Frederick Broadley Farmar

Male, (1860 - 1937)
FatherFrederick Thomas Farmar (1833 - 1913)
MotherEllen Chant (circa 1841 - 1934)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthFrederick Broadley Farmar was born 10 September 1860 in Nelson, New Zealand. 
INFO BIRTH. Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle. 22 Sep 1860, p.2. "BIRTHS. On the 10th September, the wife of Mr. F.T. Farmar, of a son." (NelsonExamPP.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Birth. 1860. Farmar, Frederick Broadley #242 [Nelson distr]. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341153.) 
INFO WITNESS 26 Jun 1878, for wedding of cousin Charles Waud to Harriet Stentiford in Dunedin at First Church. ( (NZMarCert 1878.) 
MarriageHe married Maud Matilda Brown, daughter of J H Brown, 26 July 1883 in Patea, New Zealand. 
INFO MARRIAGE NEWS. FARMAR-BROWN. On Thursday, 26 July, at the residence of Mr W Brown (the bride's brother), Patea, by the Rev. JA Luxford, Maud Matilda Brown, youngest daughter of Mr JH Brown, Dunedin to Frederick Broadley Farmar, eldest son of Mr FT Farmar, of Blenheim. Marlborough Daily Times. Fri, 3 Aug 1883 2:3. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 25Apr2002.) 
INFO NEWS OF COURT ACTION. 8 Oct 1883. Resident Magistrate's Court. Civil Case: NZ Loan & Mercantile Agency Co. v. H. Sutherley. "Claim P27 10s to recover the balance of advances made under a grain lieu." Frederick B. Farmar deposed, acct in office of N.Z. Loan and Mercantile Co. Remembers communication stating the grain was not sold. Also remembers Sutherley coming to office & told Mr. Holmes to "do the best he could with his grain." (MarlExpress 8 Oct 1883, p.2, col.6.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage 1883 Farmar, Frederick Broadley #1920. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341154.) 
INFO AT GOVERNOR'S LEVEE. Evening Post, 27 Jun 1892, p.2. "Lord Glasgow's first levee, held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, was probably the most numerously attended yet held in Wellington." Attendees included F.B. Farmar. (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO BUSINESS ADVERTISING. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 16 Jan 1894, p.3. "NOTICE. NOBLE CAMPBELL & CO. having disposed of their business to Mr. F.B. Farmar, we request that all accounts owingto us will be paid at once. . . ." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO HORSE SALES. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 9 Feb 1895. Horse Sales. Nag's Head Yard, Dixon-street. Leary & Co, Limited, having secured the use of large Paddocks and Stable Accommodation adjacent to the city, in addition to the above yards, will hold Horse Sales every Saturday, at 1 p.m. . . . F.B. Farmar, General Manager." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO LEARY & CO. ADS. Evening Post, 5 Oct 1895. Ads signed F.B. Farmar, Managing Director of Leary & Co, announce daily sales of wool, sheepskins, hides and tallow, and of fruit and general produce. (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO LEARY & CO. AD. Evening Post, 26 May 1896. A extensive advertisement signed F.B. Farmar, Managing Director of Leary & C. (Limited) of 44 Willis Street, Wellington, lists their operations and products: Grain, Fruit, Produce, and General Merchants, Auctioneers, Wool, Skin, and Flax Brokers, Commission, Land and Estate Agents with corespondents and agents throughout New Zealand, United Kington, Australia, South America, United States and South Pacific Islands. (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO ELECTIONS. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], p.6. "Mrs F.B. Farmar, managing director of Laery & Co., Limited, has been approached by ratepayers of Lambton Ward with a requisition, and agrees to offer himself as a candidate for the seat vacated by Councillor Harris." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO ELECTION. Evening Post, 31 August 1896, p.6. "Mr. Walter Hall announces his retirement from the contest for Lambton Ward in favour of Mr. F.B. Farmar, whom he considers to have had larger commercial experience than himself." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO PATENT APPLICATION PAPERS at National Archives of Australia. 1 of 6 related files: "Application for Letters Patent for an invention by George Aitkens, Herbert Philip Henry Graves and Frederick Broadley Farmar titled: An improved device for distending the mouths of sacks and bags." 1897. This item: series A12568, control 1931, location: Canberra, barcode 7787649. (NArchAusSear.) 
