James Haydn Waud

Male, (1848 - 1918)
FatherJames Haydn Waud (1828 - 1900)
MotherRuth Farmar (1826 - 1896)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthJames Haydn Waud was born 9 March 1848 in Chelsea, Middlesex, England. 
INFO BIRTH CERTIF. 1848, District St. Luke, Chelsea. Sub-dist. North East Chelsea, Mdx. #79, 9 Mar 1848, 27 Draycott Place, James Haydn, son of James Haydn Waud, professor of music, and Ruth Waud, formerly Farmer. Informant J.H. Waud, father 27 Draycott Place, Chelsea. Reg 17 Apr 1848. (GBCertBirONS JunQ 1848 Chelsea III:36.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Birth 1848 JunQ Waud, James Haydn Fowler Chelsea III:36 (i.e. book 3) (GBCivRegInd LDS6101957.) 
Note NOTE NAMES: Birth reg name is James Haydn. 1851 census = William. 1869 marr cert = William James H. 1871 census = James. 1881 census = Haydn J. 
INFO CENSUS 1861 (7 Apr1861) James is not enumerated with the James Haydn Waud family for the 1861 Census. He would have been 13 years old. (GBCens1861 RG9:2875 33:18-19.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. 13 Apr 1869 marr at Catholic Church of St.John the Evangelist Duncan Terrace, Islington, Mdx. #54. William James Haydn Waud, age 21, bachelor, professor of music of 65 Oxford Road Islington. Sarah Ann Hopgood, 23 yr, spinster of 14 Orange St. Holborn. Father John Hopgood, Shades & stands-? manufacturer. Witneses: Emma Lawrence, George Lawrence. (GBCertMarONS.) 
MarriageHe married Sarah Ann Hopgood, daughter of John Hopgood, 13 April 1869 in Islington, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage 1869 JunQ Waud, William James H.[sic] Islington 1b,473. (FreeBMD.) 
INFO CENSUS 1871 (2 Apr 1871). St. Pancras Marylebone. #104. 7 High Street James Ward [sic], head mar, 23, Professor of music, b. Mddx Chelsea. Wife Ann 24, b. Mddx. St.Pancras. Brother Chas Ward, unmar, 20, Prof of Music, b. Manchester. (GBCens1871 LDS824590 RG10:199 13:18.) 
INFO CENSUS 1881 (3 Apr 1881). Deptford St. Paul. J. Haydn Waud, head, 33, Professor of Music, b. Mdx Brompton. Wife Sarah Waud, 34, b. Mdx St. Pancras. Boarder Samuel Shaw, 32. (GBCens1881 LDS1341164 RG11/703 63:26.) 
INFO PERFORMANCE with the Royal Italian Opera in Il Trovatore at Covent Garden Theater, London, 23 May 1882. Double basses -- ... Haydn Waud. NOTE: also "Waud" listing in violas. (MusicalWorld 27 May 1882, p.319.) 
INFO WITNESS Dec 1, 1884 to marriage of sister Agnes Adelina to George Alfred Brabazon -- J. Haydn Waud. (GBCertMarONS Pancras 1b,326a DecQ,1884.) 
INFO CONCERT PROGRAMMES. for concerts at Steinway Hall, Lower Seymour St, London 27 Oct 1885 and 24 Nov 1885. Herr Peiniger's Recitals of Violin and Concerted String Music. Performers include Mr. J. Haydn Waud and Mr. E. Ould (double bass). Original programmes at the British Library Music Collections. (ConcertProg.) 
INFO PERFORMANCE at Princes' Hall London 3 Dec 1886 Otto Peiniger presented a recital of 8 works of Saint-Saens, with the composer participating. Performers included J. Haydn Waud (double bass). (MusicalNotes Dec 1886, page 105.) 
INFO CENSUS 1891 (5 Apr 1891). London Camberwell. 78 Moncrieff St. James H. Waud, head, 48, professor of music, neither employer nor employed, b. London Fulham. Wife Sarah A., 44, b. London. (GBCens1891 RG12/474 98:43.) 
INFO NEWS ITEM. Times [London] 11 Apr 1892. Review of the Wind Instrument Chamber Music Society concert at Royal Academy of Music -- incl Onslow's septet in B flat, op.79, for 5 wind instrument, double bass & pianoforte. Players incl. J. Haydn Waud. (TimesLondDig 11Apr1892, p.13E.) 
INFO BENEFIT CONCERT. Mr. Haydn Waud to play at benefit concert for Somerstown Blind Aid Society, Thurs, May 26, 1892 at St. George's-hall. The Times, Tues, 24 May 1892, p.1. (TimesLondDig.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHY. "John [sic] Haydn Waud, contrabassist and violoncellist [sic] , born in London, March 9, 1848; Principal double-bass at the Alexandra Palace, 1876; of the Glasgow Choral Union orchestra for many years; and member of the Philharmonic and Provincial Festival orchestras; principal double-bass, Birmingham Festival, from 1891. Musical director at the Garrick Theatre, and professor at G.S.M. [Guildhall School of Music]. Author of a Progressive Tutor for the Double-Bass, London, Augener, 1895." (BritMusicBio p.436.) 
