Gaverick Allen Austen Farmar

Male, (1909 - 1970)
FatherFrank Farmar (1874 - 1951)
MotherLucy Beatrix Quince (circa 1886 - 1975)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthGaverick Allen Austen Farmar was born 15 February 1909 in Ealing, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Birth 1909 MarQ Farmar, Allen Austin F. G. Brentford 3a,145. (GBCivRegInd LDS6102200.) 
INFO PHOTO about 1925 of Gaverick Farmar as a young man. Post Card format, handwritten on back : Gaverick, age 16 years & 1 month. (CorresMARNI Letter Sep 1999.)
INFO VOTER REG 1938. Southern Rhodesia, year ended 31 Dec 1938. Lomagundi electoral District. p.6 #203 Farmar, Allen Austin Frank Gaverick; male; Raffingora Farm, Lomagundi, P.B. Banket; planter; has income, salary or wage.. Also #229 Fox, Kenneth, Joseph Colvill, same address as Gaverick, planter, OCC=occupier. (RhoVoters LDS1207565 1938-39.) 
Note NOTE: No Farmar in 1939 Yearbook of Rhodesia. 
MarriageHe married Susannah Elizabeth ...?... circa 1940. 
INFO DIRECTORY BIOG. 1943/44. See 1948 for details. (YrBkRhodesia 1943/44, p.498.) 
INFO DIRECTORY BIOG 1944. see 1948 for most details. -Addl info from 1944-45 ed: 1931 in Tanganyika Territory. (YrBkRhodesia 1944/45 pp.515-16.) 
INFO VOTER REG. Rhodesia 1944 Lomagundi Electoral Dist. #243 Farmar, Allen Austin Frank Gaverick, Raffingora Farm, Lomagundi Dist, P/Bag, Banket, planter, INC = Inc,salary or wage. #244 Farmar, Susannah Elizabeth, Tuinplaats Farm, Lomagundi Dist, P.O. Eldorado, married, H=Husband's qualif. ALSO Fox, Kenneth Joseph Collvill, Raffingora farm address, planter, OCC=Occupier. (RhoVoter LDS1207566 Lomagundi, p.8.) 
Note NOTE: Gaverick and wife Susannah have different voter addresses in 1944 & 1945 lists. 
INFO VOTER REG. 1945 Rhodesia. Lomagundi Elect. Distr. Same as 1944 for Gaverick, Susannah, and Ken Fox. (RhoVoters LDS1207567 Lomagundi p.9.) 
INFO VOTER REG. Southern Rhodesia, 31 Dec 1947, Lomagundi Electoral Dist. #327 Farmar, Allen Austin Frank Gaverick; Raffingora Farm, Lomagundi Dist, p/bag Banket;: planter. also #371 Kenneth Fox, same address as Gaverick, planter. (RhoVoters LDS1207568#2 1947) NOTE: wife in Salisbury. 
INFO DIRECTORY info. 1948/49 Farmar. A.A.F. Gaverick... farmer, b. Ealing England, 1909. e. Taunton School, Rand Technical College, Carnegie P.T. College (S.C.) Leeds. F.R. Econ S 1934. Member College of Preceptors 1935. Employment: 1927-31 on Sub Nigel and New Modderfontein Gold Mines planning and efficiency depts; 1932-33 Asst. & Games Master King's School, Rochester, Kent; 1933-34 Norwood School, Exeter. Sports: cricket, rugby, tennis, soccer, water polo, & badminton. Royal Life Saving Society Exeter, wrote sports articles for various West of England papers. 1937 went to S. Rhodesia for tobacco growing and farming. Chairman of the Turkish Tobacco Cooperative Co. of Rhodesia. Address: Tuinplatts. P.O. Eldorado (YrBkRhodesia 1948-49 p. 553.) 
MarriageGaverick Allen Austen Farmar married Rona ...?... 
