Richard Broadley Farmar

Male, (1822 - 1888)
FatherBroadley Farmar (1787 - 1839)
MotherHannah Bishop (1794 - 1860)
RelationshipGrandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthRichard Broadley Farmar was born 20 May 1822 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO BAPTISM. Dover St.Mary. 1822 21 Aug Richard Broadley son of Broadley & Hannah Farmar of St. Mary Dover, Wheelwright. Born May 20. (DovSMarPR LDS1836142 1822 Bap #3334.) 
INFO GREENWICH HOSPITAL SCHOOL. Index to National Archives records of admissions. Richard Broadley Farmar, parents: Broadley and Hannah Farmar nee Bishop. Born 20 May 1821 [sic] and baptised 21 August 1821[sic] at St Mary the Virgin Dover. Parents married 19 March 1815 at St Mary the Virgin Dover. Record ADM 73/224/38. 6 documents. (NatArchDisco) Note: probable admission year 1832 or 1833 at age 11 or 12. 
Note NOTE: First went to sea as apprentice in 1836, per 1845 Seaman's Register. 
INFO APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE Index. Merchant Navy. 29 March 1837. Farmer, Rd, age 14, term 7 years, Master John Elmer, Vessel Swift. Indenture registered December 1837. ("Mar 44" written at the end of the entry -- would be end of the 7 year apprenticeship term). (AppMerchAnc.) 
INFO ENROLLMENT AS APPRENTICE: 13 Oct 1837 Quarter sessions Dover. Richard Broadley Farmar of his own free will, with approbation of father Broadley Farmar of Dovor mariner, indenture dated 29 Sept 1837 apprenticed himself to James McToldridge of Dovor sailmaker to serve for 7 years. Pay 4 shillings per week in last 4 years. The father to provide food, lodging, wearing apparel, and medical care. (DovAppren LDS1656692 #3 p.503.) 
INFO Re: GREENWICH HOSPITAL SCHOOLS. Status report on the schools by the House of Lords. (GBSessHLords 1841 vol 7, appendix.) 
INFO WITNESS Richard Farmar to wedding of sister Elizabeth Farmar, 5 April 1840. (GBCertMarDov.) 
INFO SEAMAN's REGISTER 1845. Register ticket #1441. Richard Farmar. born at Dover, Kent 20 May 1822. Capacity Second Mate Height 5 ft 9-3/4 Complexion Fair Hair Lt. Brown Eyes grey Marks none. First went to sea as apprentice in the year 1836. Has not served in the Royal Navy or Foreign Service. When unemployed resides at Goswell Terr, London. Ticket issued at London 17 Dec 1844. Age when ticketed 22. Can write- yes. One voyage reported 1845 as 2M (second mate): Out: 2902.64.4 64.15.1 HOME:2902.64.4 64.22?.6? (i.e. Port rotation number 2902. Port London=64. Outbound date 15 Jan 1845. Return date June 22, 1845 - date very hard to read.) Written across the rest of the year columns - Cancelled Ticket lost list Gravesend & London llur?. New [ticket number] 328860. (SeaReg1845 LDS1482503 BT113/1.) 
INFO SEAMAN's REGISTER 1846 Register ticket #328860. Richard Broadley Farmar. b. Dover, Kent 20 May 1822, Capacity - Mate, height 5' 9 1/4" Complexion fresh, hair lt. brown, eyes lt. blue, marks none. First went to sea as apprentice in the year 1837. Not in the Royal Navy or the Foreign Service. When unemployed resides at Clerkenwell. Ticket issued at London 18 Apr 1846. Age when ticketed 24, can write -yes. Voyage 1: 2M (2nd Mate) OUT 1846 3570.12?.5 64.18.4 - Home 1847 3570.64.5 64.16.6 (ship 3570 from? and to London, out 18 Apr 1846, home 16 Jun 1847). Voyage 2: 2M (2nd Mate) Out 1847 4153.64.7 64.27.8 Home 1848 4153.64.7 64.14.8 (ship 4153 to and from London, out 27 Aug 1847, home 14 Aug 1848). Comments column-renewed. (SeaReg1845 LDS1483117, BT113/165.) 
