 Oct 1857, p.1. "QUADRILLE PARTIES. -- J. HAYDN WAUD, begs to return his grateful acknowledgments to the nobility and gentry of Lancashire, for the extensive patronage bestowed on his Quadrille Band last season, and solicits a continuance of their support. Accomplished Performers on the Pianoforte, Cornet, Violin, &c.--Address, Forsyth's Music Warehouse, St. Ann's-street, or Litsta Terrace, Longsight." (BritNewsFMP.) 
INFO CONCERT REVIEW. Guardian [Manchester, England], 15 Oct 1858, p.3 Mr. Waud played conta-basso in an ensemble at the Concert Hall. Other performers included Baetens and Vieuxtemps. Very favorable review. (GuardObsArch.) 
INFO TAXES POOR RATE ASSESSMENTS. May 1859. Manchester Rate Books, Gorton Parish #39 J. H. Waud, occupier; Owner Charles Littster, house & shop, Littster Terrace. Amount due: 16s,8d. Amount collected: 16s,8d. (ManchRateFMP 1859.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1861 Waud, James Haydn, teacher of music, 6 Wellington place, Longsight. Also listed under "Professors and teachers". (SlatMancDir 1861.) 
INFO TRADE DIRECTORY. Draper and Clothier (textile fabric trades). 1861 vol II. A list of "insolvents" follows extensive information about the fabric trades. Insolvent: Waud, James Haydn, musical professor, Hulme. (DrapClothier, v.II, p.356.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. The Innkeeper and Traveler, 1861. "Waud, James Haydn, musical professor, Hulme." (InnTraveller 1861, p.152.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY NOTICE. London Gazette, 19 March 1861, p.1272. "Whereas a petition of James Haydn Waud (sued as James Hayden Ward), formerly of No. 21 [?] Devonshire-street, Hulme, in the city of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, Professor of Music, afterwards of No. 18, Longsight-crescent, in Manchester aforesaid, Professor of Music, and now and for six calendar months last past, and upwards, at No. 3, Litster-terrace, in Longsight aforesaid, Professor of Music, an insolvent debtor, having been filed in the County Court of Lancashire, at Manchester, and an interim order for protection from process having been given to the said James Haydn Waud, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said James Haydn Waud, is hereby required to appear beofre the said Court, on the 5th day of April next, at twelve of the clock at noon presicely, for his first examination touching his debts, estate, and effects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said Statutes; and the choice of the creditors' assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said James Haydn Waud, or that have any of his effects are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. Samuel Kay, Registrar of the said Court, at his office, the Official Assignee of the estate and effects of the said insolvent." (LonGazetteAr 19 Mar 1861: 1272.) 
Note NOTE: Bankruptcy order reported in London Gazette 19 March 1861 requires James Haydn Waud to appear in County Court of Lancashire at Manchester on 5 April 1861. 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr 1861). Gorton. Stockport Road. James Haydn Waud, head, mar, 33, professor of music, b. Mdx London. Wife Ruth, 35, b. Kent Dover. Daur Teresa Ruth Waud, 3, b. Lancashire Gorton. Daur Mary Adelaide, 1, b. Lancashire Gorton. Serv. Sarah Ann Query [?], 16, house serv. (GBCens1861 LDS543042 RG9/2875 33:18-19.) 
Note NOTE: WHERE are children James age 13 and Charles age 10 for 1861 census? 
INFO TAXES POOR RATE ASSESSMENTS. Jun 1863. Manchester Rate Books, Township of Newton #40 James Haydon Waud, occupier; OwnerArmitage& Ward, house & Garden, 6 Wellington Place. Amount due: £1,12s. Amount collected: £1,12s. (ManchRateFMP 1863.) 
INFO CONCERT REVIEW. Guardian [Manchester, England], 21 Oct 1863, p.3. Praise for Mr. Halle's Concerts, by a group of 70 performers, including eight tenors [violas] - principal Baetens, 7 viooloncellos - principal Vieuxtemps, 7 double basses - principal Waud .."who is equal to any three ordinary players." (GuardObsArch.) 