INFO PERFORMANCE of Haydn-Waud "Comedy Overture" at Queen's Hall London. Robert Newman's Promenade Concerts, Henry J. Wood , conductor. Program includes 7 Wagner pieces, one Mozart, one Hayden-Waud, and one Schubert-Lizst. [could it be a Haydn overture arranged by Waud??]. Times [London] Monday, 9 Oct 1899, p.1. (TimesDigArch.) 
INFO CENSUS 1901 (31 Mar 1901). London Hammersmith. 39 Shepherds Bush Road. James H. Waud, head, mar, 53, Professor of Music, on own acct, b. London Brompton. Clara Harvey, single, servant, 29, housekeeper (domestic), b. London Walworth (GBCens1901 RG13/50 129:55.) 
INFO CORONATION ORCHESTRA. J.H. Waud was a contrabass in the Coronation Orchestra that performed at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Edward VII on 9 Aug 1902. (MusicalTimes 1Sep1902 pp. 577, 584.) 
INFO JOURNAL FEATURE. James Haydn Waud featured in the Jan 1905 issue of The Strad, p.285-286 plus photo plate. Outstanding among English orchestral players. Began music studies with father at age 7 and studied violoncello with Vieuxtemps at 13. Then began double bass with which "he has achieved a great reputation." Has played in orchestras under all celebrated visiting conductors, for Richter's London Concerts, in Newman's Queen's Hall Concerts (continuing), Crystal Palace, and Glasgow Choral Union, Concerts (16 years). He was musical director for the Garrick and Globe Theatres. A professor at the Guildhall School of Music since its founding. Made the four-string bass popular in England. "A more genial man it would be impossible to find . . ." (TheStrad XV (177) Jan1905.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHY. Article in The Violin Times, Feb 1905, pages 25-26. James Haydn Waud. "The name of James Haydn Waud is one of the best known in English orchestras. Mr. Waud began his career under his father's tuition at the age of 7, and at 13 years of age became a pupil of Vieuxtemps, under whom he studied the violoncello. He studied this instruments [sic] for some years, but finally took up the double bass, in connection with which he has achieved a splendid reputation. He first entered the orchestra at the age of 17. He has played under the conductorship of all the celebrated conductors who have visited these shores during the last 30 years. He is, and has been since its foundation, principal double bass, in the Queens Hall Orchestra . . . .[recognized] for the richness and grandeur of the Bases. For many years Mr. Waud was principal double bass at the Crystal Palace and also at the Glasgow Choral Union Concerts. He was musical director at the Garrick and Globe Theatres . . .. He has also been a professor at the Guildhall School of Music ever since that institution was founded. . . . [H]e may feel justly proud [of] . ..the popularization of the 4 string basses amongst English players. . . . Re Mr. Waud's personality--a more genial man it would be impossible to meet. Like all really great and clever men, when speaking upon their specialties, he is very modest and unassuming . . .. [author:] Alfred Russell. (ViolinTimGBk.) 
Exhibit PHOTO of James Haydn Waud as the featured artist in the Feb 1905 issue of "The Strad". The original is a (#177) full-page photographic plate. (TheStrad.)
INFO NOTE: death of wife Sarah 25 Mar 1907 in West Ham of tuberculosis (GBCertDeaONS.) 
INFO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. 1907. Marr. at the Register Office, Brentford, Mdx. #68. 11 June 1907. James Haydn Waud, age 59, widower, musician, 5 Pleydell Avenue Chiswick. Father James Haydn Waud (deceased), Professor of Music. Clara Maria Rogers, age 35, spinster, 5 Pleydell Avenue, Chiswick. Father John Frederick Rogers, independent means. Witnesses: Adelaine [sic] Gaverick. May I.[J.?] Rogers. (GBCertMarrONS.) 
MarriageJames Haydn Waud married Clara Maria Rogers, daughter of John Frederick Rogers, 11 June 1907 in Brentford, Middlesex, England. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Marriage 1907 JunQ James Haydn Waud. Brentford 3a,295 (FreeBMD.) 
INFO RESIDENCE at signing of will on 12 Aug 1907 is 5 Playdell ave Stamford Brook W, Middlesex. (PPRWills1900 LDS1703009.) 
INFO GIFT LIST for Farmar / Quince wedding in Ealing 23 Oct 1907 includes "Mr and Mrs. Waud, silver cake basket." (MdxCoTimes 26Oct1907.) 