INFO COURT CASE. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 19 Jul 1905, p.5. Bankruptcy case heard by the chief justice at Blenheim. Detailed description of a case of disputed payment for goods which Mr. Farmar had purchased from a bankrupt estate. The justice ruled that the bankruptcy court had no jurisdiction in the matter. (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO DIRECTORIES 1908-1937. 1908-10 Farmar (FB) & Co, produce merchts, Blenheim M. and also pers listing Farmar, Fredk B (of FB Farmar & Co) Blenheim M. 1911 Farmar, (FB) & Co auctnrs & produce merchants, Blenheim. also pers listing. 1912 Farmar, Fredk Broadley, com agt, Blenheim. No listings 1914-1917. 1918-1920 Farmar Fredk Broadley Blenheim. 1922 Farmar & Co. land agents & produce mrchnts, High st, B and Farmar, Fredk Broadley, New Renwick rd, Fairhall, B. 1923-24 same info as above except no "land agent." 1925 pers listing only. 1936 Farmar Fredk Broadley, strmn, 43 Warwick st B. 1927-1933 occup: acctnt. 1934 no listing. 1935-37 Farmar, Fredk Broadley, acctnt, Lane st, Islington B. (StonNelDir and StonCantDir LDS447570-577.) 
INFO WILL OF FATHER 15 May 1908 provides for Frederick to receive his share if he survives his parents, but if he dies before his father or mother, his part of the estate is to be divided among his siblings [not to go to his heirs -- no mention of Frederick's wife or children.] (NZArchChWill CH171 CH7973/1913.) 
INFO ACCOUNTANT LIST. Farmar, Frederick Broadley, Agent, Blenheim. Fellow, Public Accountant Marlborough-Nelson-Westland District. (NZGazette 1911:2796.) 
INFO FATHER'S OBITUARY Marlborough Express, 26 June 1913, lists son Frederick Farmar of Christchurch. (MarlExpress, June 26, 1913, page 5e.) 
INFO BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE. Marlborough Express 11 Mar 1914. The applications of Arthur William Luff (Mr T.F. Relling), Frederick B. Farmar (Mr C.H. Mills) . . . for discharges from bankruptcy were granted. (MarlExprDig 11Mar1914, p.5.) 
INFO STONE'S DIR 1916. Farmar, Fredk. Broadley (F & Co.), 40 Walter Street, Blenheim. (MarlArchP-1.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1923 listings: Farmar & Co, produce merchants, High st. B=Blenheim. Farmar Arthur Jas, sheep frmr, Beaver rd, B. Farmar Ellen Mrs. 252 Armagh st, Chch. Farmar, Fredk. Broadley (of Farmar & Co.) produce merchant, High st; p r New Renwich rd Fairhall, B. Farmar Fredk Seymour, shp fmr, Waikakaho, M=Marlborough. (StonCantDir LDS 0447573 May 1923, p. 579.) 
INFO DRUNKEN DRIVING REPORT. Evening Post, 16 Apr 1926. Blenheim. Frederick Broadley Farmar was fined £10 and costs at the Picton Court for being drunk whilst in charge of a motor car. Farmar drove the car from Blenheim to the Picton Wharf, mistook the turning, and found himself on the railway line, with a backing train coming along the metals. A serious accident was averted by Farmar slewing the car off the line into a fence, where it was found by the police. Counsel pleaded for leniency, saying that the accused was well and favorably known throughout Marlborough. On the day of the accident he met an old friend, and had some drink. If Farmar's license was taken away it would affect his business activities. The Magistrate said that probably publicity would be a greater punishment than a fine or disqualification, and he would not deprive the accused of his license. (EveningPosPP 16Apr1926 p.8.) 
INFO DIRECTORY 1929 Farmer, Fredk, clk, 43 Warwick st, Blen. (WiseNZPODir 1929.) 
