James Henshaw Swinbourn

Male, (1843 - 1919)
FatherJames Swinbourn (circa 1816 - 1895)
MotherElizabeth Weston Farmar (circa 1816 - 1877)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthJames Henshaw Swinbourn was born 1843 in Islington, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Birth. 1843 Dec Q. James Henshaw Swinbourn. Islington iii, 223. 
INFO PORTRAIT of James Henshaw Swinbourn, taken in 1866. (CorresGNTER email1Jan2013.)
MarriageHe married Thurza Poolman, daughter of William Arthur Poolman and Mary ...?..., 1866 in Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Marriage. James Henshaw Swinbourne. Spouse: Thurza Poolman. Marriage Place: Devonshire [error in index - label should be Birth Place]. Reg year 1866. Ref # 898. Reg state Victoria. (AVRI.) 
INFO RATE BOOKS. [NOTE: James H. Swinbourn not found] Brunswick, Victoria 1881/82 page 78. [very difficult to read] #98-99 Charles Crook, builder, property owned by Cook, C., Sydney Road, West side, wood shops & sheds / brick mill stables & land. (BrunRateBk LDS634383 #37, p.78.) 
INFO RATE BOOKS, [NOTE: James H. Swinbourn not found] Brunswick Victoria, 1882/83, page 94. [very hard to read] #102 and #103 Crook, Charles, builder. Property owner: Crook, C. Property: Sydney Road west side, Brick Mill & land; Wood shops & timber shed. (BrunRateBk LDS6343083 #48 p.94.) 
INFO RATE BOOKS. Brunswick, Victoria. 1883/84 page 113. #112, Crook, Charles and Swinbourne, James H. [bracketed together in listing], Merchants. Owner of property: Crook, C. Property: Sydney R, West side, Brick saw mill & timber yard. Location North Ward, Brunswick Division. [detailed tax figures shown]. also listing #113 Swinbourne, James H, merchant, owner of property Crook C. property: Wood workshops & offices. North Ward, Brunswick Division. Previous year #102-103. (BrunRateBk 6343083 #44,1883/84, p.113.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. Large Fire in Bourke-street. The Argus [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia] 20 March 1883. "At half-past 2 o'clock this morning an extensive fire broke out on the premises of Messrs. Crispe and Swinbourn, saw and moulding mills, Bourke-street, near to Messrs. R. Goldsbrough and Co.'s lower stores. Owing to the inflammable nature of the materials, the fire spread with great rapidity, and soon had such a firm hold on the building that it was impossible to do more than prevent the flames from spreading to the adjoining presises. The fire brigades were on the spot within a few mnutes after the alarm was given, and worked with energy. The building in which the fire originated was entirely destroyed; but the conflagration was then got under control. It is believed that the place was insured. The heavy rain falling assisted to extinguish the fire. The premises of Messrs. Crispe and Swinbourn extended from Bourke-street to Little Bourke-street. They consisted chiefly of sheds covering timber and of a wooden building for an office. The fire broke out at the northern end of the yard, in a room used for the manufacture of walking sticks and umbrella handles. The fire extended almost throughout the yard, and the whole of the shedding and a very large quantity of the timber were destroyed. When the fire was at its height it made an immense blaze, and it was at first believed that the large wool warehouses of R. Goldsbrough and Co. were on fire. During the progress of the fire one of the employees of the firm fell from the top a a shed on to the edge of some timber, and sustained such serious injuries that it was found necessary to remove him to the hospital." (ArgusTro 20Mar1883, p.5) NOTE: Other newspapers in Australia and in New Zealand carried this story. 
