Frank Farmar

Male, (1874 - 1951)
FatherFrederick Thomas Farmar (1833 - 1913)
MotherEllen Chant (circa 1841 - 1934)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthFrank Farmar was born 18 December 1874 in Blenheim, New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Birth. 1874 Farmar, Frank #189 [MarQ, Wairau]. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341153.) 
INFO NOTE: Frank first went to sea as an apprentice 11 Nov 1890 (age 15.) 
INFO SECOND MATE CERTIFICATE. 22 Nov 1894. Board of Trade (UK) Certificate of Competency as Second Mate to Frank Farmar. 22 Nov 1894. Certificate and supporting documents in file "UK and Ireland Masters and Mates Certificates" - on Supporting documents: 1) Application to be Examined. Frank Farmar of Grove Road, Blenheim, New Zealand, b.18 Dec 1873 Blenheim New Zealand. Certificate required: 2nd mate for Sq. rigged vessels to be sent to Dock Street. Previous failures: 12 Nov 1894, London, Navigation. Certificate of Examiner: 20 Nov 1894, at London, passed all tests (form vision, colour vision, colour ignorance, navigation, and seamanship) for 2nd Mate. 20 Nov 1894. 2) Service list from date of present certificate: none listed. Form signed by Frank Farmar, 642 Commercial Rd, Limehouse. London, 16 Nov 1894. 3) Application to be Examined, Frank Farmar, Grove Rd, Blenheim, New Zealand (642 Commercial Rd, Limehouse is crossed off), b. 18 Dec 1874, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand. Certificate required: 2nd Mate, Sq. rigged vessels, to be sent to Mills Ct ??. No previous failures. Certificate of Examiner: 12 Nov 1894, London, Passed form vision,colour vision, colour ignorance tests. Failed navigation. Personal Description: 5'4" height, florid complexion, Lt Brown hair, Blue eyes, Scar on left cheek. Signed 12 Nov 1894. 4) Statement of service: Ship Rangitiki, sq. rig, 1185 tons, Registry London, as apprentice, 11 Nov 1890 to 11 Nov 1894, 4 years in foreign service. Dated 9 Nov 1894, Frank Farmar, 642 Commercial Rd. E. (UKMasCertAnc.) 
INFO NAUTICAL ENQUIRY. North Otago Times [Oamaru NZ]. 19 Nov 1895. Wellington, Nov 15. "The enquiry into the Wakatipu-Flora collision was continued to-day. Captain Waller, of the Flora . . . said that he steered the usual course throughout. He considered all along that the Wakatipu was overtaking his ship, and that she should therefore keep out of the Flora's way. Mr Farmar, chief officer of the Flora generally corroborated the statements of Captains Ewan and Waller as to the positions of the vessels. He thought that the collision was very likely due to suction. . . . The Court found that the Wakatipu was to blame for the collision. . . ." (NOtagoTimPP.) 
INFO SHIP WRECK. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 9 Jan 1896, p.2. "Another wreck has occurred in the vicinity of Wellington, the barque Halcione, 843 tons, belonging to the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company, having gone ashore at Pencarrow Head during the storm of last night." Ship from London 11 Oct, experienced severe storm near Wellington harbour and went aground 10:30pm, Jan 8. Captain Boorman, second officer Mr. F. Farmar. All aboard survived. An extensive list of the cargo onboard is included. The Halcione was built in 1869 for especially for the New Zealand-London trade. (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO ENQUIRY FOR HALCIONE WRECK. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 15 Jan 1896. "This morning a Magisterial enquiry into the wreck of the barque Halcione in Fitzroy Bay, outside the Wellington Heads, on the 8th instant was held before Mr. Martin . . ." Details of the circumstances leading to the wreck were presented. Frank Farmar, second officer was among those who gave evidence. "The finding of the Court was that the casualty was caused by accident through stress of weather without any neglect or default on the part of the captain or crew." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO SHIPWRECK NEWS. Marlborough Express, Thurs 9 Jan 1896. Local and General News. Shipwrecked.--"We learn that Frank Farmar, a son of our respected resident, Mr F.T. Farmar, was on board the Halcione as second mate when she was wrecked at Fitzroy Bay. Farnk had been on a voyage to South America, and, returning to London, was offered the choice of several vessels about to sail for New Zealand. He accepted engagement on the boat the destination of which was closest to his home, and was unlucky enough to be shipwrecked near the Wellington Heads. Frank's parents and a considerable number of the friends of his youth will be please, however, to hear of his safety." (MarlExprDig 9Jan 1986 page2.) 
