David Matthewson Nairn

Male, (1863 - 1924)
FatherWilliam Nairn
MotherElizabeth Matthewson
BirthDavid Matthewson Nairn was born 6 July 1863 in Angus, Dundee, Scotland. 
INFO BIRTH REGISTRATION. 1st District of Burgh of Dundee, County of Forfar. 1863 #1050. David Mathewson Nairn. born 6th July 1863, 2h 0m P.M. Worat[?] bank Maryfield Dundee, m[ale]. Father: William Nairn, linen merchant. Mother: Elizabeth Nairn, maiden surname Mathewson. Married 1851 Dec 10th Dundee. Informat: Wm Nairn, father, not present. Registered 1863 July 18th at Dundee, W. Johnston, Registrar. (ScotBMDReg LDS294806 p.350.) 
INFO SETTLED IN NZ abt 1884. David M. Nairn in NZ 40 yrs at death -- per obituary in the Marlborough jEpress. (MarlExpress 23 Jul 1924, p.4.) 
INFO MARRIAGE RECORD. St. Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis St., Wellington. Parish Record. 21 Sep 1885. Married at the Manse. David Mathewson NAIRN, 23, medical occup., bachelor, b. Dundee, present residence Wellington, usual residence Blenheim. Father William Nairn, merchant. Mother Elizabeth Nairn, born Matthewson. Margaret Hood MENZIE, 25, single, b. Merthyr Tydfil, present and usual residence Wellington. Father John Menzie Draper. Mother Mary Menzie, born McJannet. [note witnesses not in this online transcription]. (StJohnCity 1880-1890.) 
MarriageHe married Margaret Hood Menzie, daughter of John Menzie and Mary McJannet, 21 September 1885 in Wellington, New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage 1885 Nairn, David Matthewson #3202. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341154.) 
INFO DIRECTORIES. 1894 Nairn, David M. surgeon, Blenheim. 1900-20 Nairn, David Matthewson, surgeon Blenheim M. (WiseNelsDir and StonNelsDir LDS447569-573.) 
MarriageDavid Matthewson Nairn married Hannah Maria Farmar, daughter of Frederick Thomas Farmar and Ellen Chant, 30 January 1894 in Wellington, New Zealand. 
INFO CIV REG INDEX NZ Marriage. 1894 Nairn, David Mathewson #452. (NZCivRegInd LDS6341154.) 
INFO NZ GAZETTE record. Registered as Doctor, p.65, 1922. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 10May2003.) 
DeathDavid Matthewson Nairn died 22 July 1924 in Haitaitai, Wellington, New Zealand, at age 61. 
INFO DEATH NOTICE. On the 22 Jul 1924 at his late residence, no.50 Matai road, Hataitai, David Mathewson Nairn, L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. Edinburgh (EveningPost 22 Jul 1924, p.1.) 
INFO OBITUARY Dr. David Nairn, d. at Haitaitai, Wellington, yesterday (d.22 Jul 1924), formerly of Blenheim. Native of Scotland (one of brothers was Lord Provost at one time). Passed medical exams in Scotland. After serving as ship med officer, came to NZ 40 yr ago and settled in Blenheim. For 36 yrs practiced in Blenheim, retiring in 1920 and settling in Wellington. Until ill-health overtook him - was out in all weathers ministering to the sick -- resulting in rheumatism which caused him to give up practice. Was anaesthetist at Wairau Hospital for many years. Resigned in May 1920. "A reserved, earnest man", "rugged crust of his exterior." Age abt 66 at death. Twice married: 4 dtrs by lst wife and 4 sons by 2nd - Miss Annie Farmar, eldest dtr of late Mr. F.T. Farmar." Two of these (Messers Norman and Gerald Nairn) after serving in the Great War, went to Syria, where they are conducting a trans-desert motor mail service. The others sons are Messers W. Nairn, of Masterton, and Ian Nairn, of Wellington. The daughters are Mrs. W. Pickard, of Auckland, Mrs. Robert Raikes, of Wellington, Miss C. Nairn, of Wellington, and Miss D. Nairn, of Auckland." ..(MarlExpress 23 Jul 1924, p.4.) 
INFO FUNERAL NOTICE. Friends of late Dr. David M. Nairn L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. (Edin.) are ... invited to funeral from late residence 50 Matai road, Hataitai, tomorrow (Thurs) 24 Jul 1924 at 2:30pm for Karori Cemetery. Service 2pm. (EveningPost 23Jul1924 p.2.) 
INFO PROBATE REFERENCE. David Matthewson Nairn, Wellington #35628, filed 24 Jul 1924, will. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 10May2003.) 
INFO CEMETERY RECORD. Karori Cemetery 1924- ILMO David Matthewson Nairn who fell asleep in Jesus 22 Jul 1924, a. 61 yrs. "Safety where no foe approached. ... ..." Area 02/BlockB/Row16/Plot018. (CorresGEOCU e-mail 10May2003.) 
INFO NOTE: Age at death as stated in his obituary was "about 66." (MarlExpress 23 Jul 1924, p.4.) 
INFO HOUSE HISTORY. 25 Sep 1974 story. House built by Dr. David Nairn to be auctioned, at corner of Henry St. and Maxwell Rd. Mr. G. Nairn of Blenheim recalls father build house as family home and surgery (est. over 100 yr old [too much]) Built on stilts because of flooding. Dr Nairn made rounds on horseback and swam Wairau River when in flood. House for 8 children, 4 dtrs by lst wife and 4 sons by second. Father sold house while Mr. Nairn was away during WWI. Dr. Nairn moved to Wellington, d. 1924. Afterwards, house was converted into the Stafford Hospital -- until about 1939. In 1940, converted into flats by former mayor Mr. C.T. Smith. Bldlg to be sold at auction today. (BlenHistCut p.12.) 

Family 1

Margaret Hood Menzie (circa 1860 - 1893)

Family 2

Hannah Maria Farmar (1869 - 1949)