Frederick Thomas Farmar

Male, (1833 - 1913)
FatherBroadley Farmar (1787 - 1839)
MotherHannah Bishop (1794 - 1860)
RelationshipGrandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthFrederick Thomas Farmar was born 25 June 1833 in Dover, Kent, England. 
INFO BIRTH RECORD. Dover Pent Side Baptist Church. Frederic Thomas Farmar, son of Broadley Farmar and Hannah his wife was born in Dover in the Parish of St.Mary the Virgin, 25 June 1833. Note 3 Farmar children on same page. (DovPentPR LDS917002#1, p.16). 
INFO CENSUS 1851 (30 Mar 1851). with sister Mariam Townshend's family in Middlesex, Islington, 14 Sidney St. Mother Hannah Townsend, widow, age 60 b. Dover Kent [NOTE: census error: surname should be Farmar]. Son Frederick 18, b. Dover Kent [NOTE: census error: surname should be Farmar]. (GBCens1851 LDS87835 H.O.107/1501, p.22.) 
INFO PASSENGER LIST for possible voyage to Melbourne. ship Bloomer dep 18 Mar -- arr 5 Jul 1853. Passengers include Frederick Farmer, a porter, age 20. (PassBritVic LDS209211 #716). NOT VERIFIED TO BE CORRECT PERSON - name and age are correct. 
INFO PASSENGER LIST INDEX. Oct 1857. Outward Passengers to Interstate from Victoria. Ship Mimmie Dike to Nelson New Zealand. 34 passengers. Farmar, F age 31. Wadman, S. age 44. (PROVPassOutw.) 
Note NOTE: Wadman and Farmar were in business together in Nelson in 1860 per newspaper accident story. They came together from Victoria to Nelson in Oct 1857. 
INFO SHIP MIMMIE DYKE. Info from 15 Jul 1866 wreck details: built 1854, schooner, 3 masts, 78 feet long, built Scotland, reg. Melbourne. Owner in 1866: James Lawrence. Wrecked on East Gippsland coast (Victoria). (VicHeritReg.) 
MarriageHe married Ellen Chant, daughter of William Chant and Eliza Trihorn, 5 November 1859 in Motueka, New Zealand. 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIF. Dist. of Motueka, #4? 5 Nov 1859 at residence of Mr. W. Chant, Motueka. Frederick T. Farmar, 26, cordial manufacturer, bachelor. Ellen Chant 18, spinster. By Minister John Warren, reg. 5 Nov 1859. Witnesses Basil Connell and Mary Connel[sic]. (NZMarCert.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage 1859 Farmer, Frederick F (or T?) #59/348. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341154.) 
INFO ACCIDENT on Thursday 5 Jan 1860, reported in Nelson Examiner newspaper Sat, 7 Jan 1860. "Accident: On Thursday afternoon, as Mr. F. Farmer [sic], of the firm of Wadman and Farmer, of this town, was bottling some soda water, one of the bottles exploded, and the glass flew into his face with terrible violence, and inflicted severe wounds on his face and eye. Surgical assistance was promptly procured; but it is feared that the loss of sight of one of the eyes is certain to result from the accident." (CorresJOCAT Letter,09Aug04, encl. 1.) 
INFO ADVERTISEMENT in Marlborough Express. 5,12,26 January 1861: Frederick T. Farmar; Aerated Water; Ginger Beer and Cordial; Manufacturer; Grove Road; Between the Royal and Commercial Hotels; Blenheim. (MarlExpress 5,12,26 Jan 1861.) 
INFO LAND PURCHASE. Deed #5189, 19 Feb 1862. Conveyance: William Budge, surveyor, to Frederick Thomas Farmar, cordial manufacturer. 20£, one rood of land, lot 34 on section 48, Opawa. in Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch "Composite Book" Deeds, transfers, p.486. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 9Aug2004 encl.2.) 
INFO LAND PURCHASE. Deed #5190, 16 Oct 1862. Conveyance: William Budge, surveyor, to Frederick Thomas Farmar, cordial manufacturer. 20£, one rood of land, lot 35 on section 48, Opawa. in Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch "Composite Book" Deeds, transfers, p.486. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 9Aug2004 encl.2.) 
