John Atkins

Male, (circa 1774 - circa 1855)
FatherWilliam Atkins
MotherAnn Ames
BirthJohn Atkins was born circa 1774 in Ringwould, Kent, England. 
INFO BAPTISM. Ringwould Parish. 1775, Jan 15th. John son of William Atkins and Ann his wife. (RingPR LDS 1836280.) 
MarriageHe married Elizabeth Redman, daughter of Richard Redman and Elizabeth Broadley, 9 January 1802 in Ringwould, Kent, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE. Ringwould PR:1802. John Atkins of this parish batchelor and Elizabeth Redman of this parish spinster were married in this church by banns ..9 Jan 1802. (Good signature Eliz signed with x) Witnesses: Esther Upton, John Marsh. (RingPR LDS 1836280, Banns 1802 #100.) 
INFO CENSUS 1811 (27 May 1811). Kent Deal. John Atkins - 1 house inhabited by 1 family. 4 males 4 females, total 8 in household. (GBCens1801 LDS6341315 #5/6 p.14.) 
Note NOTE: Census count does not match the number of family members I have found. I have four males and two females (John and wife Eliz. children John, Mary Eliz, Vincent and Edw.) 
MarriageJohn Atkins married Elizabeth Farmar, daughter of Thomas F. Farmar and Grace Broadley, 30 November 1816 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO ENROLLMENT AS FREEMAN of Dovor 16 Jun 1818, residence Deal, by right of marriage. (DovFree1760 LDS1656692#5 p.3.) 
INFO CENSUS 1821 (28 May 1821). Lower Street. Head of family: Atkins, John. In one inhabited house, occupied by one family. Family not in agriculture, trade or manufacture. 5 males, 5 females = 10 total persons.Census taken 28 May 1821. (GBCens1801 LDS 6341315 #5/6 E.D.2 p.20.) 
INFO SHIP OWNER. Note on back of photograph of Mary Elizabeth Atkins Broadley (b.1807 ) who was the eldest daughter of John Atkins: "Gt. Grandmother Bradley, Mary Elizabeth Atkins (died 1885) [Her father owned & sailed his own frigate !]. (CorresRHBRT email 14Feb2011.) 
INFO CENSUS 1841 (6 June 1841). Deal. Lower Street. John Atkins, 63, Ind=Independent, whole family born in county. Elizabeth, 44; Elizabeth 24; Sarah 20, dress maker; Susanna 15, bonnet maker; Frances 13; Alfred 10; Jane 7. (GBCens1841 LDS 306861 Deal, p. 31(12.)) 
INFO BAGSHAW DIRECTORY. Deal -two pages of names, gent, esq. etc, in section "Miscellany" before the classified directory: Atkins John, gent. 67 Lower st. (Bagshaw1847 v.2,p.362.) 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). Deal, #53, 67 Lower Street. John Atkins, head, mar, 76, retired mariner-fund holder, b. Kent Ringwould. Elizabeth, wife, mar, 54, retired mariners wife, b. Kent Dover. Elizabeth, dau, unmar, 33, b. Kent Deal. Sarah Ann, dau, unmar, 30, dress maker, b. Kent Deal. Jane H. dau, unmar, 16, milliner, b. Kent Deal. (GBCens1851 LDS193533 HO107/1631 777:13.) 
INFO REGISTER OF ELECTORS Borough of Sandwich (30 Nov 1852 - 1 Dec 1853). #466 Atkins, John Abode: Deal Property qualification: House Location: 67, Lower street. (SandElectors LDS1656630 1852/53 p.15.) 
DeathJohn Atkins died circa 28 February 1855 in Kent, England. 
INFO BURIAL RECORD. Deal St. Leonard. John Atkins of Lower Street, bur March 2,1855. age 80. (DealSLenPRBt LDS 1786328 #1909.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death. John Atkins, Mar Q, 1855, Eastry, 2a, 515. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103156.) 
INFO WILL PROVED 26 June 1855. Epis. Consistory Court of Canterbury. Will with two codicils. Executors William Farmar and Vincent Cornwell the younger, executors. Will John Atkins of Deal, gentleman, made 14 Dec 1850. To wife Elizabeth Atkins use of household items during life, then items go to residue of personal estate. The residue and remainder of personal estate given to wife Elizabeth and to friend John Ruck of Deal, mariner, to convert into money to use first to pay debts, and then 1/10 to dtr Mary Elizabeth wife of Stephen Bradley, 1/10 to son Vincent Lade Atkins, two of his children by his former wife. Then the remaining 8/10 of the residue is to be invested for the benefit of wife Elizabeth during her life, and after her death, to be divided into equal shares for all children by wife Elizabeth Atkins. Mentions real estate and shares. Witnesses Jas. B. Edwards, solicitor Deal, Thos E. Cavell, clerk to Mercer & Edwards. Codicil #1: Wife Elizabeth is lately dead. Friend William Farmar of Dovor, schoolmaster, to be trustee and executor in her place. 21 Apr 1852. Codicil #2: Friend Vincent Cornwell the younger of Deal, cordwainer, to be trustee & executor in place of John Ruck who does not desire to serve. 27 May 1854. (EpCCCantWill LDS 188893 pp.192-194.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REG. 27 Aug 1855. John Atkins of Deal. [can't read occup], died 25th Feb 1855. Will date 14 Dec 1850. Legacies: Real estate described & Personal estate. Observations: The wife who took a life interest in .. 8/10 by ... appears to be dead. Power to appoint new Trustees. Exors to sell ....... 1/10 each. Executors: William Farmar 50 York St. Dover, Schoolmaster. Vincent Cornwell Deal, cordwainer. Proved: Con Canterby 26 Jun 1855. Value £2000 as of 27 Aug 1855. Legatees: Mary E. Bradley child. Vincent L. Atkins child. Testors childr by his present wife Elizabeth Atkins: Elizth, Mary, Sus Crofts, Sarah, Jane, Peter, Stephen, Thos. (long note not legible). Value of bequests: 2166-12-3 Payment 29 Aug 55 RA 1853/55 Total duty 21-13-3. (DeaDutWi1812 LDS2111647 3:628 1855.) 

Family 1

Elizabeth Redman (circa 1780 - 1816)

Family 2

Elizabeth Farmar (1796 - 1852)