INFO LETTER TO EDITOR. Notrh London News, 24 Oct 1863. "Correspondence. Treatment of the Poor in Islington." A letter signed J. Haydn Waud describes the scene he witnessed one evening before St. Mary's Workhouse, Liverpool-road, Islington. Numerous destitute poeple were denied admission. " . .. there is evidence of the greatest cruelty in thus excluding the starving poor from the workhouses. . ..unfortunate fellow creatures are left to perish of cold and hunger through the heartlessness of these workhouse officials, while at the same time we are forced to pay heavy rates for the relief and support of the poor." (BritNewsFMP.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. Reported in London Gazette, 26 July 1864, page 3739. "James Haydn Waud, of No. 75, Tollington-road, Holloway, Middlesex, Music Teacher, formerly of Longsight, near Manchster, Lancaster, Music Teacher, having been adjudged bankrupt under a Petition for Bankruptcy, in London, on the 18th day of July 1864, is hereby required to surrender himself to Thomas Ewing Winslow, Esq. a Registrar of the said Court, at the first meeting of creditors to be held before the said Registrar, on the 6th day of August, next, at twelve o'clock at noon precisely, at the said Court. Mr. George John Graham, of No. 25, Coleman-street, London, is the Official Assignee, and Mr. G. M. Wetherfield, of No. 35 Moorgate-street, London, is the Solicitor acting in the bankruptcy. (LonGazetteAr 26 Jul 1864 p.3739.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY noted in Edinburgh Gazette, 29 Jul 1864. "Bankrupts from the London Gazette. Bankruptcies awarded. ... James Haydn Waud, of 75, Tollington Road, Holloway, Midddlesex, formerly of Longsight, near Manchester, Lancaster, music teacher." (EdinbGazArch 29 Jul 1864 p.973.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. Reported in London Gazette, 20 September 1864. "James Haydn Waud, of No. 75, Tollington-road, Holloway, Middlesex, Music Teacher, formerly of Longsight, near Manchester, Lancashire, Music Teacher, having been adjudged bankrupt under a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy, in London, on the 21st of July, 1864, a public sitting, for the said bankrupt to pass his Last Examination, and make application for his Discharge, will be held before Edward Goulburn, Serjeant-at-Law, a Commissioner of the said Court, on the 27th day of October next, at the said Court, at Bassinghall-street, in the city of London, at half-past eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said bankrupt to surrender. Mr. George John Graham, of No. 25, Coleman-street, is the Official Assignee, and Mr. W.W. Aldridge, of No. 46, Moorgate-street, London, is the Solicitor acting in the bankruptcy." (LonGazetteAr 20 Sep 1864, p.4536.) 
INFO PASSENGER LIST. s.s. Atalanta from London & LeHavre, arrival New York, 7 Sep 1867. #100 James Waud, 38, m, no occup, b. England, to New York, steerage. #101 Agnes Lyon, 24, f, lady, b. England, to New York, steerage. (NYPass91Anc.) 
INFO MUSIC PUBLISHED. Daily Whig (Troy NY) Nov 1868. Business Notices. "We have received from the music publishing house of C.W. Harris, 3 and 4 Woykyn's Block, the following pieces of new music, all the compositions of that prolific composer, Mr. J. Haydn Waud: 'Song of Praise,' (sacred); 'St Valentine's Day,' (galop); 'Pride of the Light, Good Night;' 'Moonlight Waltzes for the piano;' 'Dawn of Day.' (mazurka); 'Ave Maria.' (transcription for the piano forte or organ.)" (FultonHist NY State Hist Newspaper Pages.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. West Troy New York. 1869. Ward, James Haydn, professor of music, house 49 Washington. (TroyDir LDS1377558 p.177.) 
INFO CONCERT ADVERTISING. 18 Dec 1869 Troy [NY] Daily Times. "Rand's Hall. J. Haydn Waud has the honor to announce that he will give a Grand Choral Concert on Christmas Night assisted by a select Chorus of fifty voices, with Sullivan's full Band." Concuctor: J. Haydn Waud. (FultonHist.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1870 Lansingburgh, N.Y. (section in Troy N.Y. Directory) Ward James, music teacher, h. State, bel. Vail, Lansingburgh. (TroyDir LDS1377558 1870, p.147.) 
Exhibit MUSIC composed by J. Haydn Waud from the U.S. Library of Congress sheet music database, Music for the Nation, 1870-1885. This list was compiled by Donna Farmar. The items are in order by year of publication. (MusicNation DF listing.)
INFO MUSIC composed by J. Haydn Waud in U.S. Library of Congress sheet music database, Music for the Nation, 1870-1885, 58 items, many dedicated to persons in N.Y. and Connecticut. (MusicNation) NOTE: no Waud entries in earlier Library of Congress sheet music database for years 1820-1860. 
INFO US CENSUS 1870 (1 June 1870). Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co, N.Y. Waud, James Hayden, 40, male, musician, real estate $0, pers prop $1000, b. England, not U.S. citizen. Agnes Waud, 25, b. England. Both seem to be living in same household as William and Mary Gordon, a machinist from England who has $5000 real estate. (USCens1870 reel 1083:Lansingburgh p.5.) 
INFO CHURCH ORGANIST. Daily Whig (Troy NY) 13 Dec 1870. Services at the Woodside Presbyterian Church. Choir under the direction of Prof. J. Hayden Waud. (FultonHist New York State Hist Newspaper Pages.) 
INFO CITATION OF MUSIC PUBLISHED 1871. Summer Night Schottisch by J. Haydn Waud. -for piano. -published: Boston: Ditson, 1871. (EssexShMus.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Albany N.Y. 1871-73. Waud, J. Haydn, music teacher. Address in 1871-72 is 134 -1/2 N. Pearl. Address 1873 is 99 Grand. (AlbanyDir LDS1376502.) 
