Viva Waud Farmar

Female, (1886 - 1937)
FatherFrederick Broadley Farmar (1860 - 1937)
MotherMaud Matilda Brown (circa 1863 - 1948)
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthViva Waud Farmar was born 23 November 1886 in Blenheim, New Zealand. 
INFO NEWSPAPER BIRTH NOTICE. Marlborough Express [Blenheim NZ], 27 Nov 1886, page 2. BIRTH. FARMAR. --On the 23rd instant, at her residence, Dillon Street, Mrs F.B. Farmar, of a daughter. (MarlExprDig 27Nov1886 p.2.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Birth 1886 Farmar, Viva Maud [sic]. #629?? (entry typewritten but last digit crossed off and "24 act" handwritten - meaning??. Does not match any quarterly district code for Wairau). (NZCivRegInd LDS6341153.) 
INFO SOCIAL NEWS. Otago Witness, 24 Feb 1909, p.72. Table Talk, Blenheim, Feb.17. "Last Wednesday afternoon Mrs A. Rogers entertained a number of her friends at 'Eltham Lodge' by means of a garden party. During the afternoon tennis was played, and afternoon tea . .." Viva Farmar is listed among the guests. (OtagoWitPP.) 
INFO NZ GAZETTE. Index entry. 1910 Viva M [sic] Farmar, Blenheim, registered nurse. NZGazette 1912 [sic], vol.1. (NZSGIndex5.) 
INFO WAIRAU ELECTORAL ROLL.1911 Farmar, Viva Maud (CorresGEOCU e-mail 2Feb2002.) 
INFO MILITARY PERSONNEL FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Farmar, Viva Waud - WW1 22/541 - Army, 1914-1918. Agency AABK; series 18805; accession W5537; box/item 85; record no. 0038977. Held at Wellington. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO PASSENGER LIST. Ship Beltana, P.& O. Branch Service to Australia via The Cape. Departure 18 Aug 1914 from London, bound for Australia. #3173 Viva M. Farmar, 3rd class, for Sydney, nurse, age 26, last permanent residence England, future permanent residence New South Wales, Australia [for all on the page] (UKOutPassAnc.) 
INFO NZ GAZETTE. Index entry. 1917, p.654. Registry of Nurses. Viva M [sic] Farmar, Blenheim. (NZSGIndex5.) 
INFO NURSING SERVICE WWI. #22/541 Viva Waud [sic] Farmar, nurse, next-of-kin Mrs. M. Farmar [mother],"Burleigh, Blenheim. 43rd reinforcements, left NZ 17Aug1918 (NZExped1914 LDS6342571 roll 90,p.10.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. Marlborough Express 9 Sep 1919. A resolution conveying its welcome to Sister Farmar on her return to Blenheim from the war front was passed by the Wairau Hospital Board yesterday. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 14Apr2006.) 
INFO NURSING DUTIES. " In Aug 1927 ... Miss Edith Lewis was Matron and Sister Farmar combined the duties of Assistant Matron, Theatre sister, Home sister, X-ray sister and dispenser of drugs, lotions, etc. (She also found time to teach us 'Invalid Cookery' and 'How to set a tray correctly'.)" Reminiscenses of 50 years ago, by A.L. Woods (matron, Wairau Hospital, Blenheim, 1950-1961) in Marlborough Nurses' Journal, 1978, p.43. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 9Aug2004, encl.4.) 
INFO PILOT 'A" LICENSE training completed with Marlborough Aero Club in club year 1930/31. (MarlAeroRept 30Jun1931.) 
INFO WAIRAU ELECTORAL ROLL, 1931. #2591 Farmar Viva Maud, Wairau Hospital, Blenheim, spinster. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 30Jan2002.) 
INFO REGISTER OF NURSES #972. Farmar, Viva Maud. Date of reg: Jan 1910. Hospital at which trained: qualifications: Blenheim Hospital certificate. State examination, 1909. Napier Hospital, 1910-11; sister, Hospital, Blenheim 1917; N.Z.A.N.S., July 1918 to September 1919; sister, Hospital, Blenheim 120. Residence: Hospital, Blenheim. (NZGazette 1933:887.) 