INFO NEW STEAMER ASSIGNMENT. Evening Post [Wellingon NZ], 20 Jan 1897, p.5. THE UNION COMPANY'S NEW STEAMERS. . . . "It is quite possible that Mr. Farmar, at one time chief officer of the Flora, and who went Home [ England] a few months ago, will be put in charge of the Waikari on her outward voyage. When Mr. Farmar left New Zealand he was promised a position on one of the new steamers." (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO CAPTAIN'S REGISTER. Frank Farmer certif # 003227, born Blenheim NZ 1873. Passed London 1905, Special qualification: steamships Record of service from 19? Sep 1905 to 9 Nov 1936. Ships include: Port Albert, Port Augusta, Port Curtis (collision 3 Sep 1913), Port Albany, Port Pirie, Port Darwin, Port Wellington, Port Dunedin, Port Huron?, Port Sydney, Port Fairy; most destinations Australia. (LloydCaptReg LDS1482918.) 
INFO MASTER SEAMAN CERTIFICATE. #003227. Frank Farmer Mstr S/S granted 7 June 1905 London. Frank born 1873, Blenheim, N.Z., previous P.n. 873 Wellington, N.Z. details of voyages are illegible. (SeaCertComp BT123/2.) 
MarriageHe married Lucy Beatrix Quince, daughter of William John Quince, 23 October 1907 in Ealing, Middlesex, England. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Marriage solemnized at Christ Church in the Parish of Christ, Ealing, in the County of Middlesex. Oct 23 1907. Frank Farmar, age 31 Bachelor, master mariner, residence 42 Windsor Rd. Ealing, Father Frederick Thomas Farmar Gentleman; and Lucy Beatrice Quince, age 20 Spinster, residence above, father William John Quince of the S.A. Civil Service. Married in the Parish Church, by Ch. of England Ceremonies, after banns. Witnesses: A.H. Broughton Clarke, Beatrix Quince, W.T. King, Adelaide Gaverick. Thomas Young, May Eleanor Grand, Agnes Brabazon. (GBCertMarONS 1907 #135.) 
INFO WEDDING NEWS. Wedding of Captain Frank Farmar and Lucy (Lulu) Beatrice Quince of Granby House, Granby-road, Maritzburg, Natal. Attendant her only sister Doris Jeanette Quince. Bridesmaids Queenie Johnson from India and Eva Jacques of Leyton. Given away by uncle Austin Broughton Clarke from Johannesburg. Best man Tom Young, groomsmen W. Quince, A. Fraser, and Master Austin Qunice. Reception at Maritzburg House on Windsor Road. Honeymoon to the North of England and the Continent. Long list of presents incl from cousin Mrs. Brabazon. Brothers of bride Austin and Willie Quince. Many other relatives listed. (MdxCoTimes, Sat, Oct 26, 1907.) 
INFO LLOYDS REGISTER Steamers: *807 Port Curtis, master F. Farmer, 4710 gross tonnage, owner Commonwealth & Dominion Line Ltd. (LloydReg 1913/14 2:807.) 
INFO FATHER'S OBITUARY Marlborough Express 26 June 1913 lists son Frank Farmar, captain of a home-trading steamer. (MarlExpress, June 26, 1913, page 5e.) 
INFO PORT CURTIS progress: dep London 31Aug1913, passed Cape Verde Sep11, ar Melbourne Oct15, ar Sydney Oct27. NOTE: no sign of serious collision in record. (NYMaritRec 24Sep1913:41 to 19Nov.) 
INFO ARRIVALS AT MELBOURNE as Captain of the "Port Albany". Apr 1916, Nov 1916, Aug 1917. Indexed by the PROV. Microfiche records at PROV B912:001, B915:001, and B918:001. (PROVUnImInd.) 
