James Main Swinbourn

Male, (1868 - circa 1946)
FatherJames Henshaw Swinbourn (1843 - 1919)
MotherThurza Poolman (1847 - 1922)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthJames Main Swinbourn was born 23 October 1868 in Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO BAPTISM at St. Luke the Evangelist, Emerald Hill, Victoria. 13 Dec 1868. Born 23 Oct 1868. James Main, son of James Henshaw & Thyrza Swinbourne [sic], machinist, of Sandridge Road, Emerald Hill. Godparents Mrs Coyle[?], Main[?] --?--. By R.B.Dickinson. (SMelChEngPR LDS994006 p.90 #1347.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Birth. James Main Swinbourn. Reg year: 1868. Ref# 26180. Father: James Henshaw. Mother: Poolman Thurza. Event Place: Emerald Hi. Reg. state: Victoria. (AVRI.) 
INFO PATENT APPLICATIONS, 1890-1891 National Archives of Australia online search shows six items (applications, correspondence, and specifications) relating to patent applications by James Main Swinbourn for "An improved ball valve for hydrants and fire plugs." Patents 1264 and 1797 were registered in1890. (NatArchAust.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER REPORT OF COURT CASE. West Australian [Perth, WA], 18 Apr 1923, p.8. "A claim for £500 damages, for alleged slander, was heard in the Supreme Court yesterday by Mr. Justice Northmore and a special jury of five. The plaintiff was Frederick Thomas Jones, a butcher, carrying on business at Wooroloo, and the defendant was James Main Swinbourne, a farmer and motor driver, engaged in business at Wooroloo. The plaintiff claimed that he had suffered damage through the defendant falsely and maliciously spreading and publishing ...the following words: --'Tell him (meaning the plaintiff) if he does not put my sheep back in my paddock by 1 o'clock on Monday, I will put the police on his track. He took my sheep out of my paddock the other day. We have spent two days looking for them now.' . . . The plaintiff claimed that in consequence he had been injured in his credit and reputation as a butcher. . . . [details of the case] . . .. Judgment was entered for the defendant with costs." (WestAustrTro) Details of the first day's proceedings in this case are also reported in the Daily News [Perth,WA] 17 Apr 1923, p.8 and 18 Apr 1923, p.7. 
INFO PHOTOGRAPH of brothers James Main Swinbourn and William Arthur Swinbourn as young men. The date is unknown, but it is estimated to be about 1897 because the photographer, the Hart Company, operated in Perth at that time. (CorresGNTER email 1Jan2013) [According to a quote on the National Library of Australia website from the book "Australians behind the Camera" by Sandy Barrie, the Hart Company operated in Perth around 1897.].
MarriageHe married Mary Ann Thomas, daughter of Mark Thomas and Jane Butler, 1897 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Marriage. James Main Swinbourn / Mary Ann Thomas. Reg year: 1897. Ref# 1310. Marriage Place: Perth. Reg. state: Western Australia. (AVRI.) 
DeathJames Main Swinbourn died circa 28 September 1946 in Windsor, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CEMETERY INDEX. The Necropolis, Springvale. James Main Swinbourn. Cremated 3 Oct 1946 #114436. Remains at cem: Tristania - Rose Tree, Garden F3 Bed16 Rose 40. (SpringNecr.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Death. Jas Main Swinbourn. Father Swinbourn Jas Henshaw. Mother Thurza Poolman. d.Wdsor, age 77. Reg 1946 #10595. (VicDeaInd85.)