Mary Elizabeth Farmar

Female, (1858 - 1939)
FatherRichard Broadley Farmar (1822 - 1888)
MotherMary Ann Mitchell (1833 - 1909)
RelationshipGreat-granddaughter of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
INFO FAMILY BIBLE RECORD. Births. "Mary Elizabeth Farmar Born Febr 18th 1858 at 5.00 A.M. Thursday San Francisco Cal." (FarMitBible Records, p.4.) 
BirthMary Elizabeth Farmar was born 18 February 1858 in San Francisco, California. 
INFO Re: GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL. History of the school. First organized June 1964. A Normal Training Class for teachers was added in 1867 and graduated a class in 1872. There was no additional teacher training until 1876. The first class graduated in May 1877. As of 1880 the school occupies a fourteen-class building on Bush near Hyde with 769 pupils. (GirlHSSFHist.) 
INFO EDUCATION. Graduates of San Francisco Girls' High School, Normal Department [i.e. teacher training] listed in Daily Examiner, 25 May 1877, page 3. Thirty-one graduates including Mary Elizabeth Farmer. Indexed by (SFSchSFGen.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORIES. 1884 to 1907. 4 listings only: 1884 Farmar, Mary Miss assistant Hamilton Grammar School [south side Geary near Pierce] r.1713 Stockton. 1901, 1903, 1907: Farmar, Mary E Miss teacher (1903 schoolteacher) r.2236 Post. (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO HISTORY of Benecia CA "Mary Farmar, with her distinctive aprons, crisp white linen or black satin, with bows in the back, began teaching at West End Grammar School in 1889. She did not quit until 1922, by which time she had tutored 500 youngsters. No wonder the new elementary school was named in her honor in 1976. Indeed, the old three-story schoolhouse (1882-1929) was commonly called 'Miss Farmar's School.' When a marker was set up in 1940 in City Park, ex-pupil Steve De Benedetti paid a tribute to Miss Farmer in the Benicia Herald: 'She treated all children alike -- perhaps devoting a little more time to those of foreign parentage . . . She gave to her pupils the best she had. . . ." (GreatExpec p.174.) 
INFO DIPLOMA. San Francisco Call, 27 April 1892. Certificates issued by the Board of Examiners of the Board of Education. "Miss Lotta Bean and Miss Mary E. Farmar were recommeded for State educational diplomas." (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO STATE DIPLOMA. Newspaper: The Morning Call, San Francisco, 27 Apr 1892. Public School News.
" . . . The Board of Examiners met yesterday afternoon and transacted considerable business. Miss Lotta Bean and Miss Mary E. Farmar were recommended for State educational diplomas." (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO DIPLOMA LIST. California Superintendent of Public Instruction. Biennial Report, published in 1893
. Recipients of Educational Diplomas -- Grammar Grade. Mary E. Farmar, June 17, 1892. (CASupInstruc 1893, p.116.) 
INFO PROPERTY TRANSFER. San Francisco Call, 14 Feb 1893. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. " Mary A. Farmar to Mary E. and Ada M. Farmar, lot on W line of Stockton street, 69:8 S of Greenwich, S 22 by W 70: also lot on SW line of Fourteenth avenue South, 150 SE of I street, SE 25 by SW 100: also lot on SW line of Fourteenth avenue South, 200 SE of I street, SE 25 by SW 100, block 285, South San Francisco Homestead and Railroad Association: gift." (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO BLOCK BOOK. 1894. Mary E and Ada M Farmer own a 22 x 70 foot lot in Block 129 in the Fifty Vara Survey on the west side of Stockton Street, third lot south of the intersection of Greenwich and Stockton. (SFBlock1894.) 
INFO PROPERTY SALE. San Francisco Call, 30 May 1896. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Two transactions: Frederick C., Richard J. and George B. Farmar to Mary E. and Ada M. Farmar, lot on W line of Stockton street, 69:8 S of Greenwich, S 22 by W 70; $1 and Mary E. and Ada M. Farmar to Rosina Lometti, same; $10. (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1900 (1 Jun 1900) California, Benicia. "G" Street, dwelling #128. Fred R. Newmann family (wife Margaret and two children). Fred is b. Apr 1848, age 52, married 22 years, b. New York, parents b. Germany, Insurance agent, owns the home free of mortgage. 5 boarders (3 are teachers) include Mary E. Farmar, w, f, b. Oct 1867, age 32, single, b. California, parents b. Australia, teacher, can read, write, speak English. (USCen1900 T623-113 ED0138 sh.7A) NOTE: Mary E. Farmar is also enumerated with her mother in San Francisco for the 1900 census. 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO BLOCK BOOK. 1901 Mary E. & Ada M. Farmar own a 20 x 110 foot lot in Block 457 in the Western Addition on the north side of Post Street, third lot east of the intersection of Post and Divisidero. (SFBlock1901.) 