Note NOTE: BIRTH of niece Mary Jane Swinbourn in Dec.1847 at 15 Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell. Seaman's Register listings for RBF give his off-duty addresses as Goswell Terr (1845) or Clerkenwell (1848). Possibly, RBF lived with his sister Elizabeth Swinbourn and her family when he was not at sea. 
INFO NEWSPAPER PASSENGER LIST. 4 Aug 1849 Panama Star. "The ship Eugenia leaves the island of Toboga [Panama] this day for San Francisco." -passenger list of about 104 names. [ No Farmar. Note Capt. Dunbar in the listing]. (Pt5dome.) 
INFO ARRIVAL IN CALIFORNIA. Society of California Pioneers membership archives: Richard Broadley Farmar, born May 20th 1824 [sic], in Dover, Kent, England. Address: 1713 Stockton St. Occup: Clerk, S.F. News Co. Date of arrival in California Nov 4th 1849. Name of vessel: Eugenia. signed R.B. Farmar. Note at bottom of page: Died in San Francisco, Cal. December 27th 1888. (SocCalPionAr vol.2.) 
INFO Re: NEWSPAPER REPORT in San Francisco 19 Jun 1850 of ship Eugenia arrival in Valparaiso 27 Mar 1850. "Chile ship Eugenia Capt. Fhayer [sic], 105 days from San Francisco, Cross Hobson & Co, in ballast." (AltaCalifCDN.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER REPORT OF EUGENIA. Alta California [San Francisco] 8 Nov 1849, p.3. "ARRIVED" Nov 4 Ch sp [=Chilean ship] Eugenia, Thayer [captain], 94 dys from Panama, 121 passengers, cargo to order. (AltaCalifCDN.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. "In the name of the Father , and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Were united in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony, according to the Rites of the Church of California, Richard Broadley Farmer [sic] from Dover Engld and Mary Ann Mitchell, from Sidney -- in Grace Chapel, San Francisco, Californa, this seventh Day of June, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty One. By me John L. Ver Mehr, Rector of Grace Church." (JDFarmarColl.) 
INFO FAMILY BIBLE RECORD. Marriages. "Richard Broadley Farmar and Mary Ann Mitchell in Grace Church June 7th 1851 San Francisco." (FarMitBible Records, p.2.) 
MarriageHe married Mary Ann Mitchell, daughter of John James Welch Mitchell and Mary Ann Allman, 7 June 1851 in San Francisco, California. 
INFO CENSUS STATE of CALIFORNIA. 1 June 1852. San Francisco, P.17A #13. Jno Mitchell, 49, M, wht, Innkeeper, b. England, last residence Sydney. Mary Ann Mitchell, 38, F, b. N.S.Wales, Last residence Sydney. Richd Farmar, 29, M, wht, Laborer, b. England, Last residence Dover. Mary Ann Farmar, 19, F, wht, b. N.S.Wales, Last residence Sydney. Wm Mitchell, 15, M, wht. Jas Mitchell, 11, F, wht. Ann Mitchell, 9, F, wht. Jno Mitchell, 7, M, wht. Eliza Mitchell, 4, F, wht. Elizabeth Farmar, 4 mo, F, wht, b. Cal, last residence San Francisco. (All in Mitchell family except Jno age 49 are born in N.S.Wales with last residence Sydney.) (CACen1852Anc, p.17A San Francisco.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORY. 1854 Farmer, Richard laborer h.Union Place (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO CITY DIRECTORY. San Francisco City Directory, Oct 1856. p.47. Two listings: Farmer Richard, mercht, h Stock, n Green. Farmer Capt. R.B. h Stockton, n Greenwich. (SFCityDirArc 1856.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORIES. 1858 to 1861. 4 listings. Farmar, R.B. or Richard B or Richard is a pressman or engineer for the Alta California [newspaper]. He resides on the west side of Stockton street nr. Greenwich. One 1861 listing says "dwl with Mary Mitchell" [his mother-in-law]. (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1860 (1 Jun 1860). California, San Francisco. Dwelling 1029, family 1045. Richd B.Farmar, 36, male, Engineer, b. Eng. Mary A. Farmar, 27, F, b. Australia. Fredr, 4, M, b Cal. Mary E., F, 2, b.Cal (USCen1860Anc M653-67 p.669.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORIES. 1862 to 1873. Listing in directory for each year: Farmar Richard B clerk with J. Bamber & Co. 719 Davis dwl 1713 Stockton. 1871 and 1873 as bookkeeper with J. Bamber & Co. or Bamber's Express. (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO US FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ASSESSMENT. 1863. R.B. Farmar taxed on $500 valuation at 3%. Total tax $15. (IRSTaxAssAnc.) 