INFO WAIRAU ELECTORAL ROLL, 1935. #2624 Farmar Viva Maud, Wairau Hospital, Blenheim, spinster. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 30Jan2002.) 
INFO DEATH STORY summary. Summary of news stories. (NZHeadlines pp.163-65.) 
INFO NZ AIR-RELATED DEATHS. 8 Feb 1937 #21. Passenger fell to her death from a Waco Cabin plane over Cook Strait. Dead: Miss Viva Maud Farmar of Blenheim. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 30Jan2002.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. Lost from Waco. Same-day story of Viva's death in jump from Waco airplane. Marlborough Express, 8 Feb 1937. (MarlExpress 8 Feb 1937 p.4.) 
DeathShe died 8 February 1937 in New Zealand at age 50. 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. Dominion. Woman jumps out of aeroplane. With photo of Viva & of pilot. (Dominion 9 Feb 1937 p.10.) 
INFO NEWS STORY Bay of Plenty Times 9 Feb 1937. Viva Maud Farmar, sole passenger, forced open door of Marlborough Aero Club's Waco aeroplane and jumped from height of 2500 feet in middle of Cook Strait. A.E. Willis, pilot of two-seater plane bound for Wellington, tried to reach her after she opened the door, but could not hold her. Her occupation was theatre nurse and dispenser at Wairau Hospital, an experienced licensed aeroplane pilot. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 2Feb2002 and BayPlenTimes 9 Feb 1937.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. Next day review of Viva's death and pilot A.E. Willis' story of her jump. Marlborough Express.Photos of Viva, pilot and plane. (MarlExpress 9 Feb 1937 p.9.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. DEATH. Comprehensive story of the jump. Personal details: joined staff of Wairau Hospital 1906; short while later to Napier. Then into private nursing in NZ and England. Rejoined staff of Wairau Hosp in 1914 and later saw war service. Returned to Blenhiem and Wairau Hosp in 1919. May 1929 joined Marlborough Aero Club and had over 100 hours flying. Obtained "A" pilot's license in 6 or 7 years. Active in aero club. (NZHerald 9 Feb 1937 p.34.) 
INFO NEWS STORY. Aeroplane Tragedy. Woman's death leap story told by pilot - tried to reach her. Pilot reports she jumped before he could reach her and circled the plane to follow her down. She disappeared into the sea and did not reappear. He returned to Blenheim to report. Bay of Plenty Times. Wed, 10 Feb 1937. (BayPlenTimes 10Feb1937.) 
INFO TRIBUTE. at Marlborough Aero Club Exec Meeting, describes excellent record as pilot and club member. (MarlAeroMin 10 Feb 1937.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER STORY. Aero Club Tribute. re: Marlborough Aero Club response to Viva's death. Marlborough Express, 11 Feb 1937. (MarlExpress 11 Feb 1937 p.4.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE. Farmar, Viva Ward [sic]. Blenheim, regd nurse, death 8 Feb 1937. Filed 26 May 1937, Blenheim court, intestate (letters of administration). Archives ref # ADBY W5411 1912. File at Archives NZ Wellington. 
INFO WELLINGTON POLICE FILE. 3 Sep 1937. Memos re whether an inquest would be held for Viva Waud [sic] Farmar. None was held. (WellPolice file J.1934/38/23.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Blenheim High Court. Numeric probate case files. Farmar, Viva Waud, 1937-1937. agency ADBY; series 17543, accession W5411; box/item 48; record no. 1912. Held at Wellington. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE. Farmar, Viva Ward [sic]. Blenheim, nurse. Filed 3 Mar 1938, Blenheim court, intestate (letters of administration). Archives ref # ADBY W5411 1912. File at Archives NZ Wellington. (Note: this is a second entry with a later filing date but the same archives file number.) (NZSGIndex5.)