INFO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. The Fire and Crispe and Swinbourn's. The Argus [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia]. 21 March 1883. The fire which occurred at Messrs. Crispe and Swinbourn's sawmills and timber yard, Bourke-street west, shortly after 2 o'clock yesterday morning destroyed a considerable amount of property. The premises were carefully locked up at 7 o'clock on the previous evening , when Mr. Swinbourn and the foreman of the yard saw all the fires and lights carefully extinguised. On the alarm being given, it was found that the fire had obtained a strong hold of the joinery and moulding shops in the yard, which were of light construction and very inflammable, and before any effectual steps could be taken, the flames extended to the stable and the loose timber lying about the place, and to Mr. Cross's Carron Casting Foundry at the back. The Insurance and suburban brigades were promptly in attendance, and succeeded, after about two hours' hard work, in extinguishing the flames. The whole of Messrs. Crispe and Swinbourne's sawmill machinery and plant was completely destroyed, along with two engines, the joinery and moulding shops, with their contents, and the stable and loft. A horse was fortunately rescued after the stables had been partially consumed. A small building in the centre of the yard occcupied by Mr. J. De Saxe as a walkingstick and umbrella manufactory, was also destroyed, along with the plant and contents. The property destroyed in the Carron Foundry consisted of several sets of mouldings and the amount of the damage is estimated at about £300, which is covered by an insurance for that amount in the Hanseatic Company. The fire is supposed to have started in Mr De Saxe's factory, but the cause of the outbreak cannot be ascertained. Messrs Crisp and Swinbourn estimated their damage at £1600, and they are insured to the extent of £620 in the Phoenix Company. During the fire a young man named Thomas White fell from one of the buildings in the yard and sustained a fracture of the spine. He was admitted at the Melbourne Hospital, where he was progressing favourably last night. (ArgusTro 21Mar1883, p.6.) 
INFO WITNESS IN COURT. Mercury and Weekly Courier [Fitzroy, Vic.], 19 May 1883. At Brunswick, Vic. case: Charles Crook v. Patrick Brady -- Insulting language in a public place. James H. Swinbourn appeared as a witness, "I am a timber merchant, and remember seeing the defendant at Mr. Crook's place on the 9th inst. I heard the defendant then make use of worse language than I ever heard on any railway line in the colony. . . ." [Extensive newspaper report.] (MercCourTro.) 
INFO RATE BOOKS. Brunswick. 1884-1885 page 155. Holmes Street, #262. Person rated: Swinbourne, James H, timber merchant. Owner: Swinbourne, J.H. Wood house and land. North Ward, Brunswick Division. (BrunRateBk LDS6343083 #48.) 
INFO RATE BOOKS Brunswick Victoria. 1884/85 page 139. #110 Crook, Charles, and Swinbourne, James H. [bracketed together] wood merchants. Owner of property: Crook C. Property Sydney Road, west side, brick & wood shed & timber yard. Also #111 Crook, Charles ahd Swinbourne, James H. wood merchants, Owner of property: Crook C. Property: Sydney Road, west side, wood office & workshop. Both in North Ward, Brunswick Division. [tax rate figures given] Previous year #112-113. (BrunRateBk LDS6343083 #48 p.139.) 
INFO VOTER ROLL. East Bourke Boroughs, Brunswick Division ,1885-86. #450, votes 2, Swinbourne, James Hernshaw [sic], timber merchant, property: house, land and timber-yard, Sydney rd & Holmes st. (VicVoters78 LDS209273 p.10.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHY 1888 from book "Victoria and its Metropolis: Past and Present", p.656. full entry: "Swinbourn, James H., Brunswick, came to Voctoria when only four years old, and when he was fourteen commenced working for his father at his timber-yard in Bourke-street, and became overseer there four years after, which position he held for fifteen years. He then went to Sydney, N.S.W., remaining there about eighteen months, and after visiting various other places returned to Melbourne in 1880, purchased his father's old yard, and started business for himself in partnership with Mr. Charles Crisp, employing about three hands. Three years afterwards the place was destroyed by fire, and the partnership in consequence dissolved. He started again with Mr. Crook as partner, but in 1886 the latter retired, and Mr. Swinbourn has since carried on the extensive business on his sole account. He employs an average of ninety-five hands, and carries on planing, moulding, turning, and joiners' work, and always keeps on hand a large stock of builders' material. The turnover is now four times larger than at the commencement of the business." A large detailed drawing of the J.H. Swinbourn property is at the top of the page with the title: "Mr. James H. Swinbourn's Planing and Moulding Mills and Factory, Brunswick." (VicMetropol p.656.) 
Note NOTE: entries in Bellarine Rate Books for James H. Swinbourne, J.H. Swinbourne and Mrs. Swinbourne, years 1888-1892. Did the family move to the Bellarine Peninsula before moving west to the Perth area?? 