INFO NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT. Marlborough Press, 31 October 1862, page 1: For Sale, Five Tons of Motueka Brown River Seed Potatoes. F.T. Farmar, Grove-road. (MarlPress 31Oct1862:1.) 
INFO UNCLAIMED LETTER. Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle. 12 April 1864, p.4. Unclaimed letters in Post Office, Nelson 31 Mar 1864: Farmar, F.T. (NelsonExamPP.) 
INFO ELECTORAL ROLLS. Wairau, 1865-66 #75 Frederick Thomas Farmar, Grove Road, freehold, Omaka [sic], allotment 34, section 48. Also Jan, Feb, Mar 1866 Electoral Roll - Frederick Thomas Farmar, Blenheim, Freehold and household, part of section 48, Opawa. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 9Aug2004 encl.3.) 
INFO DIRECTORY N.Z. 1866-67. Marlborough Prov. Blenheim Farmer, T., soda water and cordial manufacturer. (NZDir1866, p.186.) 
INFO FLOOD. North Otago Times, 3 Mar 1868, p.9 "Monday, the 3rd of February, will long be remembered by the inhabitants of Wairau, as the date on which occurred the highest flood ever known here, submerging Blenheim, with the exception of the ridge on which stands the Victoria Htoel, from the Catholic Chapel, in Mawell road, to Mr Farmar's, in Grove Road." (NOtagoTimPP.) 
INFO CITY GOVERNMENT. 1880-82, FT Farmar, Cordial manufacturer, was mayor of Blenheim. Previously, from 1869-1878, he had served as one of the Councillors. Photo of F.T. Farmar with 1880 listing. (First100, pp.10,12,30-33, 205.) 
INFO STOCKHOLDER LIST. Sutherland Gold Company, registered 20 Dec 1870, 4000 shares at 1£ a share. List includes Frederick Thomas Farmer [sic], Blenheim, 35 shares. in NZ Government Gazette (Province of Marlborough) #208, Wednesday 18 Jan 1871. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 9Aug2004 encl 1.) 
INFO JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 16 Jan 1880, p.2. "Mr. Frederick Thomas Farmar, Mayor of Blenheim. . .[and others] . . . have been gazetted Justices of the Peace under 'The Municipal Corporations Act.'" (EveningPosPP.) 
INFO FREEHOLDER, October 1882. Farmer, Fredk. Thomas, cordial manufacturer, Blenheim. value of property in Blenheim £154. (FreeholdNZ p. F-4.) 
Exhibit PHOTOS of FTF SODA BOTTLE. Photos of an FTF trademark aerated water bottle. "The marble bottles [i.e. small glass marble inside a glass bottle] were patented by Codd in about 1850 and manufactured . . . from 1860-1915. Bottles made in England for New Zealand Companies. The bottles were filled under pressure upside down, the gas forcing the marble up onto the rubber seal (still inside). To open, an opener forced the marble down & broke the seal. " To drink from the bottle, tip the bottle to the left so the marble is caught in the bottle neck. Otherwise, the marble will act as a stopper, and you cannot drink or pour from the bottle. (CorresGEFFA letter with package 1993). The three photos show the bottle, a close-up of the marble in the bottle neck, and a crayon rubbing of the bottom and side of the bottle.
INFO BUSINESS NOTICE. Marlborough Express 7 Dec 1886. "Mr. F.T. Farmar begs to notify that he has purchased the Brewery Business recently conducted by Mr H. Ball, which will in future be carried on under the management of Mr R. Shand (late of S. Manning and Co., Limited, Christchurch), whose name and reputation will sufficiently guarantee the quality of his ALES. The Aerated Water and Cordial Manufactory will be under Mr F.T. Farmar's personal supervision as hiterto." (MarlExprDig 7 Dec 1886, p.1.) 
Exhibit PHOTO Oval bust of Fred Farmar on carte-de-visite. W.H. Macey Photographer, Blenheim N.Z. (CorresANNTA Email 21Oct2000). Date estimate " after1874" is based on photographer's name.