INFO MUSIC PUBLISHED 1871 or 1872. Dream in the wood or The Exiles dream. Capricioso for Piano by J. Haydn Waud, Op.90. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co 277 Washington St. (LCMusTheaDan.) 
INFO ORGANIST APPOINTMENT. Daily Whig [Troy NY], 3 Oct 1871. "We are glad to perceive that J. Haydn Waud has received the appointment of organist at Dr. Bridgman's new church, Albany, at a salary of $1,000. the organ is considered the finest in the city." (FultonHist.) 
INFO NEW MUSIC listing for publisher Oliver Ditson & Co, Boston and C.H. Ditson & Co, N.Y, 28 Mar 1872. --Instrumental. Dream in the Wood Capriccioso 4. F. [sic] Waud .. price 0.50. (PubStatWk 28 Mar 1872 p.275.) 
INFO LONDON APPOINTMENT. Troy Daily Whig [Troy, N.Y.] April 10, 1872. "Professor J. Haydn Waud, late of this city, sails for Europe in a few days, having accepted an appointment under Sir Michael Costa, at the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden, London. Mr. Waud's numerous friends and pupils will be glad to learn that he will return to this country immediately afer the London season in August." (FultonHist.) 
INFO NEW MUSIC listing for publisher Oliver Ditson & Co, Boston and C.H. Ditson & Co, N.Y. 16 May 1872. --Instrumental. Flirtation. Polka Mazurka 3. G. [sic] Waud .. price 0.35. (PubStatWk 16 May 1872 p.445.) 
INFO EUROPEAN TOUR. Daily times [Troy NY], 6 Sep 1872. "Prof. J. Haydn Waud has returned from his European tour." (FultonHist.) 
INFO RETURN TO NEW YORK. Troy [NY] Daily Times, 6 Sep 1872. "Personal. --Prof. J. Haydn Waud has returned from his European tour." (FultonHist.) 
INFO NEW MUSIC listings for publisher O. Ditson & Co, Boston and C.H. Ditson & Co, N.Y. 13 Feb 1873 --Vocal. Boy and Bird. J. Haydn Waud, price 0.40. Fairer than Thee J. Haydn Waud, price 0.35. (PubWk no.57 13 Feb 1873, p.152.) 
INFO ORGANIST POSITION. Daily Saratogian (Saratoga Springs NY), 8 Sep 1873. Albany. "J. Hayden Waud will be organist at the Cathedral, Prof. R. J. Carmody having left." (FultonHist.) 
INFO MUSIC PUBLISHED 1874. Ave Maria no.30, with dedication to his "pupils at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Kenwood, N.Y." In J.L.Peters collection of Catholic Church Music. 
INFO DIRECTORY. Albany N.Y. 1874-76. Waud, J. Haydn, music teacher, h 99 Grand. Address in 1876 is 97 Lark. (AlbanyDir LDS1376503.) 
INFO MASS AT PENITENTIARY. Utica [NY] Daily Observer, 25 Apr1874. (from the Albany Times, April 20.) "For the first time in the history of the institution, mass was celebrated in the Albany Penitentiary. . .. Prof. J. Haydn Waud, organist. Mrs. R. J. Doolan and Mrs. J.H. Waud, sopranos; [and others]... sang Von weber's Mass, in G." (FuntonHist.) 
INFO PUBLISHER'S CATALOGUE. R. Washbourne of 18 Paternoster Row, London. February 1875 catalogue lists "Ave Maria. By T.[sic] Haydn Waud. 1s. 6d." NOTE: this music catalogue appears at the end of the listing of books published by Washbourne. Many similar listings can be found via GoogleBooks. (WashbourCat Feb 1875, p.31.) 
INFO NEW YORK STATE CENSUS (1 June 1875). City of Albany, Southern District, 5th ward. #184 Brick house, value 88000. Two families: Family #393 D.C. Gaige, wife Sarah and brother-in-law Edw Bicknell. Family #394 J. Haydn Waud, 42, male, b. England, married, professor of music, alien. Wife Agnes Waud, 26, female, b. England, married. (NYCens1875 Albany, ward 5, p.43.) 
INFO RESIGNATION NOTICE. Albany NY Evening Journal, 8 Apr1876, p. "Prof. J. Hayden Waud has resigned as organist of the Cathedral, to accept a position as contra basso and organist during the centennial Exposition at Philadelphia." (FultonHist.) 
INFO ORGANIST. Daily Times (Troy NY) 1 Jun 1876. "Prof. J. Hayden Waud has resigned the position of organist at the cathedral of he Immaculate Conception, Albany, having accepted an engagement at the Philadelphia centennial as principal contra basso and organist. He was formerly organist of the Woodside Presbyterian church in this city." (FultonHist.) 
INFO SCHOOL DEPARTMENT. Fort Plains [NY] Mohawk Valley Register. Dec 1876. "Prof. J. Haydn Waud, organist at the Cathedral, Albany, has made arrangements with Prof. Thompson, of the Amsterdam Academy, to conduct the musical department of that institution." (FultonHist.) 
