George Broadley Farmar

Male, (1875 - 1955)
FatherRichard Broadley Farmar (1822 - 1888)
MotherMary Ann Mitchell (1833 - 1909)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthGeorge Broadley Farmar was born 29 July 1875 in San Francisco, California. 
INFO FAMILY BIBLE RECORD. Births. "George Broadley Farmar Born July 29th 1875 at 7 A.M. Thursday San Francisco Cal" (FarMitBible Records, p.4.) 
Exhibit PORTRAIT of George B. Farmar as a youth, carte-de-visite format. Photographer: Lainer Instantaneous Photos, 715 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. Telephone No.5139. Images of front and back of the photo. (JDFarmarColl.)
INFO PROPERTY SALE. San Francisco Call, 30 May 1896. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Two transactions: Frederick C., Richard J. and George B. Farmar to Mary E. and Ada M. Farmar, lot on W line of Stockton street, 69:8 S of Greenwich, S 22 by W 70; $1 and Mary E. and Ada M. Farmar to Rosina Lometti, same; $10. (SFCallCDN.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1900 (1 Jun 1900) California, San Joaquin Couny, Elkhorn Township. #8. Farmar, George B, head, w, m, b.July 1875, 24, single, b. California, father b.England, mother b.Australia, can read, write and speak English, owns home free of mortgage. (USCen1900Anc T623-108 ED103 sh1A.) 
INFO MARRIAGE LICENSE. State of California, County of San Joaquin #3307. "These Presents are to authorize and license any Justice ..., Judge... Priest or Minister ... to solemnize within said County the Marriage of " George Broadley Farmer [sic], native of California, age 21, resident of Lodi, San Joaquin County, and May White Arnold, native of Illinois, age 18, resident of Lodi. Signed 2 Jan 1906. Eugene D. Graham, County Clerk, by J. H. Plummer, Deputy Clerk. Below on same page is certification of marriage: on 3 Jan 1906 witnesses Fred C. Farmer [sic] of San Francisco and Julius Arnold of Lodi. by W.P. Grant, Pastor M.E. Church. Recorded 3 Feb 1906. (SJMarrLicAp LDS1841859 2 Jan1906.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Lodi, San Joaquin Co., California, #51. Groom: George Broadley Farmar, residence Lodi, age 21, white, single, b. San Francisco, CA. Occup: Orchardist. Father: -- b. Dover England. Mother: Mitchell, b. Sidney, Australia. Bride: May White Arnold, residence: Lodi, white, single, b. Illinois. Occup: Housewife. Father Julius Arnold, b. Vermont. Mother: Barto, b. Ohio. Married in Lodi, 3 Jan 1906. Witness: Fred C. Farmer [sic], San Francisco. Pastor: W. P. Grant, M.E. Church. Registration filed 6 Feb 1906. (CAMarrCertSJ LDS1411586 3Jan06.) 
INFO FAMILY BIBLE RECORD. Marriages. "Geo. Broadley Farmar and May E. (Arnold) xxxx [rubbed out] in Lodi Jan. 3.1906." (FarMitBible Records, p.2.) 
MarriageHe married May Elnora Arnold, daughter of Julius D. Arnold and Harriet F. Bartou, 3 January 1906 in Lodi, California. 
Note NOTE: Lodi newspaper has gap Jan 1906 -- not able to search for marriage news. 
INFO US CENSUS 1910 (15 Apr 1910) California, San Joaquin County, Elkhorn Township. East Pine Street. Head Julius D. Arnold, m, w, 60, married 45 years, self and parents b. Vermont, speaks English, farmer, fruit farm, own account, can read and write, owns farm free of mortgage. Wife Harriet F, f, w, 60, married 45 years, 1 child, 1 living, b. Illinois, father b. Vermont, Mother b. New York, speaks English. In the same household: son-in-law George B. Farmer, m, w, married 4 years, b. California, father b. England, mother b. Australia, all English speakers. Daughter-in-law May E., f, w, 29, married 4 years, self and mother b.Illinois, father b. Vermont, speaks English. George is a laborer on a fruit farm. Works for wages. Boarder Julia A. Wisner, f, w, 50, widow, b. Ohio, father b. Vermont, mother b. New York, no occupation. (USCen1910Anc T624-103 ED118 sh 5A.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of George B. Farmar and young son George A. Farmar. (JDFarmarColl.)
INFO US CENSUS 1920 (1 Jan 1920) California, San Joaquin County, Elkhorn Township, Distr 0145. Farmar, George B., head, owns home free of mortgage, m, w, 46, married, can read and write, b. California, father b. England, mother b.Australia, all speak English, occupation: contractor building houses on his own account. Wife May, f, w, 38, married, can read and write, b. Illinois, father b. Vermont, mother b. Ohio, not employed. Son George, m, w,9, single, in school can read and write, self and father b. California, mother b. Illinois. Mother-in-law Harriett Arnold, f,w,83, widow, can read and write, b.Ohio, father b. France, French-native language, mother b. New York. (USCen1920Anc T625-145 sh 16A.) 
INFO US CENSUS 1930 (1 Apr 1930) California, San Joaquin County, Elkhorn Township. Pine street Extension. Farmar, George B., head, owns home, $7500 value, not a farm, m, w, 53, age at first marriage 29, can read and write, b. California, father b. England, mother b. Australia, assistant superintendent for office building, for wages, not a veteran. Wife May E., f, w, 42, married first at age 18, can read and write, b. Illinois, father v. Vermont, mother b. Ohio. Son George A. Farmar, w, m, 19, single, can read and write, b. California, father b. California, mother b. Illinois. (USCen1930Anc T626-210 ED0018 sh9A.) 
INFO RESIDENCE in sister Mary E. Farmar's will 16 Sep 1940: George B. Farmar, Hotel Tynan, 62 Turk St. San Francisco. (SMProbMamie.) 
DeathGeorge Broadley Farmar died 2 November 1955 in Lodi, California, at age 80. 
INFO CEMETERY INFO from Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, California, plot 331D, owner: Mrs. Eliza White. Burial #15 George Broadley Farmar, d. at age 80, found. 2 Nov 1955, married, male, died in Lodi, San Joaquin Co. of Coronary occlusion. Burial #107128, File 48. [no burial date given on this list] (CypLawn331D 13Oct1975 info.) 
INFO DEATH CERTIFICATE. George Broadley Farmer [sic]. Death date: Found 12 Nov 1955, 12:10 pm. Male, white, married, b. 25 [sic] July 1875, age 80. Occup: Manager, Office building, San Francisco. U.S. Citizen. Father: Richard B. Farmar, b. England. Mother: Mary Ann Mitchell, b. Australia. Spouse: May E. Farmer. Never in armed forces. SS #--- -- ---. Informant: George A. Farmer. Place of death: Lodi Lake, Lodi, San Joaquin Co. 10 years stay in this city [sic]. Usual Residence: 604 E. Pine Street, Loci, Ca. Coroner signature 11-13-55. Burial 11-15-55 Cypress Lawn Cemetery from Wells Funeral Home. Registered 15 Nov 1955. (CADeaCertSJ LDS1851620 12Nov1955.) 
INFO CA DEATH INDEX. Farmar, George Broadley b. 07/25/1875. Mother maiden Mitchell. b. California d. San Joaquin Co. 11/12/1955, at 80 yrs, ss 560-09-9259. (CADeaRecInd.) 
Note NOTE: No obituary for G.B. Farmar found in Lodi newspaper Nov 2-9, 1955. 


May Elnora Arnold (1882 - 1957)