INFO US FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ASSESSMENT. July 8, 1863. R.B. Farmar of 1715 Stockton, taxed on $500 valuation at 3%. Total tax $15. (IRSTaxAssAnc.) 
INFO US FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ASSESSMENT. 1864. R.B. Farmar of 719 Davis, taxed on $500 income at 3%. Total tax $15.75. (IRSTaxAssAnc.) 
INFO US FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ASSESSMENT. 1865. R.B. Farmar of 1713 Stockton. Taxed on Income: 5% of $360 = $18 plus one dollar tax for a watch, for a total of $19. (IRSTaxAssAnc.) 
INFO US FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ASSESSMENT. 1866. R.B. Farmar of 1713 Stockton ("Location" column) and 719 Davis ("article or occupation" column), taxed on $263 valuation at 5% plus $1. Total tax $14.15. (IRSTaxAssAnc.) 
INFO CHURCH HISTORY. St. Peter's Episcopal Church, founded 1867, building at Stockton and Filbert 1870, building and organ consecrated 1903, destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. (StPetSFHist.) 
Exhibit MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE. California Society of Pioneers. Wall hanging certificate 28" x 34". "This is to certify that Richard B. Farmar who arrrived in California Nov'r 4th 1849 is a member of the Soeiety of California Pioneers . . . Nov 5th 1867" (SFFarmarColl.) 
Note NOTE: Deaths of James McToldridge in 1868 (bur Dec 10) age 78 and wife Susannah in 1871 (bur Jun 9) age 72 in LDS 1786362#2 SJDover Burials. Re: apprenticeship of RBF. 
INFO Re: BAMBER EXPRESS. Historical notes from Western Cover Society website: "...during the sixties and early seventies of the last century...Bambers Express carried the mails and the San Francisco newspapers down to Santa Cruz from Oakland. They carrried express letters, too . ..' The business died with the coming of the railroad. from the San Francisco Bulletin, 3 Apr 1922. (WestCovSoc.) 
INFO PETITION SIGNATURE. 1870 Petition for Repeal of the Mortgage Tax Law, to Senate and Assembly of State of California. Many signatories including R.B. Farmar. Publ. in Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly, 18 session, v.3:1870. (SFGenCom.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1870 (1 Jun 1870). California, San Francisco. #881, Family 979. Farmar, Richard, 45, male, white, Express Co. Clerk, Real estate $4500, personal prop $500, b. England, parents foreign-born, U.S. Citizen. Farmer, Mary A., 37, female, white, keep house, b. Australia, parents foreign-born. Farmer, Frederick C, 14, male, white, b. California, parents foreign-born, attends school. Farmer, Mary E., 12, female, white, b. California, parents foreign-born, attends school. Farmer, Richard, 9, male, white, b. California, parents foreign-born, attends school. Farmer, Ada M. 4, female, white, b. California, parents foreign-born. (USCen870Anc M593-79, pages 188 A-B.) 
INFO VOTER PETITION. Daily Alta California, 31 Jul 1871. Published list of voters who wish to join with the Tax-Payers' Union to hold a convention to nominate persons who are independent of national and state political party affiliation to run for city and county offices in the September and October elections. List includes Bamber & Co. and R.B. Farmar. (AltaCalifCDN.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORIES. 1874 to 1876 Listing each year for Farmar R B vestryman for St. Peters Epsic. Church (Stockton & Filbert) (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO SAN FRANCISCO CITY DIRECTORIES. 1874 to 1888. Listing in directory for each year: Farmar Richard B residence 1713 Stockton. 1874 no employer listed. 1875 with W. Loomis company. 1876 to 1888 with S.F. News Co. as a clerk (one listing 1884 as a mailing clerk). (SFCityDirect.) 