INFO ALE AWARDS. Otago Witness [Dunedin NZ], 16 Jan 1890, p.20. Awards at N.Z. and S.S. Exhibition: For Class XXV (bulk and bottled ales, stout, &c.): Beers in bulk-D.-Strong ale: 3rd F T Farmar, Blenheim. Bottled ales: A. 3rd FT Farmar, Blenheim. (OtagoWitPP.) 
INFO BREWERY STORY. Marlborough Express, 11 Aug 1890. Our Local Breweries. " . . . The Lion Brewery. This is but a stone's throw from the larger establishment [Dodson's Brewery], and it too is a model of order and completeness. Mr Farmar has had wonderful success at the various colonial exhibitions, and Mr Shand is not unnaturally proud to show the good liquor that has won medals, certificates and eulogy everywhere it has been sent. The bottling process is very complete and is carried on with great success; and the porter made at the Lion is of specially good quality and is in great demand for invalids, possessingf all the nourishing properties of the imported article, without its extreme pungency. Across the road is the cordial factory, where Mr Farmar presides with undisputed success." (MarlExprDig 11 Aug 1890, p.3.) 
INFO TRADEMARK REGISTRATION. Notice in New Zealand Gazette. Patent Office, Wellington, 11 Jun 1891, notice of registration by Frederick Thomas Farmar of Blenheim New Zealand, Brewer and Cordial Manufacturer of the trademark pictured in the notice. -- a diamond with letters F.T.F. inside. (NZGazetteAnc 11 Jun 1891 no.45, p.702.) 
INFO DIRECTORIES 1894-1912. 1894 Farmar Fred T. Cordial ma & brwr, Blenheim. 1900-1904 Farmar, Fredk Thos, Blenheim [no occup]. 1907-1910 Farmar Fredk Thos, 79 Armagh st Chch. 1912 at 252 Armagh st Chch. (WiseNelsDir LDS447569. StonNelsDir LDS447570-572.) 
INFO NEWS OF FIRE. Marlborough Express, 25 March 1896. A Disastrous Fire. The Lion Brewery Destroyed. The Lion Brewery, the property of Mr. F. T. Farmar, situated in Grove Road, was totally destroyed by fire yesterday evening. It was discovered that the building ws on fire at about 20 minutes to 7 o'clock . . . The fire broke out in the upper storey, and the manner of its origin is a mystery . . . Yesterday morning a brewing was made and the place locked up shortly after twelve o'clock, the embers of the furnace having been carefully extinguished . . . It is supposed that the fire might have originated in connection with the furnace in the upper storey, although this is not a likely probability, as the brick protection was very secure, having been especially improved after the woodwork had lighted on a previous occasion. The fire engine was taken out with despatch and stationed on the Nelson Street Bridge. All the casks of beer were removed from the brewery, which in a short time was gutted. The flames also attacked the adjoining house, occupied by Mrs. Carey, but the Brigade succeeded in arresting their progress. The wall was badly charred, and some damage caused by the removal of all the furniture, and the deluge of water. The insurance on the brewery was £500 in the Victorian office, but this amount will not nearly cover Mr Farmar's loss, or the cost of re-building. The wet weather fortunately prevented the removal during the day of a aquantity of malt from the Railway Station to the brewery." (MarlExprDig 25 Mar 1896, p.3.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHY. F.T. Farmar, Aerated water and cordial manufacturer, Herbert Street, and proprietor Blenheim Brewery, Grove Road, Blenheim. Water and cordial business estab 1860. Was in same business previously at Nelson 1857-1860 with Mr. S. Wadman. Blenheim operation at first by hand, then steam power. Blenheim Brewery taken over by Farmar abt 12 yr ago; destroyed by fire March 1896. New modern plant on same site -- description of the beer-making operation. Produce India Pale Ale (brand) and stout. Mr.Farmar in N.Z. since 1857. Came from Victoria Australia where was interested in mining and was in aerated water business on the goldfields. Interested in politics. Member of first Blenhiem Borough Council 1869. Served for 12 years and was mayor in 1880,1881 and 1882. (IndustrNZ, p. 64.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHY." Mr. Frederick Thomas Farmar was Mayor of Blenheim from the year 1880 to the year 1882, and he also served a considerable period as a borough concillor. Mr. Farmar came from Nelson to Blenheim, and established a business as a cordial manufacturer. He afterwards removed to the North Island." (CyclopNZ, 5:318.) 