INFO CONTEST PRIZE. San Francisco Call, 28 Aug 1907. Prize answers to "What do you most want to know?" First prize $5 to Mary E. Farmar, Benicia, Cal. for "That dark secret, the Chronicle's circulation." (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO PROPERTY TRANSFER. San Francisco Call, 21 Aug 1909. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. "Mary E. Farmar to Ida [sic] M. Farmar, half of lot in SW line of Fourteenth avenue, 200 SE of 1 street South, SE 25 by SW 100; $10. (SFCallCDN.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of Mary Farmar with her pupils. Probably taken at Benicia California. Year unknown. (JDFarmarColl.)
INFO US CENSUS 1910 (15 Apr 1910). California, Benicia, West R Street. Family 186. Mary Elizabeth Farmar is a boarder with the family of-- Stewart, Charles, head, m, w, 60, married 33 years, self and parents from Canada, English speakers, to US 1868, naturalized, speaks Egnlish, occupation tanner in a tannery, wage earner, can read and write, owns mortgaged home. Wife Mary C. , f, w, 55, married 33 years, 5 children, 5 living, self and parents b. Canada, English speakers, to US 1875, can read and write. 5 Stewart children: William 29, Charles A, 23, Jeanette A, 28, Margaret J. Gray, 32, and her son Stewart Gray, 4. Two boarders: Irene F. Kelly, 28 and Mary E. Farmar, 50, Single, b. California, father b. Eng, mother b. Aus, all speak English, occupation - teacher in public school, wage-earner, can read and write. Also in household hired man John O'Leary age 60. (USCen1910 T624-108, ED0182, p.9B.) 
INFO CONTEST PRIZE. San Francisco Call, 7 Apr 1912. The Call's Booklovers' Contest. Mary E. Farmar, 543 W. K st., Benicia, is among 320 winners of 2 pound boxes of Haas candy. (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO POSTCARD. Photo of twenty or more women outdoors on stairway. Handwritten on edge area: Miss Farmer Feb the 24, 1916. Message "Dear Miss Farmer this is to remind you of our last day together at our Dear St Pauls Guild Benicia. Oh I miss the church & my dear good friends . . . Mrs. Hornung" (JDFarmarColl.) 
INFO POSTCARD. Photo postcard of Mary Elizabeth Farmar sent to Mitchell Farmar postmark Benicia Cal 8 May 1916. Address: Mr. Mitchell Farmar, Station L, Ocean View, S.F.Co., Cal c/o Mrs Rodenberger. Message: "Benicia, May 7, 1916. Dear Mitchell Will be glad to see you some time but let me know when you are coming as I want to be sure to be here and not miss you. All the Stewart family send best wishes. Yours lovingly Aunt Mamie" (JDFarmarColl.) 
Exhibit PORTRAIT of Mary Elizabeth Farmar. (JDFarmarColl.)
INFO US CENSUS 1920 (1 Jan 1920) California, Benicia, 543 K Street. Mary E. Farmar is a boarder with Mary Stewart and family. Mary Stewart, owns home without mortgage, f, m, 65, widow, to US 1872, nat 1877. can read and write, b. Canada, parents b. Scotland, speaks English. Stewart son Charles A, age 32; his two children. Stewart daughter Margaret J. Gray, 38, and her two children. Boarder Mary E. Farmar, 61, single, can read and write, b. California, father b. England, mother b. Australia, all speak English, occupation teacher in public school, wage earner. (USCen1920Anc T625-150 ED192, sh9A.) 
INFO VOTER ROLLS. 1922. Supplement-- Berkeley Precinct no.11. #6. Farmar, Mary E., 2022 Woolsey st, teacher. Rep party. (CAVoterAnc.) 
INFO NEWS ARTICLE. Benicia Herald and New Era, 17 Mar 1922. "Miss Farmar Has Fine Record. The resignation of Miss Mary Farmar as teacher in the Benicia schools, prompted the following tribute from her associates in the schools, in which she taught for so many years: Miss Farmar graduated from the San Francisco Normal school. Substituted in San Francisco schools for several years, taught one year in San Diego Count [sic], began teaching in Benicia, October 12th, 1889, (under the principalship of Miss Emma Garretson) continued in Benicia at the same school without interruption until February 4th 1922. During this period she has taught an average of thirty pupils per day, her work being confined to the primary grades. Many of her earlier pupils are today holding prominent positions and often send her greetings, speaking loyally of the valuable training given them in their first school days. At least fifty of her pupils, to her knowledge responded to their country's call and many others were prepared to do so. Miss Farmar's ability as a teacher has never been questioned and to this ability was added a personality that not only invaded the school room but reached the homes as well. While the school building is officially known as the 'West End Primary' it is only recognized when called Miss Farmar's school and this title is prompted buy the loving thoughts of associations that come when a mutual bond of sympathy exists between teacher and pupil. Her present illness has caused her to tender her resignation to the school department. She has moved as a Christian social worker among us and it is with deep regret that this activity cannot continue but we will still wish for her years of peace and contentment and assure her that she will always be an inspiration to the many whom she so gently guided in those beginning days. (BenicHerEra 17Mar1922, p.4.) 