INFO CENSUS 1880 (1 June 1880) San Francisco (e.d.13) CA R.B. Farmer, 56, marr, clerks in S.F. News Off., R.& parents b. Eng. Wife Mary A., 47, house keeping, marr, b. N.S. Wales, fath b. Eng., moth b. N.S.Wales. Son Frederick C., 24, single, compositor, b.CA. Dau Mary E., 22, at home, sing., b.CA. Son Richard J., 19, b.CA, Dau Ada M., 14, at school, b.CA. Son George B.,5,b.CA. (USCens1880CD T9-0073 p.160A.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of Richard Broadley Farmar. Bust portrait of mature man. Printed on back: "C.L. Cramer, cor. Pine and Kearney Sts." Date probably in the 1880s. (SFFarmarColl.)
DeathRichard Broadley Farmar died 27 December 1888 in San Francisco, California, at age 66. 
INFO FAMILY BIBLE RECORD. Deaths. "Richard Broadley Farmar Died Dec. 27th 1888 (Thursday) at 6.30 A.M. Aged 64yrs. 7 mos. 7 das." (FarMitBible Records, p.7.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. San Francisco Chronicle. 28 Dec 1888. FARMAR -- In this city, December 27, Richard B. Farmar, a native of Dover, England, aged 64 years and 7 months. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow (Saturday, at 2 o'clock from St. Peter's Episcopal Church, corner of Stockton and Filbert streets. (SFChronicle 28Dec1888, p.3). Also Daily Alta California, 28 Dec 1888, p.7 and8 29 Dec 1888, p.7. 
INFO FUNERAL COST RECORD. N. Gray & Co.[San Francisco, CA] Funeral Director's Register of Funerals. 1888 #561. Rich. B. Farmar of 1713 Stockton. Died Dec 27, buried Dec 29. Costs: Box 5, ImRW Casket 75, Wagon 4, Drapery 1, Carriages 24, Preserving flowers 15, Grave 4, hearse 10, crape & gloves 4, total 153 paid. (SFFunerRecFS.) 
INFO NOTE: Original burial location not known. Moved to Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma CA in 1909 after death of widow Mary Ann. 
INFO PROPERTY TRANSFER. Daily Alta California, 3 Jan 1889, page 7. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. "Richard B. Farmar to Mary A. Farmar, lot 22x70, W Stockton, 60.8 S of Greenwich and lot 25x100 SW cor of Fourteenth ave 150 SE of I st. gift." (AltaCalifCDN.) 
INFO DEATH PAYMENT. Daily Alta California, 12 Mar 1889. American Legion of Honor death claims from California listed: R.B. Farmar, San Francisco, $3000. (AltaCalifCDN) [ NOTE: The American Legion of Honor was a fraternal organization founded in Boston in 1878 which provided insurance for members.]. 
INFO Re: ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SAN FRANCISCO. San Francisco Call. Lecture announcement 12 Feb 1897 contains a drawing of the original church structure from 1870. (SFCallCDN 12 Feb 1897; also photo in article 17 Feb 1896.) 
INFO Re: ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. San Francisco. History of the church from Facebook article written 26 Sep 2009. (FacebookStPe. StPetersSF.) 
INFO Re: FARMAR RESIDENCE. Former 1713 Stockton address location noted on 1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. The Farmar property was the third lot south of Greenwich on the west side of Stockton St. (SanbornMapSF vol. 1, p.43.) 
INFO CEMETERY INFO from Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, California, plot 331D, owner: Mrs. Eliza White. Burial #4. Richard Farmar, d. at age 64-7-7. b. England. d. 27 Dec 1888. married, male, died in SFO. Cypress Lawn burial 1 June 1909. [with son Richard J. Farmar] "in 6 ft box" Interment #13579 book 2. (CypLawn331D 13Oct1975 info.) 


Mary Ann Mitchell (1833 - 1909)