Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar

Male, (1897 - 1977)
FatherFrederick Broadley Farmar (1860 - 1937)
MotherMaud Matilda Brown (circa 1863 - 1948)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthFrederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar was born 1897 in New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Birth. 1897 Farmar, Frederick Seymour Brabazon #1681 [JunQ Wellington]. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341153.) 
Note NOTE birth date of 15 Mar 1901 in WW2 service record. 
Exhibit PHOTO of Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar as a young child. (CorrespTRMCN, Email 15 Sep 2019.)
INFO SHOOTING ACCIDENT. Marlborough Express, 4 Apr 1910. Word was received in town this morning that a shooting accident had taken place at Waihopai, the victim being Master Fred Farmar, the 13-year-old son of Mr F.B. Farmar, of Blenheim. The boy left town about 5 o'clock this morning in a buggy, accompanied by a youth named Norman James, to bring back a motorcar. The lad was then removed to the Wairau Hospital. The facts of the accident are that the boys had in their possession a revolver, out of which they had fired several shots, there being only one loaded chamber left, which contained a cartridge that had failed to go off. In some unaccountable manner this cartridge exploded, the shot entering young Farmar just above the groin, inflicting a very serious wound. An examination was made at the hospital by Drs Nairn and Bennett, which revealed the fact that the injuries received are of a severe nature. Master Farmar is a present in a critical condition, the doctors fearing that peritonitis will supervene. (MarlExprDig 4Apr1910, p.5.) 
INFO MILITARY SERVICE. New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 1914. Farmar, Frederick Seymour Brabazon. 24/751, Corporal in 2nd N.Z.R.B.- C company. Single of Beaver Rd. Blenheim, Canterbury district. Next-of-kin: F.B. Farmar (father) Farmar and Co., Produce Merchants, Blenheim. (NZExped1914 LDS6342571.) 
INFO MILITARY PERSONNEL FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Farmar, Frederick Seymour Brabazon - WW1 24/751 - Army, 1914-1918. Agency AABK; series 18805; accession W5537; box/item 85; record no. 0038975. Held at Wellington. (ArchNZArchwy) -duplicate file: accession W5562; box/item 116; record no. 0130621. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO DIRECTORIES. 1922-24: Farmar, Fredk Seymour, shp fmr, Waikakaho, M. (StonCantDir LDS447573-574.) 
INFO DIRECTORY. 1923 listings: Farmar & Co, produce merchants, High st. B=Blenheim. Farmar Arthur Jas, sheep frmr, Beaver rd, B. Farmar Ellen Mrs. 252 Armagh st, Chch. Farmar, Fredk. Broadley (of Farmar & Co.) produce merchant, High st; p r New Renwich rd Fairhall, B. Farmar Fredk Seymour, shp fmr, Waikakaho, M=Marlborough. (StonCantDir LDS 0447573 May 1923, p. 579.) 
MarriageHe married Janet Boag Dunlop 1924 in New Zealand. 
INFO MARR LICENSE APPLICATION. Palmerston North #50. 17 Apr 1924. Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar, 27, Firm's representative, bachelor, res of Palmerston North 3 days. Joan Boag Dunlop, 27, nurse, spinster, res of Palmerston North 1 day. At the Registrar's office, by the Registrar. (CorresJOCAT 06Feb03.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage 1924 Farmar, FSB and Dunlop, Janet [sic] Boag. #04682 Wellington. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 25Apr2002.) 
INFO DRIVING LICENCE APPLICANT. South Taranaki Driving Licence Applicants. 28 Apr 1927. Number 977. FARMAR Frederick Seymour B. Address: Box 220 New Plymouth. Occupation: Agent. Type of license: Motor car/cycle. Experience: 12y. Notes: Original N P B C 12 Apr 1926. (NZSGIndex5.) 
INFO DIVORCE. Absolute decree 25.8.31 Janet [sic] Boag Farmar. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 6Feb2003.) 
MarriageFrederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar married Cora Elizabeth Edwards 1932 in New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage 1932. Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar. Spouse: Smith. reg #00220. (NZSGIndex5 Matching NZ Bride and Groom.) 
INFO FATHER'S OBITUARY. Marlborough Express, 20 Sep 1937, Mr. F.B. Farmar. Survivors include Mr. Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar, a resident of Sydney. (MarlExpress, 20 Sep 1937, p.4e.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar in military uniform with his wife Cora on a crowded Sydney street. Written on the back: "Martin Place, Sydney 1939/1940 just before Dad embarked on Q Mary for o/seas." (CorrespTRMCN, Email 15 Sep 2019).
INFO WORLD WAR 2 SERVICE. Frederick Brabazen [sic] Farmar. Australian Army, #NX18272. b 15 Mar 1901, Wellington New Zealand. Enlisted 28 May 1940, residence Sydney NSW. enlisted at Paddington NSW. Next of kin- Cora Farmar. Discharge 12 Apr 1944. rank Warrant Officer Class 2. Posting at discharge - 3 ART/BN (AWMNomWW2.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of FSB Farmar in military gear with an Arabian-style headdress. Written on the back: "Frederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar, 2nd World War. In some Arabian Country" (CorrespTRMCN Email 15 Sep 2019.)
INFO MILITARY RECORD LOCATION. National Archives of Australia. Farmar Frederick Brabazen [sic]: Service number NX 18272. Date of birth 15 Mar 1901 [sic]; Place of birth: Wellington, New Zealand. Place of enlistment - Paddington NSW. Next of Kin - Farmar,Cora. Series B883. Date range 1939-1948. Access: open. Location: Canberra. Barcode: 4901241. (NArchAusSear.) 
INFO SISTER'S WILL. Will of Hilda May Russell, written 14 Jun 1962, gives £500 and final residue of estate to brother FSB Farmar of 24 Boolabah [sic] Road, Valley Heights, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. [NOTE: Coolabah road is the correct name]. (NZNapierProb P2085.) 
INFO TELEPHONE DIRECTORY. 1977 directory for Valley Heights includes Farmar at 24 Coolabah Road. (CorresBMtnL e-mail 2Feb2005.) 
DeathFrederick Seymour Brabazon Farmar died 9 December 1977 in New South Wales, Australia. 
INFO FUNERAL NOTICE. 12 Dec 1977 Sydney Morning Herald. FARMAR -- The relatives and friends of he late FREDERICK SEYMOUR BRABAZON (JACK) FARMAR are invited to attend his funeral service, to be held in the chapel of the Pine Grove Memorial Crematorium, Eastern Creek, Tuesday, December 13, 1977. Appointed to commence at 3:30 p.m. Please meet at the crematorium. Wood Coffill Pty., Ltd. 1 Cascade Street, Katoomba. 82 2610. (SydMornHer 12 Dec 1977 page 19.) 
INFO-5gen DEATH NOTICE 12 and 13 Dec 1977 Sydney Morning Herald. FARMAR Frederick Seymour Brabazon (Jack) -- December 9, 1977. (Veteran 1st World War N.Z. Mounted Infantry and 2nd World War Australian 275 Fld. Regt.) loved husband of . . .[names deleted] . . . at rest. Sadly missed by all. (SydMornHer 12 and 13 Dec 1977 page 19 and page 16.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE Index. For death of Farmar, Frederick Seymour Brabazon (Jack) notices appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald 12 and 13 Dec 1977. (RyersonIndex.)