INFO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. J.H.Swinbourn as Trustee. The Argus [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia], 1 June 1889. "In the Court of Insolvency at Melbourne --In the Matter of Eli Johnson of Brunswick, in the Colony of Victoria, Contractor, an Insolvent --Notice is hereby given that James Henshaw Swinbourn of Sydney road, Brunswick, timber merchant, and Bernard Michael ...accountant, have been duly appointed to fill the office of trustees of the property of the abovenamed insolvent. . . " (ArgusTro 1Jun1889, p.14.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE. The Argus [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia]. 26 Jul 1890, p.10. New Insolvents. "James Henshaw Swinbourne, of Sydney-road, Brunswick, timber merchant. Causes of insolvency -- Insufficient capital and consequent heavy interest on bank overdraft and discounts, bad debts, and inability ot realise on freehold properties owned by him and held by him as security for bad debts. Liabilities £30,695 11s; asset, £29,454 0s 7d; deficiency £1,241 11s. 3d. . . .[a listing follows of values of real and personal property, and of secured and unsecured debts] . . .. The stock in trade of insolvent is valued at £8,950 and his plant at £2,500. Mr. Anderson, assignee." (ArgusMelbTro 26Jul1890 p.10.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE. The Argus [Melbourne, Vic.] 29 Sep 1890, p.2. Tenders. To Timber Merchants, Builders, Speculators, and Others. In the Insolvent Estate of James Henshaw Swinbourn, of Brunswick, Timber Merchant, &c. Tenders will be received at the office of Messrs. John Blyth and Co. 57 Queen-street, Melbourne, up to 5 p.m. on Friday, 3rd October next, for the whole of the assets of this estate, comprising -- stock-in-trade valued at £6,162 4 2; machinery, plant, and buildings valued at £1414 1 9; Horses and rolling stock valued at £473 3 0; Office furniture, valued at £20; Book debts and bills . . . net value £6272 12 8; 200 Brunswick Gas Co. shares £75. . . . The business has been established some years, and has been kept as a going concern by the trustees under instructions from the creditors. . . . Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Andrew Newell James Warne, trustees. (ArgusTro 29Sep1890 p.2.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE. The West Australian [Perth, Western Australia] 17 Mar 1905. In the matter of James Henshaw Swinbourn and William Arthur Swinbourn, trading as J.H. Swinbourn and Son, Mardware Merchants, Midland Junction. Notice is herey given that it is intended to declare a first dividend in the above matter on the 3rd day of April 1905. Dividents will be payableto those creditors only who have signed or assented to the deed of assignment. Dated this 16th day of March 1905 -- J.L.B Weir, Trustee, J.L.B. Weir and Co., Accountants, High-st., Fremantle. (WestAustrTro 17Mar1905 p.7.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE. The West Australian [Perth, Western Australia]. 20 Mar 1905, p.2. Bankruptcy Act Amendment Act. In the matter of James Henshaw Swinbourn and William Arthur Swinbourn, trading as J. H. Swinbourn and Son, of Midland Junction. Tenders are invited, and will be received at the undernoted address, up till noon on Friday, the 24th day of March 1905, for the undermentioned assets . . . in the above assigned estate: Lot 1 Stock in trade . . . Crockery, china, and glassware. Timber, joinery, and building materials, general hardware . . . Lot 2 Joinery plant (Newcastle road) . . . Lot 3 Lease of land and premises at Margaret-rd. . . . [note: values and other details not copied here -- very difficult to read] . . . J.L.B. Weir and Co. Accountants. Tannett Chambers, High-street, Fremantle. (WestAustrTro 20Mar1905, p.2.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. Fire at Midland Junction. The West Australian [Perth, Western Australia] 31 Jan 1908. At about 7:30 a.m. on Thursday the joinery shop of Messrs. Anderson and Swinbourn, contractors, situated in Newcastle-road, Midland Junction, was totally destroyed by fire. The flames were first noticed by Mrs. Swinbourn , whose husband has just left home for Guildford, where the firm have in hand a contract for rebuilding the premises lately occupied by Mr. G. Pargeter, which were destroyed by fire during the Chrustmas holdiays. Mrs. Swinbourn, with great presence of mind, at once started to play water onto the flames with the garden hose, and sent her eldest boy to give the alarm to the neighbours. A number of residents were soon in attendance, and several members of the fire brigade got to work quickly, but as the flames had obtained a good hold of the workshop,which was constructed of wood and iron, and contained a large amount of finished joinery and timber, their efforts were principally directed to the saving of the residence. The house, which is constructed of jarrah, is built only a few feet away from the workshop, and for some time was in great danger of catching alight, but with great effort it was saved. The workshop and its contents were totally destroyed. The building, which is the property of Mrs. J.H. Swinbourn, of West Guildford, was insured for £100 (with the Alliance Insurance Co.), but the contents, which include an oil-engine, morticing-machine, circular saw, and a large number of tools of trade, as well as finished joinery and timber, belonging to Messrs. Anderson and Swinbourn, were not covered by any insurance. The loss on these is roughly estimated at £300." (WestAustrTro 31Jan1908.) 