INFO ELECTORAL ROLL 1931 Warick Street,Blenheim (MarlborArch.) 
INFO BROTHER'S OBITUARY. Marlborough Express, 28 Jul 1932. Arthur James Farmar. Survivors include F.B. Farmar of Blenheim. (MarlExpress, 28 July 1932.) 
INFO MOTHER'S OBITUARY Marlborough Express, 20 July 1934. Mrs. Ellen Farmar, lists son F.B. Farmar of Blenheim. (MarlExpress, July 20, 1934, p.4f.) 
INFO NEWS NOTE "Mr. F.B. Farmar left Blenheim this morning for Christchurch in connection with the death of his mother. His sisters, Mrs. H.W. Horton and Mrs. R. Scott, are already in Christchurch. (MarlExpress, 20 Jul 1934, p. 4e.) 
INFO ELECTORAL ROLL 1935. Lane St. Springlands. (MarlborArch.) 
DeathFrederick Broadley Farmar died 20 September 1937 in Blenheim, New Zealand, at age 77. 
INFO OBITUARY. Mr. F.B. Farmar. Died this morning [20 Sep 1937], short illness, well-known member of old Blenheim family, age 77, accountant, retired. Born in Nelson; to Blenheim in 1861. Educated in Blenheim. Joined firm of Edwards & Co, general merchants. Then with NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency Co. stationed at several branches, including post of general accountant at Dunedin. Resigned to join produce merchant firm of Laery & Co. in Wellington. Later became managing director of the company. Later to Blenheim as accountant with Corry & Co., and then on his own as produce merchant and accountant. Keen interest in sport. Orig secy of Wairau Cricket Club 50 yr ago. Married Matilda Maud Brown in Dunedin. Family: Mrs. G.W. Russell of Wellington, and Frederick S.B. Farmar of Sydney. Sisters: Mrs. D.M. Nairn of Wellington, Mrs. R.W. Scott of Blenheim, Mrs. S. Broadbent of Te Kawa, and Mrs H.W. Horton of Blenheim. Brother: Captain Frank Farmar recently retired from Port Shipping Line. Burial tomorrow at Omaka Cemetery. (MarlExpress, 20 Sep 1937, p.4e.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER COVERAGE. 20 Sep 1937.1) Death. Farmar at Wairau Hospital Blenheim on 20 Sept 1937. F.B. Farmar of Budge St., age77. 2) Funeral notice Friends invited to attend funeral from residence of sister Mrs H.W. Horton, Stephenson St., for the Omaka Cem. 10am. Tues 21 Sep 1937. 3)-21 Sep 1937. Interment took place, a large number paying last respects. Graveside services by Archdeacon Kimberly, names pall bearers (no family members). 4) Guests at Criterion Hotel include G. Russell. (MarlborArch.) 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. #73. Frederick Broadley Farmar, accountant, d. 20th Sep 1937 Wairau Hospital Blenheim from Budge Street Blenheim. Male, age 77. Cause: a) Myocardial degeneration - 6 years. b) Senility - several years. c) Fracture of left tibia and fibula 35 days. Doctor T. Julian Jr. last seen 19 Sep 1937. Parents. Frederick Thomas Farmar, brewer, and Ellen Farmar Chant. Burial 21 Sep 1937 Omaka Cemetery, by O.J. Kimberley, Ch of England. Born Nelson, in N.Z. life. Married Dunedin age 21 to Maud Matilda Brown, now age 78. Children living male 41, female 54. Informant P. Byshall? undertaker Blenhiem. Registrar ??, 21 Sep 1937. (NZDeaCert 1937 #2837.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Blenheim High Court. Numeric probate case files. Farmar, Frederick Broadley, 1937-1937. agency ADBY; series 17543, accession W5411; box/item 48; record no. 1932. Held at Wellington. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Death Frederick Broadley Farmar #2837 (Wairau). (CorresGEOCU e-mail 9Feb2002.) 


Maud Matilda Brown (circa 1863 - 1948)