INFO CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT. Evening Journal (Albany NY) 9 Dec 1876. "Grand Concert and Organ Opening . . . At the New Methodist Church, December 19th . . .Mrs. J. Haydn Waud, of New York, Soprano . . . Mr. J. Haydn Waud, Organist and Conductor . . .." (FuntonHist.) 
INFO ALBANY CONCERT. 11 Dec 1876. Future concert at Trinity M.E. Church. " . . .promises to be an occasion of unusual interest and merit. Mr. J. Haydn Waud, for many years organist at the Cathedral in this city, stands very high as a musician and conductor, and his compositions are among the best musical literature of the day. . . . [performers include] Misses Perring and Mrs. Waud of New York . . . . . . connected with the principal churches of that city, and are artists of a high order . . ." (FultonHist.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Bridgeport, Conn. 1877-78. Waud, J.H. Prof Bridgeport School of Music, bds 289 State. NOTE: 1878 address is 291 State. (BridgeDir LDS1841580.) 
INFO CONCERT PROGRAM. Evening Journal (Albany, NY) 6 Apr 1877. "A very pleasant musical entertainment is to be given in the new Tabernacle Baptist Church on Tuesday evening next, the proceeds to be appropriated to the building fund of the church. Mrs. Hamilton Harris . . .direction . .. is to be asssited by Mrs and Mr Waud , of New York . . .. Solos . . . by Mrs Harris, Mrs Waud. . .. Prof. Waud on the paino and violincello. . ." (FultonHist.) 
INFO BENEFIT CONCERT. Albany [NY] Evening Journal. Apr 8, 1877. "A very pleasant musical entertainment is to be given in the new tabernacle Baptist Church on Tuesday evening next, the proceeds to be appropriated to the building fund of the church. Mrs. Hamilton Harris has kindly consented to take the direction of the entertainment, and is to be assisted by Mrs. and Mr. Waud, of New York. ... The programme . . . is made up of solos, duets and trios, to be sung by Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Waud . .. and of selections from the masters ... by Prof. Waud on the piano and violincello. ..." (FultonHist.) 
INFO CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT. Evening Journal (Albany NY) 1 June 1878. "J. Hayden Waud's Concert. Mr. B. B. Sanford, the distinguished pianist will make his appearance before an Albany audience at Mr. J. Hayden Waud's concert on Wednesday evening next . . .." (FultonHist.) 
INFO ALBANY CATHEDRAL. Albany [NY] Evening Times, 22 Sep 1878. The Cathedral service on 21 Sep 1878. "Musically considered the service is long to be remembered, for Prof. J. Haydn Waud, made his debut as organist of the cathedral . . . Prof. Waud has infused new life and renewed interest in the cathedral choir. ..." (FultonHist.) 
INFO TEACHER to Charles Wanzer Starr, an organist born in New Milford, Conn. In about 1879, Chas. Starr studied "organ w. J. Hayden Waud in New York." (IntWWhoMusic p.612.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Bridgeport, Conn. 1879-80, Waud, J.H., Prof, Bridgeport School of Music, bds 295 Washington av. 1881 Waud J.H. professor of music, h. 2 Washington av. (BridgeDir LDS1841581) -note photocopy 1879 page. 
MarriageJames Haydn Waud married Agnes Morris, daughter of Henry Irwin Morris and Martha Butcher
Note NOTE: Various U.S. sources show a Mrs. J.H. Waud starting in 1874. Her given name in the 1875 New York and 1880 U.S. Census listings is Agnes. The death certificate (Scotland) in 1900 for J.H.Waud gives his second wife's name as Agnes Morris and the length of marriage as 20 years. On the 1867 passenger list from London to New York he is listed next to Agnes Lyon, age 24. No U.S. or British or Scottish marriage registration has been located. 
INFO U.S. CENSUS 1880 (1 June 1880). Connecticut, Fairfield County Bridgeport. J. Hayden Waud, white, male, 48, married, music teacher, b. Eng. parents b. Eng. Wife Agnes Wand. 30, also b. Eng, parents b. Eng. 295 Washington Ave. Also at the same addres: Sturges Beers, wife Clarissa and female servant. (USCens1880 T9-0095 ED134, p.26B.) 
INFO NATURALIZATION. Index entry for Comon Pleas Court, Bridgeport, Conn. James Hayden Wand [sic] of Bridgeport, Conn., Certificate vol.2, pg.36. Country of birth: Great Britain. Date of naturalization: 5 Oct 1880. (NewEngNatFMP.) 
INFO CITATION TO PUBLISHED MUSIC. Waud, J. Haydn [from old catalog] Military mimicy or Educational evolution. Hoyt, Waud & French, c.1882. Libretto cited in LC catalog. (ZackSearch). NOTE: Waud as a publisher. 