INFO TELEPHONE DIR for Southern Rhodesia. January 1952. Banket M.T.O. (local phone co. name). Farmer, A.A.F.G. Mvura Chena (3d.) [?meaning-all listings say (3d.)]. 9-3641 [phone number]. (SRhodPhone Jan 1952). NOTE - no listing in dirs for Jan 1950 and Jan 1951. (SRhodPhone LDS795900 #5-7.) 
MarriageGaverick Allen Austen Farmar married Winifred Edna ...?... 20 January 1968 in Salisbury, Rhodesia. 
INFO LETTER written 3 Feb 1970 by Gaverick of 47 Glamorgan Ave., P.O. Belvedere, Salisbury Rhodesia, to cousin's son in Johannesburg. Gives his name as Allen Austen Frank Gaverick Farmar, father Frank retired as Commodore of the Port Line. Names some aunts and uncles. Aunt Mary was called Toss. Mentions grandmother lived for many years at Lower Hutt, near Wellington. Mentions Nairns, esp. Norman; does hear from Norman's widow; Noel Farmar, a charming person, died in war. Mother is 84 and lives "with us." Mother lived in Barnstaple, Devon just before she left England. Bertha Horton corresponded with Gaverick's mother. (CorresMARNI Letter Dec 1993.) 
DeathGaverick Allen Austen Farmar died 12 June 1970 in Salisbury, Rhodesia, at age 61. 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. "Notice of the Death of Person" Alan [sic] Austin Frank Gaverick Farmar, of 47 Glamorgan Avenue, Belvedere Salisbury. Age 61. European race. Born England. Married, One child. Civil Servant. Died 12 June 1970 at address above. Cremated at Warren Hills. Immediate cause of death coronary thrombosis, previous coronary thrombosis 26 May 1970, also diabetes. ... (RhoDea1964 LDS1207244 1970,#410.) 
INFO ESTATE DEATH NOTICE: Allen Austin Frank Gaverick Farmar, born Ealing, London. Rhodesian nationality. Father Frank Farmar, mother Lucy Beatrix Farmar. Age 61, born 15/2/1909. Retired farmer and clerk in Education Dept., Married to Winifred Edna Farmar, married "out of community property" in Salisbury 20 Jan 1968. Died 12 June 1970 at 47 Glamorgan Avenue, Belvedere, Salisbury, his usual place of residence. Child: Rona Felicity Broughton Wilson, major age. Estate exceeds £2000, has left a will and movable and immovable property. Signed by executor, name not readable. (RhoDeaEstate LDS1207516, #814/70.) 
INFO-5gen BIOGRAPHICAL INFO written by a former neighbor in Rhodesia, 20 March 1998. Gaverick Farmar's father was a sea-captain. Either he and/or his wife Lulu may have been Australians. Gaverick & his sister (name? now I think divorced if still alive) lived with Lulu in Taunton, Devon. Gaverick went to Taunton school where he became close friends with Ken Fox & ---???--- Hubert. I think this friendship got G. to Africa. He & Ken worked on the S.A. mines (or Rhodesian?). Gaverick was very diabetic & totally regardless of dieting. He was a very big good-looking man with a very loud voice that earned him the title of The Whispering Giant. He was a great talker. WW2 Ken joined up but G could not for his health. He became farm manager for an Afrikaans (Boer) widow & then married her. His cousin - Rhona?- arrived from somewhere. She & G fell in love. G divorced his wife & they married. . . . [and divorced after a few years.] . . .. [Gaverick] . . married a widow in Salisbury & he & Mrs. F went to live with her. Gaverick died about 1970 & Mrs. F a few years after. . . . . Two of Gaverick's cousins farmed in Raffingora area in the 50's & 60's when he was farming there. Bill Whybrow-??? & Arthur Clarke. They left the country & we have no more knowledge of them. Mary-??? Ma--- -??? [bottom of page 1] Mrs. Farmar - Lulu- had been a real tennis player & the ... [end of page -- no second page available]. (CorresMARNI Letter Feb2002.)