Agnes Morris

Female, (1843 - 1922)
FatherHenry Irwin Morris (circa 1810 - )
MotherMartha Butcher (circa 1805 - )
BirthAgnes Morris was born 1843 in Hulme, Lancashire, England. 
INFO MASS AT PENITENTIARY. Utica [NY] Daily Observer, 25 Apr1874. (from the Albany Times, April 20.) "For the first time in the history of the institution, mass was celebrated in the Albany Penitentiary. . .. Prof. J. Haydn Waud, organist. Mrs. R. J. Doolan and Mrs. J.H. Waud, sopranos; [and others]... sang Von weber's Mass, in G." (FuntonHist.) 
INFO CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT. Evening Journal (Albany NY) 9 Dec 1876. "Grand Concert and Organ Opening . . . At the New Methodist Chruch, December 19th . . .Mrs. J. Haydn Waud, of New York, Soprano . . . Mr. J. Haydn Waud, Organist and Conductor . . .." (FuntonHist.) 
INFO CONCERT PROGRAM. Evening Journal (Albany, NY) 6 Apr 1877. "A very pleasant musical entertainment is to be given in the new Tabernacle Baptist Church on Tuesday evening next, the proceeds to be appropriated to the building fund of the church. Mrs. Hamilton Harris . . .direction . .. is to be asssited by Mrs and Mr Waud , of New York . . .. Solos . . . by Mrs Harris, Mrs Waud. . .. Prof. Waud on the piano and violincello. . ." (FultonHist.) 
MarriageShe married James Haydn Waud, son of James Thomas Waud and Ann Carter
Note NOTE: Agnes Lyon age 24 (b. abt 1843) is with James Haydn Waud on the SS Atalanta from London to New York in 1867. QUESTION -- Is she the same person as the Agnes Morris shown on J.H.Waud's death certificate from Scotland as his wife in 1900 or in the 1901 Scotland census as Agnes Waud, age 49 or in the 1911 Scotland census as Agnes Wand age 57 ? 
INFO NEWS ITEM. 12 Aug 1891. "Guilford Aug.12 --The beautiful sacred cantata, "The Holy City," will be rendered in the First church, August 19, under the auspices of the choir, Prof. J. Haydn Waud of New Haven director. The chorus will consist of 40 voices .... The soloists are ... Mrs. J. Haydn Waud... alto .... A string orchestra from New Haven will also assist. This will probably be one of the finest concerts ever given in the town." (NHavEvRegDig 12 Aug 1891.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 10 May 1893. "Prof. Waud's Concert. At the First M.E. church next Wednesday evening, a concert will be given by Prof. J. Haydn Waud, assisted by Mrs. J. Haydn Waud, mezzo-soprano... Prof. J. Haydn Waud, 'cello .... (NHavEvRegDig 10 May 1893.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. New Haven Evening Register, 29 Nov 1898. "Social News ... The Monday Whist Club met with Mrs. J. Haydn Waud of George Street yesterday. ..." (NHavEvRegDig 29 Nov 1898.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Daily Morning Journal and Courier. [New Haven, Conn.], 26 May 1900. "Profesor J. Haydn Waud and Mrs Waud will sail for Europe at the end of June. Mr. Waud has been a well known musician and composer in New Haven for many years and a member of the New Haven Sympony orchestra since its founding. Professor Waud's return is indefinijite." (DailJnNHaLoc.) 
INFO CENSUS SCOTLAND 1901. from Ancestry index. Agnes Wand [sic], age 49, cousin, female, b. Manchester England. Registr #685/6, Registration Dist: Portobello. Civil Parish: Edinburgh Duddingston. County: Midlothian. Address: 29, Joppa Road. Occup: Living on own means. Household members: James T. Walford 69, Mary Walford 29, Priscilla Walford 69, Agnes Wand 49. (ScotCen01Anc Edinburgh Duddingston ED18,line19 1901.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Daily Morning Journal and Courier. [New Haven, Conn.], 12 November 1902. "Personal Paragraphs . . . Mrs. J. Haydn Waud has returned from Europe and si spending the winter with friends in this city " (DailJnNHaLoc.) 
INFO PASSENGER LIST. S.S. Friesland sailing from Liverpool, June 27 1906. Arriving at Philadelphia 9 July 1906. #19. Mrs. Jas. H. Waud, age 55, female, widow, able to read and write, U.S. Citizen, English race, Last residence Manchester, Final destination: (top entry) - New Haven Conn. (bottom entry) - New York. Has a ticket to final destination, paid by self, has $50, in U.S. 1900 (or poss. 1902) in New York. Address of destination: (top entry) - Judy & David(?) Branson(?) 58 White Place (?). (bottom entry) - No. Never in prison or almshouse, not a polygamist, not an anarchist, ???, good health, not crippled. (PhilPassAnc.) 
INFO SCOTLAND CENSUS 1911. (2 Apr 1911). Edinburgh, Portobello. 29 Joppa Road, a house with 5 rooms that have one or more windows; 2 persons in the house. Mary Walford, head, 39, single, Boarding house keeper, born England. Agnes Wand [sic], aunt, 57, widow, Private means, born England. Census 1911 685/07 011/0 002 (ScotPeople.) 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. District of Newington, Edinburgh, Scotland. 1922 #390. Agnes Sophia Waud, widow of James Haydn Waud, Professor of Music, female, age 78. d. 27 May 1922, 4:23?? am, Longmore Hospital, Edinburgh; usual residence 29 Joppa Road, Portobello. Father: Henry Morris, Solicitor's clerk (deceased). Mother Martha Morris, M.S.[maiden surname] Butcher (deceased). Cause: Cerebral arterial degeneration encephalitis as cert. by A. Graham Ritchie M.B. Informant: Mary Walford, niece, present at death, of 29 Joppa Road, Portobello. Registered 27 May 1922 at Edinburgh, Wm. Kirkaldy, registrar. (ScotPeople.) 
DeathAgnes Morris died 27 May 1922 in Edinburgh, Scotland.