INFO WILL SIGNED Will of Frederick Thomas Farmar of Christchurch, gentleman. Wife Ellen executrix and trustee. To wife 100 pounds for immediate requirements. All real and personal property to wife. Trustee has power to sell properties as desired with proceeds to wife. After death of Ellen, estate to be divided into 8 equal parts: six of which to be paid to children Arthur James, Frank, Charles Percy, Laura Scott (wife of Wm Robt Scott), Hannah Maria Nairn (wife of David Mathewson Nairn) and Mary Eliza Farmar. If any predecease frather and mother, then the share goes to their children. Dtr Bertha Louisa Horton to receive only the income from her share during life of husband Harry White Horton, then share will be given to Bertha (or to her children if she predeceases Harry). To son Frederick Broadley his share if he is living. If he predeceases his father and his mother, the share to be divided into seven parts for other children in manner above. Signed 15 May 1908. Note original signature. F.T.Farmar. (NZArchChWill CH171 CH7973/1913.) 
INFO GOLDEN WEDDING. Marlborough Express, 6 Nov 1909. Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Farmar, two old and highly respected residents, celebrated their golden wedding yesterday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Nairn, Maxwell Road, when a large family gathering took place. Mr Farmar was born at Dover, England, and arrived in New Zealand during the year 1857, and settled in Marlborough in 1860. He resided in Blenheim till the close of 1906, when he removed to Christchurch. Mr Farmar always took a keen interest in local affairs, and served on the Borough Council for upwards of 12 years, nine years as a Councillor and three years as Mayor. Some years since Mr Farmar disposed of his business to the Marlborough Brewery Company, and has since enjoyed a well-earned leisure. Mrs. Farmar arrived as a child at Nelson in 1842, and was married at Motueka on the 5th November 1859, accompanying her husband to Blenheim the following year. Both Mr and Mrs Farmar are in the best of health and spirits, and much enjoyed the reunion of their family and congratulations from a host of friends. The family comprised six sons and seven daughters, and there are twenty grandchildren. (MarlExprDig 6Nov1909 p.5.) 
DeathFrederick Thomas Farmar died 25 June 1913 in Christchurch, New Zealand, at age 80. 
INFO OBITUARY. Half a century in Blenheim, d. at Christchurch where he resided for last two years. Age 81. Born Dover, England. Arrived Australia in 1856. Landed at Nelson in 1858. Settled in Blenheim. Estab. business in 1860 as cordial manufacturer which he conducted to 10 yr. ago when he sold out. Served as Borough Councillor and 1880-82 as Mayor of Blenheim. Respected for integrity and personal qualities.. .. Sons Frederick of Christchurch, Arthur of Leatham Marlborough, Frank the captain of Home-trading steamer, and Charles of Auckland. Daughters Mrs. R. Scott of Leatham, Mrs. Nairn wife of Dr. Nairn of Blenheim, Mrs. Broadbent of the north Island and Mrs. H.W. Horton of Blenheim. (MarlExpress, June 26, 1913, page 5e.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. Farmar, 25 Jun 1913, at his res 252 Armagh st, City, Frederick Thos, husb of Ellen Farmar, late of Blenheim, in 81st year. (PressChch 26 Jun 1913 p.1.) 
INFO DEATH REGISTRATION. Christchurch no.470. Frederick Thomas Farmar died 1913 June 25 at 252 Armagh Street, Christchurch. Gentleman, age 80. Cause: senile decay 6 months. Prostatic retention sickness collapse 2 days. Medical attendant H.M. Inglis. Last seen alive 25 June 1913. Father: Broadley Farmar, sea captain. Mother: maiden name Bishop. Buried 29 June 1913 at Omaka Cemetery Blenheim. Minister Rev. T.S. Grace, Anglican. Born Dover, England. In N.Z. 56 years. Married Nelson N.Z. at age 26 to Ellen Chant. Ages of living issue: Male: 52,50,39,33. Female: 45,43,40,37. Informant. W.S. Lauch Undertaker Christchurch. Registrar F. Evans. Date 26 June 1913. (NZDeaCert.) 