INFO PHOTOGRAPH of James H. and Thurza Swinbourn taken in 1916 for their 50th wedding anniversary. On the back of this photo "To Will and Sarah with love from Father and Mother after 50 years together." (CorresGNTER email1Jan2013.)
DeathJames Henshaw Swinbourn died 31 March 1919 in Midland Junction, Western Australia, Australia. 
INFO CEMETERY RECORD. James H Swinbourn, #KB00021144. Death 31 Mar 1919, age 75, residence Midland Junction. Grave at Karrakatta, Anglican area, section IA, grave 0072. Grant #K0010708, expired (status in 2005). (WAMetCemBd) NOTE: same grave number for sister Sophia, daughter Ethel and son-in-law Ethelbert Hiller. 
INFO NOTE: BURIAL -- Probate file includes death certificate which lists burial at Karrakatta Cemetery 1 April 1919. (WAProbRecs LDS1844488 #470/19.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. The Argus [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia] 16 Apr 1919. SWINBOURN. On the 31st March, at Margaret road, Midland Junction, W.A., James Henshaw Swinbourn, beloved husband of Thurza Swinbourn, and father of Mrs. J.B. Menzies, Ocean Grove; James M. and W.A. Swinbourn; Mrs. I. Leckie, and Mrs. E. Hiller, W.A., aged 75 years. (Formerly of Burnswick, Vic.) (ArgusTro 16Apr1919 p.1.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE. 28 Apr 1919 #470/19 Supreme Court of Western Australia. Probate Jurisdiction in the will of James Henshaw Swinbourn late of Midland Junction in the state of Western Australia, timber merchant, deceased. Motion Paper for probate of will dated 19 Jan 1899 to be granted to Thurza Swinbourn, widow of the deceased. Contents: title page (above); cover page (1 page); affidavit (3 pages) by Thurza Swinbourn showing two pieces of real property and a savings account. Values total 149.17.3 [pounds,shillings,pence]. Rate assessments (2 pages); Tax return (4 pages not copied); Oath of executrix (3 pages) - for grant of probate for will dated 19 Jan 1899; Witness addresses statement; Will (2 pages) - James H. Swinbourn of Mary St. Highgate Hill, Perth, W.A. appoints wife Thurza Swinbourn to be executor. Wife to receive all real and personal estate for her sole use and benefit. Will signed 19 Jan 1899. Death certificate: Swan district #25/1919. James Henshaw Swinbourn, Timber merchant, d. 31st March 1919 at Margaret Street Midland Junction. Age 75 yrs. Cause: epilepsy, coma, 2 weeks. Father James Swinbourn, engineer. Mother: Elizabeth Farmar. Informant: T.P. Farrall, undertaker, Midland Junction. Reg. 2 Apr 1919 Midland Junction. Buried 1 Apr 1919 at Karrakatta. Minister R.J. Lawrence, Anglican. Married at Port Melbourne, Victoria, age 22 to Thurza Poolman. Issue: Elizabeth Mary 52, James Main 50, William Arthur 48, Thurza Sophia 41, Ethel Amelia 39. Deceased one male & two females. (WAProbRecs LDS1844488 #470/19.) 
INFO PROBATE INDEX. Western Australia. Swinbourn, James Henshaw. File 470/1919. Death 31 March 1919 at Midland Junction. Executor Thyrza Swinbourn of Midland Junction granted 19 May 1919. (WAProbInd lLDS6343293.) 
INFO PROBATE INDEX. Western Australia #470/1919. Swinbourn, James Henshaw. Grant 19 May 1919. Death 31 Mar 1919 at Midland Junction. Executor: Thurza Swinbourn of Midland Junction, widow. WAProbRecs LDS918745 #470/1919.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER NOTICE. Probates. 24 May 1919. James Henshaw Swinbourn, late of Midland Junction, to Thurza Swinbourn, £149 17s 9d. (DailyNewsTro 24May1919 p.4.) 


Thurza Poolman (1847 - 1922)