Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn

Female, (1877 - 1942)
FatherJames Henshaw Swinbourn (1843 - 1919)
MotherThurza Poolman (1847 - 1922)
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthThyrza Sophia Swinbourn was born 1877 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Birth. Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn. Reg year: 1877. Ref# 13536. Father: James Henshaw. Mother: Poolman Thurza. Event Place: Brunswick. Reg. state: Victoria. (AVRI.) 
Note NOTE references to Thyrza are uniformly with a "y" in her name (whereas her mother signed "Thurza" Swinbourn.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn as a young woman. (CorresMALKE email 26Aug2012.)
MarriageShe married John Leckie, son of Hugh Leckie and Christina Heron, 1900 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX AUST Marriage. Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn. Spouse: John Leckie. Marriage Place: Perth. Reg year: 1900. Ref# 1057. Reg. state: Western Australia. (AVRI.) 
Exhibit WEDDING PHOTOGRAPH for John and Thyrza Leckie, 1900. (CorresMALKE Email, 26Aug2012.)
Exhibit PAINTING by Thyrza Leckie -- entitled "Cattle in Loch." (CorresMALKE Email 26Aug 2012.)
INFO CEMETERY RECORD. Thyrza Sophia Leckie, #KC00001058. Death 20 July 1942, age 64, residence Claremont. Cremation --memorial at Karrakata Cemetery, Crematorium Rose Gardens, Niche Wall WF #0006. (WAMetCemBd.) 
DeathThyrza Sophia Swinbourn died 20 July 1942 in Claremont, Western Australia, Australia.