INFO FUNERAL NOTICE. 27 Jun 1913. Friends of late Fredk Thos Farmar are informed his funeral will leave the residence of Dr. Nairn, Maxwell Rd, for the Omaka Cem, at 9am Sunday. Private interment. (MarlExpress 27 Jun 1913, p.5.) 
INFO OBITUARY.27 Jun 1913. Mr. Frederick T. Farmar, an old resident of Blenheim, d. in Chch Wed at age of 81. "He landed in Nelson in 1858, and established a cordial factory there. He was Mayor of Blenheim from 1880 to 1882, and was for many hears on the Borough Council. He leaves four sons and four daughters." (PressChch 27 Jun 1913, p.9.) 
INFO DEATH NOTICE pub. 28 Jun 1913. Death June 25, 1913, at his late residence, 252 Armagh st Chch, Frederick Thomas Farmar, husb of Ellen, in 81st year. Private interment at Omaka Cem, Blenheim, Sun, June 29th. (MarlExpress 28 Jun 1913, p.4.) 
INFO DEATH. Evening Post [Wellington NZ], 28 Jun 1913, p.7. "The deaths are announced of two very early settlers of the Marlborough district -- Mr William Kennington and Mr. Frederick F. [sic] Farmar. . . . Mr. Farmar's death took place at Christchurch, where he had resided for the last few years. He landed at Nelson in 1858, and established a cordial factory there. He was Mayor of Blenheim from 1880 to 1882,and served the public interest for many years as a councillor. he leaves four sons and four daughters. (Evening PosPP.) 
INFO CEMETERY MONUMENT: Omaka Cemetery, Blenheim N.Z. Farmar family: Edith Ellen d.13 May 1881 a.16 years 8 months. Alice Miriam d. 2 Aug 1882 a. 16 years 6 months. Richard William drowned at sea 11 Sept 1883 a. 21 years 11 months. Frederick Thomas Farmar d. 25 June 1913 a. 80 also Alfred Ernest d. 13 April 1893 a. 22 years 6 months. Clara Swinbourn d. 28 June 1904 a. 25 years 9 months (interred at Sydney) Sons and daughters of Frederick & Ellen Farmar. Ellen Farmar wife of F.T. Farmar d. 19 July 1934 a. 93. Jessie Myhill a. 38 years 7 months. Rona Worthington a. 17 years 1 month, drowned in the Opawa River 28 Dec 1907, wife and dau of Arthur Farmar. Arthur James Farmar d. 27 July 1932 a. 69. (NZCemRec LDS6341119#219 p.13 #193.) 
Exhibit CEMETERY MONUMENT. Photos of the Farmar monument in Omaka Cemetery, Blenheim New Zealand. The photos show the fenced obelisk from a distance and the inscriptions on all four sides. (CorresMARNI Letter, Feb 1994.)
INFO PROBATE #7973 re Frederick Thomas Farmar of Christchurch Gentleman (Dougall & Upham). 12 July 1913 motion for probate .. to Ellen Farmar. 22 July 1913 probate granted. 19 Aug 1913 Sealed probate. (NZSupChProb LDS1686621 #7973.) 
INFO PROBATE FILE LOCATION. Archives New Zealand. Christchurch Probate Files. Farmar, Frederick Thomas - Ch'ch - Gentleman, 1913-1913. agency CAHX; series 2989, accession CH171; record no. CH7973/1913. Held at Christchurch. (ArchNZArchwy.) 
INFO ESTATE INDEX: Frederick T. Farmar. value:£7687, died 25 June 1913. (CantNZEstInd LDS 6344555, p.92.) 
INFO DEATH DUTY REG INDEX. Farmar, Frederick Thomas, Chch, gent. date of death, 25 June 1913 Register C9/ page 192. (CantNZDDInd LDS6344554.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Death. 1913 Farmar, Frederick Thomas #1431 [JunQ Christchurch]. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341156.) 
INFO NOTE: on map of Blenheim published about 2006 -- Farmar Street, running for about two blocks between Hutcheson Street and Grove Road (main highway 1) due north of downtown Blenheim. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 6Aug2006 encl.) 


Ellen Chant (circa 1841 - 1934)