INFO CITY DIRECTORIES. Polk's Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda City Directory. 1924: Farmer, Mary tchr r2022 Woolsey B[erkeley]. 1926: Farmar, Mary E. r2022 Woolsey B. Same entry in 1927, 1930, 1933, 1934, and 1935. 1937 and 1938: Farmer, Mary E r439 65th [Oakland]. (PolkOakland.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1930 (1 Apr 1930) California, Alameda County, Berkeley. 2022 Woolsey Street. Agard,Wm Arthur Todd, head, R, $22, no radio set, not on farm. m, w, 76, Mar, first at age 52, not in school, can read and write, b. California, father b. England, mother b. Scotland, can speak English, occup: miner owner, mining industry, owner, not a veteran. Wife Julia Mary, f, w, 66 m first age 45, not in school, can read and write, b. California, father b. Germany, mother b. U.S., can speak English, Fare lady for Sporting goods, worker, at work yesterday. Boarder Mary Elizabeth Farmar, f, w, 72, S, not in school, can read and write, b. California, father b. England, mother b. Australia. Can speak English, retired teacher. note- others in household: Charles W. O'Bryan, boarder, m, w, 26, m, 1st mar. at 25, not in school, can read and write, b. Kansas, father b. Missouri, mother b. Kansas, can speak English, printer, employee, worked yesterday, not a veteran. Marion G. O'Bryan, f, w, 24, m, 1st mar at 23, not in school, can read and write, self and father b. California, mother b. England, can speak English, no occup (USCens1930 T626/0286, p.10A.) 
INFO CEMETERY INFO from Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, California, plot 331D, owner: Mrs. Eliza White. Burial #14, Mary Elizabeth Farmar d. at age 82-10-2, b. SF, CA. d.20 Dec 1939. single, female, died in Jun. Serra Hosp. Daly City. Burial #82686, File 12. [no burial date on this list]. (CypLawn331D 13Oct1975 info.) 
DeathShe died 20 December 1939 in Colma, California, at age 81. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. San Francisco Chronicle. FARMAR -- In Colma, December 20, 1939, Mary Elizabeth Farmar, formerly of Benicia, sister of George B. Farmar. Funeral service 10 a.m. Saturday December 23, at Grays, Divisadero st. at Post. (SFChronicle 22Dec1939, p.11.) 
INFO FUNERAL RECORD. N.Gray & Co. Book 32, p.770. Call received 20 Dec 1939 5:15pm. Mary Elizabeth Farmar, d. at Junipero Serra Hospital. Home: 140 [sic] Templeton Ave, Daly City, CA. Female, White, Single, b. 18 February 1857 [sic], age 82-10-2. Retired school teacher of Benicia Calif, Last worked 1922, was employed 30 years. b. San Francisco CA. Father: Richard B. Farmar, b. Dover England. Mother: Mary A. Mitchell, b. Sydney, Australia. In city of death 25 days [Colma hospital], in California, life. Informant: George B. Farmar, 62 Turk st., Tynan Hotel. Burial Cypress Lawn, 23 Dec 1939. Funeral director: N. Gray & Co. 1545 Divisidero St. Date of death 20 Dec 1939. Medical certification Lawler A. Drees MD, 450 Sutter St. Saw deceased from 25 Nov 1939 to Dec 20 1939. Last seen 20 Dec 1939, 5 pm. Cause: Cerebral hemorrhage with right hemiplegia 24 Nov 1939, also fract. right humerus, 25 Nov 1939. Sister of George B. Farmar. Funeral Sat, 23 Dec 1939, 10 a.m., Chapel B, officiating Rev. I. Dawson of Oakland. Weight 125, length 5/7, width 20, hair grey, eyes grey. (SFFuneRecAnc.) 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. California, San Mateo County. [notes] Mary Elizabeth Farmar. Place of death, Junipero Serra Hospital, Colma, CA. Residence 140 Templeton Ave, Daly City, Calif. Female, white, single. b. 18 Feb 1857. Age at death 82-10-2. Ret. School teacher of Benecia, Calif. Last worked 1922, total years in occup: 30. Birth in San Francisco CA. Date of death: 20 Dec 1939. Cause: cerebral hemorrhage . . . Father Richard B. Farmer, b. Dover, England. Mother Mary A. Mitchell, b. Sydney, Australia. Residence in city of death 25 days. Residence in California, life. Informant: George B. Farmar, 62 Turk St., Burial Cypress Lawn, 23 Dec 1939. Funeral director N. Gray & Co. 1545 Divisadero St. 
INFO PROBATE. Mary E. Farmar. Order fixing inheritance tax: died 29 Dec 1939; value of estate 3678.08. Heirs: Miriam Rodenberger $50. Julia Agard $150. Charles A. O'Bryan $50. George B. Farmar 1714.05, John M. Farmar 857.02. Sybil Farmar 857.02. Will follows page with San Mateo County stamp of 3 Jan 1940 and is a handwritten note page: 149 Templeton Ave. Daly City, Calif. May 30th 1939. I Mary E. Farmar being of sound and disposing mind do will and bequeath my property after my debts are all paid and my funeral expenses ... to the following persons, (as above, stated amounts to the first three - Chas O'Bryan is nephew of Julia Agard -- and the one half of the residue to George B. Farmar, 1/4 to John M. Farmar and 1/4 to Sybil Farmar). (SMProbMamie.)