INFO DIRECTORY. Bridgeport, Conn. 1882-84: Waud, J.H. professor of music and organist St. John's Church (protestant Episcopal), h 291 Washington av. Address in 1883 309 Park av. Address in 1884 305 Washington av. (BridgeDir LDS2156484.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. The Daily Inter Ocean [Chicago, Illinois], 1 Apr 1882, p.13. "Lyon & Healy have the following new music: ... "My All," by J. Haydn Ward [sic] and Lila N. Cushman. (DailyIntOcDig 1 Apr 1882, p.13.) 
INFO NEWS. New Haven Evening Register 21 Nov 1883. "Grand preparations among our churches in regard to Christmas music are now being made. Prominent among them is that of St. John's Episcopal church, whose organist, J. Haydn Waud, is a musician of more than ordinary ability. The feature of Chrirstmas morining will be a grand Te Deum dedicated to Rev. Dr. Maxey, rector of St. John's. Bridgeport is to be congratulated upon having in its midst a musician and composer whose compositions are published from time to time by Pond & Co. of New York. The Te Teum referred to above will be executed in several of the New York churches Christmas, as well as several in this city. ..." (NHavEvRegDig 21 Nov 1883 p.2.) 
INFO NEWS New Haven Evening Register 4 Feb 1884, page 2. Bridgeport Items. What is said of Dr. Waud's "Te Deum" "... After its [= the new "Te Deum"] rendition at the cathedral at Albany, the following criticism was forwarded to Dr. Waud ... composition is designed for a quartet or chorus, and in strength, originality and scope ranks first, we believe, in the too few compositions which Dr. Waud has given to the public. ...[extensive description of the piece] ... The composition ... is a valuable contribution to church music, and must establish in still higher esteem Dr. Waud's reputation as a composer." (NHavEvRegDig 4 Feb 1884, page 2.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 14 Feb 1884, p.4. "He gets his Valentine and She gets a Husband." Professor J. Haydn Waud, assisted by S. S. Sanford, played the organ for the wedding of Thomas Pearsall and Cora Peck Frary at the St. John's Church, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport Connecticut, Feb. 14, 1884. (NHavEvRegDig 14 Feb 1884, p.4.) 
INFO DIRECTORY reference. Bridgeport, Conn 1885 -- Waud, J.H. rem[oved] to Stamford [Connecticut]. (BridgeDir LDS2156484.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 22 Feb 1885. Personal. "Superintendent W. H. Stevenson has written another musical composition for publication, and Prof. J. Haydn Waud is now arranging it for publication." (NHavEvRegDig 22 Feb 1885.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. Stamford, Conn. 1885-86 directory and 1887-88 directory. Waud, J. Haydn, professor music, h. Forest near Prospect. (1887-88 h.Clinton ave near Division). (StamfordDir LDS2156524.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register 23 Nov 1887. "Coming to New Haven" "Pond & Co., of New York, have just published a Christmas anthem composed by the well-known organist J. Haydn Wand [sic]. Out of three hundred compositions submitted to the publishers, Prof. Waud's [sic] was the only one selected. Critics speak highly of the composition, and no doubt it will be sung by many church choirs at the Christmas festival. Prof. Wand [sic] lives in Stamford,Conn., but will shortly remove to New Haven. He will take charge of the choir and organ of one of the leading churches of this city. He has many pupils in New Haven and will continue his instructions on voice culture and pianoforte." (NHavEvRegDig 23 Nov 1887.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. The Sun (Baltimore, MD). 21 Dec 1888. Section: Church music. at Broadway (Baltimore): performance of "See, Amid the Winter's Snow," composed by J. Haydn Waud. (SunBaltimDig 21 Dec 1888 suppl-1. ) 
INFO DIRECTORY. New Haven CT. 1889 - 1900. J. Haydn Waud, organist and music teacher. Addresses: 1889 227 Sherman; 1890-1899 370 George; 1900 158 York. (NewHavenDir LDS1377146-51.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register 11 Apr 1889. "News about Town ... Professor J. Haydn Wand, [sic] the well known organist and composer, will take up his residence in this city on May 1st and devote himself to giving instructions in singing and on the piano. The professor has the reputation of being one of the best organists in the country, and will be an acquisition to New Haven, where he already has a number of pupils." (NHavEvRegDig 11 Apr 1889.) 
INFO MOVE TO NEW HAVEN. The Press [New York, NY] Sunday, 5 May 1889, p.14. "Bridgeport. Professor J. Haydn jWaud, the composer and organist will remove to New Haven." (FultonHist.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM New Haven Evening Register 11 Dec 1889. "News About Town. ... J. Hayden Wand [sic], formerly of Bridgeport and now of this city, has published two new sacred songs, one, "There is a Fold Whence None Can Stray," for contralto or baritone; the other, "O God My Heart is Ready," for soprano or tenor. The pieces are published by William E. Archwell & Co., of New York, and have been received with much favor by the musical public." (NHavEvRegDig 11 Dec 1889.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Worcester [Massachusetts] Daily Spy. 13 Dec 1889. Section: Christmas Music. at All Souls Church."Joy Fills our Inmost Hearts," composed by J Haydn Waud. (WorcDaSpyDig 21 Dec 1889.) 