INFO ORCHESTRA MEMBER. About 1908, Thomas Beecham, a fiery young presence in the London music scene, was forming a new orchestra and recruited "Haydn Waud to lead the double basses. Waud happened to be principal double bass of the Queen's Hall Orchestra. ... There was no reason on the face of things why Waud should not do an odd stint for Beecham in and among his obligations to Wood. Waud attended the first two rehearsals. At the final rehearsal, on the morning of the concert, he did not appear. News went round that he had withdrawn under duress. The managers of the Queen's Hall Orchestra made it known that any of their members who played for Beecham would lose their Queen's Hall jobs." The London Symphony Orchestra threatened its members in a similar manner. Ultimately, Beecham found appropriate players for his Beecham Symphony Orchestra, which played its first concert at Queen's Hall, London, 22 Feb 1909. --reported in Thomas Beecham: an independent biography. by Charles Reid. N.Y.: Dutton, 1962. (BeechamBiog pp.69-71.) 
INFO CONCERT AD: Kruse Quartet Concert, Sat, Mar 21 1908 at Bechstein-Hall. Mr. J. Haydn Waud, Mr. Charles Draper, Mr. B.J. Musket and Mr. Wilfred James. The Times 7 Mar 1908, p.1. (TimesLondDig.) 
INFO NEWS Times 23 Mar 1908. Review of Kruse Quartet concert at Bochstein-hall. Incl Schubert's octet for strings and wind instruments, op 166. Mr. J. Haydn Waud played the double bass. "Both works went splendidly..." (TimesLondDig 23Mar1908 p.7E.) 
INFO CONCERT REVIEW. Messrs. Brinsmead's Concerts, "Popular Concerts in St. James's Hall." J.Haydn Waud played double bass in Hummel's "Military" Septet. "...went very well, and showed evidence of good rehearsing." The Times 22 Jan 1909, page 11. (TimesLondDig.) 
INFO CENSUS 1911 (2 Apr 1911) Brentford Mdx census district. James Haydn Waud, head, 63, married, professor of music, born London (Brompton). Wife Clara Maria Waud, 39, married 3 years, no children, born London (Camberwell). Servant Lilian Mary Hutchinson, 14, b. Middlesex (Brentford). Rooms in dwelling: 6. Signed J. Haydn Waud, 20 Arlington Park Mans. Chiswick W. (GBCens1911 RG14/6942 ,79.) 
INFO WHO'S WHO IN MUSIC. 1915. Waud, James Haydn, contra bassist; b. London; e. at St. Mary's School, Wolverhampton; studied the piano from the age of seven under his father, James Haydn Waud, and later studied the viononcello [sic] under Vieux-temps; began his musical career at the age of fifteen, and at twenty transferred his attention to the double bass; has been a professor at the G.S.M. [Guildhall School of Music] from its foundation; gave a double bass recital there in June 1890; is a member of the Philharmonic Society, and was principal double bass for many years of the Glasgow Choral Union, the Crystal Palace Orchestra, and the Queen's Hall Orchestra; he is the composer of numerous double bass solos, and of three orchestral overatures, one of which was heard at the Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts. In 1913, owing to ill-health, he retired from the profession and left London for the South Coast. Recreation: Fishing. Address: "Woodlands." St. Thomas's Road, Worthing. (WhoWhoMusic 1915, p.305.) 
DeathJames Haydn Waud died 14 December 1918 in Worthing, Sussex, England, at age 70. 
INFO DEATH FROM INFLUENZA. J.H.Waud, jr. "..He died 14 December 1918, the result of influenza epidemic..." (CorresJOHWA e-mail 12Apr2005.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX Death 1918. Wand [sic], James H, 70. E. Preston 2b, 804?. (GBCivRegInd LDS6103411.) 
INFO PROBATE CALENDAR. 1919 Waud James Haydn of the Nook Browning-road Worthing professor of music died 14 December 1918. Probate Chichester 1 April to Clara Maria Waud, widow. Effects £860 19s 11d. (PPRCalen LDS251429.) 
INFO PROBATE OF WILL at Chichester 1 Apr 1919. Will written 12 Aug 1907. J. Haydn Waud, professor of music, of 5 Playdell Avenue, Stamford Brook W. in Middlesex. Wife Clara Maria to be executrix and trustee and is to receive all real and personal estate absolutely. Witnesses Agnes A. Brabazon and George Alfred Brabazon of 342 Romford Road Forest Gate E. (PPRWills1900 LDS1703009.) 
INFO BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES. James Haydn Waud b.1848. "He was a member of the Royal School of Music, Royal Society of Musicians and Professor of Music Guildhall School of Music..." (CorresJOHWA e-mail 11Apr2005.) 
INFO MUSIC IN CATALOG of Tutti Co. UK, 2007. James Haydn Waud. Reverie. Music for doublebass and piano. Publisher: Recital Music #RM118. 2007 price: 5 British pounds. Catalog citation: "Waud was a leading orchestral bassist of his day and was one of the first professors of double bass at the Guildhall School of Music. This has been out of print for over 80 years and this new edition offers a cantabile and approachable salon solo for the intermediate bassist." Quote from ESTA News and Views: "Reverie is a charming salon piece in the bel canto style, though without substantial decorative coloratura that is common in the Italianate repertoire...a pleasant melody with a little rhythmic variety and lies within the orchestral register." (TuttiCatalog) NOTE: 1896 is DF estimate of publishing date. 


Clara Maria Rogers (1871 - 1955)