INFO WORLD WAR I MEDALS. 21 Oct 1919. Frank Farmar, b. Blenheim New Zealand 1873, received two medals: Mercantile Marine Medal, to M.M.O. Vict. Docks London. and the British Medal. (WW1MerMedal.) 
INFO MASTER SEAMEN REGISTER. Frank Farmar, Master Certificate 7490. Born 18 Dec 1873, Blenheim, N.Z. British, Father British, Height 5'5", Brown hair, Blue eyes. Incl. photo. Next of Kin. Mrs. L.B. Farmar, Nailsea, Somerset. Record #136676 11-18, #129635 1-10; SS [??] 4-19. (SeaSpecReg, #7490.) 
INFO NEW YORK PASSENGER LIST. Arrival 1920, Ship: Port Darwin, passenger Frank Farmar, male, 47, British, New Zealand. Transcribed record. (NYCityPassFMP.) 
INFO ARRIVALS AT MELBOURNE as Captain of the Port Darwin. Jan 1920, Dec 1921 and Jun 1922. Microfiche records at PROV B931:001, B949:001, and B954:001. (PROVUnImInd.) 
INFO BROTHER'S OBITUARY. Marlborough Express, 28 Jul 1932, Arthur James Farmar. Survivors include Captain Frank Farmar, master of the Port Fairey and the senior skipper in the service of the Port and Dominion Line. (MarlExpress, 28 July 1932.) 
INFO MOTHER'S OBITUARY Marlborough Express 20 July 1934 Mrs. Ellen Farmar - lists son Captain Frank Farmar of the Port Fairey due in N.Z. on July 31. (MarlExpress, July 20, 1934, p.4f.) 
INFO LLOYDS CAPTAINS REG. Cert #3227. Frank Farmer. qual. steamships, passed London 1905. b. Blenheim NZ 1873. 2 voyages as mate: Port Albert & Port Augusta 1906-07. 10 voyages as Master on Port Augusta, Port Curtis (collision 3 Sep 1913), Port Albany, Port Pirie, Port Darwin, Port Wellington, Port Dunedin, Port Huon, Port Sydney, Port Fairy. -mostly to Australia, ending 9 Nov 1936. (LloydCapReg LDS 1482918.) 
INFO BROTHER'S OBITUARY. Marlborough Express 20 Sep 1937 Mr. F.B. Farmar. Survivors include Captain Frank Farmar, who retired recently on superannuation from the Port Shipping Line. (MarlExpress, 20 Sep 1937, p.4e.) 
INFO SON'S LETTER in 1970 mentions Frank retired as Commodore of the Port Line just before WWII. (LtrGav03fe70.) 
INFO PASSENGER LIST. 6 Nov 1947 ship Richmond Castle, from London to Durban. To land at Capetown: Farmer, Capt F, class: extra service, age 72, and Mrs. L.B. Farmar. Details: last UK address: Well? Cottage, Sanfford, nr Bristol; last permanent residence England; intended future permanent residence S. Rhodesia. (PassLeavUK.) 
DeathFrank Farmar died 4 August 1951 in Banket, Southern Rhodesia, at age 76. 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. Frank Farmar, male, usual residence "MyuraChena" Banket, Salisbury, age 78, b. New Zealand, European race, married, two children, reitred master mariner. died 4 Aug 1951 at "Myurachena" Banket. Intended burial Crematorium, Salisbury. Cause of death: Emaciation - carcinoma of stomach. Dr. M.H. Small, Banket. Informant: W.L. Mashford, funeral director (causing cremation) 35 Jameson Avenue, Salisbury. Registered 15-8-1951. #843. (RhoDea1904 LDS1145033 #843/1951.) 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR 1952 -- Farmar, Frank of Well Cottage Greenhill-road Sandford Winscombe Somersetshire died 4 August 1951 at Moura Chena Banket Southern Rhodesia. Administration (with Will) (limited) London 5 January to Rona Lulu Brabazon Brockington widow [sic] attorney of Lucy Beatrix Farmar widow. Effects £401 8s 10d. (PPRCalen LDS251622 1952 p.207.) 


Lucy Beatrix Quince (circa 1886 - 1975)