INFO SONG PUBLISHED. My Love and I, words by Mrs. E.S. Hill, music by J. Haydn Waud. Pub: Wm. A. Pond & Co. 25 Union Square. c. 1890 by E.S.Hill. (PopSongs1890 v.4, pp.99-105.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. 12 Aug 1891. "Guilford Aug.12 --The beautiful sacred cantata, "The Holy City," will be rendered in the First church, August 19, under the auspices of the choir, Prof. J. Haydn Waud of New Haven director. The chorus will consist of 40 voices .... The soloists are ... Mrs. J. Haydn Waud... alto .... A string orchestra from New Haven will also assist. This will probably be one of the finest concerts ever given in the town." (NHavEvRegDig 12 Aug 1891.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Norwalk Gazette, 17 Nov 1891. "J. Haydn Waud, of New Haven, who will take part in the cantata of "The Holy City," is said to be a Violoncello player of great ability." (NewsConnect.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Norwalk Gazette, 19 Nov 1891. "Prof. J. Haydn Waud, who is to play the violoncello at the Friday evening concert at the Congregational Church, stands at the head of that particular line of playing in this country." (NewsConnect.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. The Sun (Baltimore, MD). 23 Dec 1891. Section: Church music. at Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (Baltimore): performance of "Joy Fills our Inmost Hearts Today," composed by J. Haydn Ward [sic].(SunBaltimDig 23 Dec 1891.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 6 Jan 1892, p.4. "At the Theaters. ... There will be three recitals given at Steinert hall, January 20, February 17, and March 16 by the Raff quartet, consisting of W.E. Huesche, Louis P.Weil, violins; Albert Mallon, viola, and J. Hayden Waud, cello ..." (NHavEvRegDig 6 Jan 1892, p.4.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 4 Feb 1892. "The New Haven Quartet club (Messrs. Fichtl, T.T. Bronson, E.L.Ransom and J. Haydn Waud) assisted by Miss Lizzie Gaffney and Miss Gertrude Stanford, will give a concert in the North church, Guilford, next Wednesday evening." (NHavEvRegDig 4 Feb 1892.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 28 Mar 1892, page 1. "J. Haydn Waud, the organist and 'cello player of this city, has accepted a position as organist and accompanist for Mr. Bonney's choir at St. Thomas' church for the coming year." (NHavEvReg 28 Mar 1892, p.1.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM New Haven Evening Register, 31 Mar 1892. "The Raff Quartet Recital Last Evening, at Steinert hall, the Raff Quartet club gave the last recital of their course to an attentive and appreciative audience. Miss Ella M. Belden, the contralto sang an aria ... . J. Haydn Waud played two movements from a Raff Sonata for 'cello, and was obliged to repeat the last movement. [paragraph] The Raff Quartet club, which is now a permanent organization, is to be congratulated upon its success, their work through the series of recitals being very painstaking and effective. Their programs were made up to please, and that they have pleased is evident. W. E. Haesche, Louis P. Weil, Albert Mallon and J. Haydn Waud are members of the Quartet." (NHavEvRegDig 31 Mar 1892.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 10 May 1893. "Prof. Waud's Concert. At the First M.E. church next Wednesday evening, a concert will be given by Prof. J. Haydn Waud, assisted by Mrs. J. Haydn Waud, mezzo-soprano... Prof. J. Haydn Waud, 'cello .... (NHavEvRegDig 10 May 1893.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1894 New Haven Conn. p.552 J. Haydn Waud, organist and music teacher, h 370 George. p.634 Music Teachers Waud, J. Hayden [sic] 370 George. (DistCousin New Haven 1894.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 16 Oct 1894, page 4. "Dramatic and Musical. A Fine Program to be Rendered at Warner Hall Thursday Night. The musical and dramatic program arranged to next Thursday evening at Warner hall by the Brotherhood of All Saints, is remarkable for an amateur performance. Master Robert Webber of Bridgeport heads the list. Robbie is about 12 years old ... Next on the program is J. Haydn Waud, late of the Queen's orchestra, London England. This gentleman is the finest violincello player on this side of the Atlantic. ... . (NHavEvRegDig 16 Oct 1894, p.4.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 16 Nov 1894. "By J. Haydn Waud. Messrs. Pond & Co. of New York have published a Christmas anthem entitled, Hosanna to the Prince of Peace. " the music by J. Haydn Waud of this city. Rupert [?] speaks very highly of it and it will doubtless be sung in many of the local churches. (NHavEvRegDig 16 Nov 1894.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 21 Nov 1894, p.1. "The Haydn String Quartet. A new quartet has been formed in this city called the Haydn String Quartet, the members being J. W. Seeley, first violin; W. A. Deninson, second violin; W. Doroff, viola; J. Haydn Waud, cello. Their rendering of the Haydn Quartet in G. Major and also a conzonetta by Victor Herbert last night at Warner Hall was an artistic piece of work. (NHavEvRegDig 21 Nov 1894, p.1.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 21 Nov 1894. "A Thanksgiving Concert. A fine concert will be given to-morrow evening in the West Haven Congregational Church, under the auspices of the Helping Hand Mission Circle. It has secured some of the best talent in New Haven and vicinity. ... Prof. L.