Richard William Farmar

Male, (1861 - 1883)
FatherFrederick Thomas Farmar (1833 - 1913)
MotherEllen Chant (circa 1841 - 1934)
RelationshipGreat-grandson of Thomas F. Farmar
ChartsFarmar Descendants
BirthRichard William Farmar was born 27 October 1861 in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand. 
INFO BIRTH NOTICE. Marlborough Press, Friday, November 1, 1861. BIRTH "At Blenheim. Oct. 27th, the wife of Mr. F. Farmar, of a son." (MarlPress 1 Nov 1861.) 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Birth 1861 Farmer, Richard William #264. [Mar-Dec Wairau] (NZCivRegInd LDS6341153.) 
Exhibit Probable PHOTO. Photo of a young man labeled "Willy Farmar" in album. Photographer: Wigglesworth & Binns, Willis Street Wellington New Zealand. (CorresANNTA Email25 and 26Oct2000.)
DeathHe died 11 September 1883 in at sea at age 21. 
INFO OBITUARY. "A sad end --We deeply regret to learn that another sad affliction has fallen upon the family of Mr. F.T. Farmar, one of our best known and respected citizens in the loss of his third son." Rich Wm Farmar was one of the ship's company on outward voyage to NZ of ship Jessie Readman. On Sep 11, with a strong southerly wind and "mountainous" sea, Farmar and two seamen were sent to make fast the inner jib. A heavy sea swept over the forecastle & knocked the 3 men into the sea. Impossible to save them. Wm Farmar age 22. (MarlExpress 16 Oct 1883.) 
INFO SHIP JESSIE READMAN. 16 Oct 1883. Ship Jessie Readman from London, arr. Port Chalmers. anchored in Powder-ground at 11pm yesterday. ... Passage of 97 days, lost 3 of crew: Richard Kelly A.B., John Lawson A.B., and Richard Farmar A.B. Farmar a native of Blenheim. Capt Gibson reported ship dep London July 10. Sep 8 in latitude 41.41, longitude ??E., encountered "furious easterly gale" which abated Sep 9. On Sep 11 in heavy seas, at 3?am while making the inner jib fast, 3 able seamen (names above) were washed from the ship. Nothing could be done to help because of the state of the sea. "One man was known to have gone, but on mustering all hands the other two were also missed." Ship rounded the Cape of Good Hope Sep 14. (OtagoDaiTimes 16 oct 1883, p.2,col.1--very POOR microfilming.) 
INFO CEMETERY MONUMENT: Omaka Cemetery, Blenhiem N.Z. Farmar family includes Richard William drowned at sea 11 Sept 1883 a. 21 years 11 months. (NZCemRec LDS6341119#219 p.13 #193.) 
INFO SHIP JESSIE READMAN in 1883 owned by Shaw Saville Line. Vessel lost off the Chatham Islands, NZ, 1893. (CorresJOCAT Letter, 20Aug2003.) 
INFO SHIP JESSIE READMAN. Photo and description of ship. Iron full-rigged ship, 962 tons, built at Greenock 1869. 294 ft. length and 32.6 ft. beam. (NZShipwrecks p.254 and plate 33.) 
INFO MARINE DEPARTMENT REPORT reference from Index. Richard W. Farmar. 1884, page 19 AJHR [Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand] 1884 Section H6. (NZSGIndex5 Pandora's Box.) 
INFO MARINE DEATH INDEX 1884. Farmer [sic], Robert [sic], age 32 [sic], Vessel, Jessie Readman, p.73. (n.b. neither Kelly nor Lawson deaths found 1884.) (CorresJOCAT Letter, 20Aug2003.)