[sic] Haydn Ward [sic], the celebrated celloist and organist ... . (NHavEvRegDig 21 Nov 1894.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 26 Dec 1894. "Christmas Celebrations. ... At St. Mary's Church the grandest musical effort of the day was Weber's grand mass in G., with full orchestral accompaniment. Madame Oertel in Gounod's "Ave Maria" with cello obligato by Prof. J. Hayden Waud was warmly praised." (NHavEvRegDig 26 Dec 1894.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 11 Jan 1895. "News About Town. The Associated Hebrew Charities will give a concert at Warner Hall on January 16. Among the artists who will take part are ... J. Haydn Waud, the Haydn String quartet and others." (NHavEvRegDig 11 Jan 1895.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 25 Apr 1895. "Well Known Artists to Appear. At the concert which is to be given for the benefit of the Y.M.C.A. summer out-door work in Warner Hall, Monday evening, the following artists will appear: ... J. Haydn Waud, violoncello [sic]... The Haydn String Quartet... . (NHavEvRegDig 25 Apr 1895.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 29 Apr 1895. "The Y.M.C.A. Concert. ... Violoncello [sic] -- "Fantasia on the National Airs ....Waud. J.Haydn Waud. Selections ... Haydn String Quartet. (NHavEvRegDig 29 Apr 1895.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 5 Sep 1895. "September Weddings ... At the First M.E. Church ... Miss Jennie Louise Cooper ... was united in marriage with AllenRoss Defendorf. ... Prof. J. Haydn Waud presided at the organ. ..." (NHavEvRegDig 5 Sep 1895.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 23 Sep 1895. "News About Town ... Hamilton S. Gordon of New York, has published "The Jockey Club Waltz," a characteristic composition by J. Haydn Waud. The piece is bright and catchy and is dedicated to the members of the Jockey Club." (NHavEvRegDig 23 Sep 1895.) 
INFO CITATION TO PUBLISHED MUSIC. Waud, J. Haydn. [from old catalog]. Sunshine and shower; morceau de salon for the pianoforte. New York: C.W. Harris, c.1896. (ZackSearch.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register. 24 Feb 1896. "News About Town. "Rejoice, the Lord is King," is the title of an Easter anthem composed by J. Haydn Waud of this City. It is written for quartet and organ." (NHavEvRegDig 24 Feb 1896.) 
Note NOTE: Wife Ruth Farmar Waud died in England 17 Oct 1896. 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Yenowine's Illustrated News [Milwaukee, WI] 5 Dec 1896, page 7. Section title: Music and the Stage. Music Received. "Special Christmas music received from Wm. A. Pond & Co., New York, includes many very good things in the way of carols, anthems and solos by the best known composers of that class of music. ... 'The Son of God' is a solo for contralto or bass, by J. Haydn Waud." (YenowNewsDig 5 Dec 1896, p.7.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Yenowine's Illustrated News [Milwaukee, WI] 5 Dec 1896, page 7. "Music and the Stage - Music Received". Music from Wm. A. Pond & Co, N.Y., includes "The Son of God" solo for contralto or bass, composed by J. Haydn Waud. (YenowNewsDig 5 Dec 1896, p.7.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Fayeteville Observer (Fayetteville, N.C.) 16 Apr 1897. "Easter Music at the Methodist Church." includes Anthem "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" composed by Haydn Waud. (FayetObsDig 16 Apr 1897.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT. New Haven Evening Register. 24 Sep 1898. "J. Haydn Waud will resume his instructions on the Piano and Violincello on the 16th inst. 370 George Street." (NHavEvRegDig 24 Sep 1898.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT. New Haven Evening Register. 27 Sep 1898. "J. Haydn Waud will resume his instructions on the Piano and Violincello on the 26th inst. 370 George Street." (NHavEvRegDig 27 Sep 1898.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT. New Haven Evening Register. 5 Oct 1898. "J. Haydn Waud will resume his instructions on the Piano and Violincello on the 26th inst. 370 George Street." (NHavEvRegDig 5 Oct 1898.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 28 Oct 1899, page 5. "Church Services ... There will be a priase service at the Westville Congregational Church Sunday evening at 7 o'clock by the choir, assisted by J. Hayden Waud, 'cello... . (NHavEvRegDig 28 Oct 1899, p.5.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Daily Morning Journal and Courier. [New Haven, Conn.], 26 May 1900. "Profesor J. Haydn Waud and Mrs Waud will sail for Europe at the end of June. Mr. Waud has been a well known musician and composer in New Haven for many years and a member of the New Haven Sympony orchestra since its founding. Professor Waud's return is indefinijite." (DailJnNHaLoc.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1900 (1 June 1900). New Haven CT. 158 York St. Mrs. Nancy (?) A. Foote, f, b.Jan 1831, 63, w, 43 yrs married, 0 children 0 living, b. CT, also parents born CT. no occup, rents a house. Four boarders, two servants and Wauds: Waud, J. Hayden (sic) roomer, w, m, b. Feb 1842, 58, m.20 yr. b. Eng. parents b. Eng. To U.S. 1878, in U.S. 22 yrs, naturalized, musician teacher. Wife Agnes S. roomer, w, f, b. Mar 1846, age 54, mar, 20 yr, 0 chiildren 0 living. b. Eng, parents b.Eng. to U.S. 1878, in US 20 yr, un (not naturalized). (USCens1900 T623/144 344:3A.) 
DeathJames Haydn Waud died 1 December 1900 in Joppa, Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, at age 72. 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE. 1900 Deaths in the district of Portobello in the city of Edinburgh. p.51 #151. James Haydon [sic] Waud, Professor of Music. Married to 1st Ruth Farmer, 2nd Agnes Morris. Died 1900 December First, 6 h. P.M. 1 Dalkeith Street, Joppa, Portobello, Edinburgh (Usual residence 44 [?] George Street, Newhaven, U.S. America). Male, age 72 years. Father: James Waud, Professor of Music (deceased). Mother: Anne Waud, M.S. [=Maiden surname] Carter (deceased). Cause: Nervous shock, Cardiac failure as certified by Andrew Balfour, M.D. Informant: James Thomas Walford, brother-in-law, present at death, residence at 29 Joppa Road, Portobello. Registered 1900 December 5th at Edinburgh, William Bassendine, Registrar. (ScotPeople Statutory Deaths 685/06 0151.) 
INFO OBITUARY. New Haven Evening Register 15 Dec 1900, page 2. "Accomplished Musician and Composer, dies near Edinburgh, Scotland. Heart Trouble was the Cause. Was a Performer on Cello and Organ of Ability, and Organized the Famous Vested Choir of St. John's P.E. Church, Bridgeport -- A Widow Survives Him. (Special to The Register) Bridgeport, Dec. 15.--Word was received here today that Professor I. [sic] Hayden Waud, late of New Haven, is dead. The circumstances pertaining to his death are distressing and his vast array of friends in this country will be grieved to learn the sad intelligence. [paragraph] Not only was Professor Waud widely known in the musical world but he was intimately acquainted in literary and social circles and was a great favorite among all who came in contact with him. He was scholarly, a composer of classical music and a master of his art. Over 25 years ago he came from England to Quebec, Canada, to assume the duties of organist in the cathedral there. [paragraph] Previously he was a member of the Queen's orchestra. After a few years in Quebec Professor Waud was induced by some of his friends who had come from England and settled in Albany, to give up his Quebec engagement and accept a similar position in Albany, N.Y. [paragraph] About 20 years ago Professor Waud received the appointment of organist at St. John's Epispocal Church, this city [Bridgeport, Connecticut]. It was during the time Rev. Eaton W. Maxey was Rector of St. John's and the famous choir was in its prime, with Mrs. Henry Drew as soprano. [paragraph] Professor Waud presided at the St. John's organ for six years and then resigned to make place for Professor S. S. Sanford of this city. [paragraph] Professor Waud removed to Stamford and received several engagements at different church organs and after several years removed from Stamford to New Haven. It was in this latter place that Professor Waud received a warm welcome and former [sic = formed] many friendships among the cultivated people of that collegiate city. He was appreciated. [paragraph] He became a valued member of the Symhony society. All of his compositions were readily placed in the market by the Pond Publishing Company and his music was promptly taken by music lovers. [paragraph] He was a gifted 'cello player as well as a master of the piano and organ. [paragraph] About two years ago Prof Waud had a severe illness, and hoping to regain health he decided last June to go back to England. He and Mrs. Waud bade good bye to their friends in New Haven, expecting to return after a time. [paragraph] They went to Edinburgh, and Prof. Waud found that he could secure an engagement to preside at the organ in one of the churches at Joppa, near Edinburgh...[letter of recommendation included here from Eaton W. Maxey, Rector of St. Luke's Church, Bridgeport, Conn.] ... Late in November, Prof. Waud was returning from church at night and accidentally stepped off the sidewalk and fell in the street, badly injuring his arm. He was laid up for several days, and November 28 was taken with convulsions of the heart, and died December 1 after great suffering. [paragraph] Mrs. Waud, one of the most devoted of wives, is left to mourn a husband of scholarly attainments, a distinguished musician as well as a husband -- one of the best, generous, sympathetic natures -- and a man whom none knew but to admire and respect. Mrs. Waud is residing at No. 1 Dalkeith Street, Joppa, Scotland. (NHavEvRegDig 15Dec1900 p.2.) 


Ruth Farmar (1826 - 1896)